Marriage Licence Bonds, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland


- Entries with   KIRKBY STEPHEN   associations -

Diocese of Carlisle
The following tables of entries relating to people from the parish of Kirkby Stephen,
have been compiled from details extracted from
"Marriage Licence/Bonds, Volume 1, 1668-1739, and Volume 11, 1740-1752",
published by Cumbria Family History Society and Cumbria Archive Service, to whom acknowledgment is made.
These volumes were compiled by Clement Singleton in 1994 and 1996 from an original transcription made by R. Morris Richardson and Edwin Dodds in 1911-12.

abv   above (of ages of parties)Afft   affidavit
arm   armiger, esquireBch   bachelor
c.   chapelry ofC or Cum   Cumberland (where no county is stated Cumberland is to be understood)
CH.   ChesterCarl   Carlisle
Cdw   cordwainerclk   clerk, clericus
Dioc   Diocese ofDur   Durham county
Eliz   Elizabethdir   direction, the church at which the marriage was to be solemnised
Figures   28 indicates that the persons age was 28Gen   generosus, gentleman
Gent   gentleman, when original is in EnglishLanc   Lancashire
Lic   licenceMch   merchant
m or mar   marriedNB   North Britain
Nhb   Northumberlandp   parish of
s-m   single mans-p   single person
s-w   single womanspr   sinster
St Cuth   St Cuthberts, Carlislesig   signature
W   Westmorlandwdr   widower
wid   widowX   his or her mark (all others have signed)
X   Cross (as in Xthwaite for Crossthwaite)yeo   yeoman
Y   YorkshireKS     Kirkby Stephen

Volume 1
June 23
BOWMAN Rowland, Kirkbystephen, W., yeo.GREARE DorothyWALLER William, Kirkbystephen, medic. 
Nov 22
COLLISON Robart, Sourby, Burgh subtae (*Moram, Morcam, Melam), W, tailorDIXON IsabellWILSON George,x, Nateby, yeo(*indistinct)
Apr 3
MOSSE Henry, x, Easby, Yorks, gen.TILLAM (?TILLRIN) JaneTILLAM John, Kirkby Stephen, W, clerk Mary WILSON & Jane RICHARDSON attach their marks as witnesses)
Nov 4
FENTON Edward, Kirby Stephen, W.BENSON FrancesYEATS George, W. 
June 22
BIRKBECKE John, Mallerstang, p. Kirby Steven, W, yeoJACKSON Mary JACKSON Robert, Soulby, Kirby Steven 
Nov 8
ATKINSON Jo, Appleby, gen.SHAW LydiaATKINSON Jo, Kirby Steven, W. 
1705/6 RICHARDSON James, Kirkbystephen, W, butcher HUDSON ffrances SIMPSON Luke, Penreth, C, yeo. 
Apr 6
HOLME Robert, (Dirkintree?), Kirbystephen, W, yeoPARKER Eliz, spr.PARKER Richard,x, Longmartin, W, yeo. 
Apr 20
WHARTON John, Rooksby, carrDENT Margaret, Wrey green, Ravenstondale.DOWSON John, Winton, Kirby stephen, W, yeo. 
July 16
BOURNE Richard, x, Winton, W, yeo.LADYMAN MargaretNICHOLSON John, Appleby, yeo. 
Mar 25
PETTY James, Rob Riding, W.ATKINSON IsabellHOLME Robert, Duging tree. Kirby Stephen 
Mar 26
WINTER Mr Will, PenrethGREAR Mrs MaryATKINSON Jo, (John), Kirby Stephen, W, yeo. 
Oct 24
RENENSON Richard, x, Molerstang, Kerby Steven, W, yeo.PEARSON AnnWALLER Robert, x, Kerby Steven, yeo.  
Oct 13
HALLIDAY Thomas, Caber, W, farmerBINDLESS MargaretNELSON Tho, Orton, W, clkWit: Myles MORLAND, Alex HALLIDAY, Will GRAINGER [no dir.]
Dec 14
STEWARDSON Thomas, Soulby, W.PETTY CatherinePETTY George, Lab? Cab, W. [no dir.]
Jan 19
LEATHES Thomas, Kirkby Stephen, W.MORLAND AgnesTHWAITES Law or Lanc, Maulsmeaburne, W, gen.[no dir.]
Feb 8
NEWBY Anthony, Barnard Castle, D, yeoWILLIAMSON Eliz, Kirby StephenNICHOLSON John, Appleby, yeo[no dir.]
June 30
SIMPSON Richard, x, Kray, Y, yeoFAWCET AgnesRENNISON Christopher, x, Molerstang, W, yeo. 
May 14
WHARTON Tho, Wharton DikesDEVIS or DEVY SarahWHARTON Richd, Wharton Dikes, clk 
Sep 20
FRYER Caleb, Kirby Stephen, W, mch.TILLAM (FILLAM?), ElizabethDENT John, Kirby Stephen, yeo. 
Aug 30
FAWCETT John, Ormside, yeo.SIMPSON Margaret, Ormside, spr.SHAW Samuel, Mollerstang
DOBSON John, Dufton, yeo.
Oct 5
LAMB Matt, Warcopp, W, clk.AISKELL MargaretMUNKHOUSE Tho, Winton, W, gen. 
May 17
BROWNE Mr Lan, Kirkby-Stephen, W, apothecaryHEAD Mrs Ann, do.BRATHWAIT Richd, junr, Warcopp, W, gen.Orton
July 2
HASTNELL John, Kirby Stephen, W, farmerDENT Mary, Kirby Stephen, sprNEWBY Anthony, do., yeoKirby Stephen
July 6
DENNISON Henry, Kirby Stephen, W, yeoKIDD Mary, Brough under StainmoorTHORNBOROW John, Brough, yeo (Brough under Stainmoor) 
Jan 12
SHUTT John, Winton, p Kirkby StephenSCAIFE Isabell, Crosby-Garrett, WCOCK Jacob (faded), Vicar of Bongate, W, clkno. dir.
Feb 8
HUTTON Matthew, x, Sowlby, W, yeoTEASDALE Eliz, MollerstangROBINSON Thomas, x, Sunbiggin, W, yeono dir.
May 20
ALDERSON John, Askrig, Y, yeoSHAW Jane, Mollerstang, W, sprSHAW Joseph, do. yeo.Orton
June 12
BORRETT Miles, Kirkby Stephen, WWICKENS Eliz.ATKINSON Richard, Abalaba, W, gen.Kirkby Thore
Nov 23
DENT Willm, Kirby Stephen, W, yeoROBSON Eliz, Edenhall, C, sprRUDD Tho, Hartley, W, yeoOrton
Dec 24
BURTON Blackett, Keverston, Dur.BLACKETT Jane, late of Helmedon, now of Kirby S.THOMPSON Jno, Kirby Stephen, W, innkeeperKirby Stephen
Jan 21
HUTCHINSON John, Harclay, W, yeoSHUTT Mary, Winton, sprPOWSON John, Winton, W, yeoMusgrave
Jan 29
ALDERSON George, Kirby Stephen, W, butcherWILLIAMSON Margaret, do, sprDENNISON Henry, do, yeo.Crosby Garret
Nov 7
GRAYSON Thos, Kirby Stephen, W, physicianTILLAM Phebe, do, spr.YEATTS Tho, do, pileo.Wit: Rob: HORNSBY, Anthony FOTHERGILL, Tho NELSON [Musgrave]
Dec 5
KELLY William, Wharton Hall, p Kirby Stephen, W, yeoINGLEBY Mary, do., spr.WALLER John, Kirby Stephen, yeoK Stephen
Dec 16
HOLDEN George, x, Durham, yeo.THOMPSON Agnes, Kirby Stephen, W, spr.ROBINSON Thomas, x, Raisbeck, p Orton, W, yeo.Orton
Feb 16
LONGSTAFF George, Soulby, p Kirby Steven, W, yeo.BOWMAN Mary, p Great Asby, spr.EDRINGTON(sig EDERNTON), John, Soulby, carp.Kirby Stepen.
Mar 28
ROBERTSON Thomas, ApplebyDEVIS Annas, Urmside, p Kirkby Stephen, WHARRISON John (not named at top)Wit: Joseph HALL, Margaret x WOO (torn). [ Kirkby Stephen.]
1724 Jun 29WILKINSON William, Caber, K Stephen, W, schoolmr.BRUNSKELL Eliz, Kirkby Stephen, spr.WILKINSON Richard, Carl, schoolmaster[K Stephen]
1724/5 Feb 4WHARTON Richard, x, Kaber, p Kirby Stephen, W, yeo.VERAY Ellianor, Smurdale, do., spr.UBANK Tho, x, Buckles, p Burgh, W, yeo.[Orton]
1725 Aug 12CARMALT Richard, Penreth, C, yeoESTWELL Jane, p Kirby Stephen, spr.BURTON John, Penreth, C, yeo.[Penreth or Kirby Stephen]
1725/6 Feb 21FOTHERGILL Thomas, Murthwaite, p Ravenstonedale, WEWBANK Elliner, Bowdersdale, p. do.HASTWELL Abraham, Wharton Dykes, p Kirby Stephen, W.[Ravenstonedale]
1726/7 Mar 16RICHARDSON John, Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.ROBINSON Mary, p St Lawrence, Appleby, spr.RICHARDSON William, Wailby, W.[Kirkby Steph or St Lawrence Appleby]
1727 July 22HASTWELL Abrm, Wharton Dykes, Kirkby Stephen, W, gen.SHUTT Isabell, Ruby Skarth, p Kirkby Stephen, wid.HARRISON Francis, Howgate, W, yeo.[Kirkby Stephen]
1728 Apr 27HENDERSON Willm, Dublin, Irleand, gen.SWAINSON Mary, Mollerstang, p K. Stephen, W, wid.WINTER Thomas, (no sig), Penreth, C. yeo.[K. Steven]
1728 July 31CHRISTIAN Tho, Long Merton, W, clkMONKHOUSE Elisabeth, Winton, p K. Steph, W, spr.NOBLE Wm, K. Stephen, W, clk[Orton] (Has her mothers consent)
1728 Dec 1GRAINGER Richard, Soulby, p K. Stephen, W, pleb.LAMB Margaret, above 21, Soulby, spr.HETHERINGTON, (sig Edernton), John, Soulby, pleb.[Her mother, Margaret LAMB, consents. Her father is dead.] [Kirkby Stephen]
1728/9 Jan 12HASTWHITLE William, Winton, p K. Stephen, W, yeo.WHARTON Isabel, above 21, Waitby, do., WWHARTON John, Waitby, p K. Stephen, yeo.[Her father consents]. [Kirkby Stephen]
1728/9 Jan 22DOBSON William, p K. Stephen, W, gen.BROWNE Mrs Ann, do. wid.NELSON Richd., do, apothecary[Ormeside]
1729 May 7BAYLIFFE Richard, p Kirkby Stephen, W, gen.HEAD Jane, p Kirkby Stephen, spr.ISLIP Thomas, do, tanner(Father or guardian consents). [Asby, W.]
1730 July 13SHAW Rowland, x, Bowes, Yks, yeo.TONSTAL Eliz, Molestang, Kirkby Stephen, W, spr.FOTHERGILL James, Molestang, yeo.[K Stephen]
1730 Sep 26WILLIAMSON Ambros, Rookby, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.ATKINSON Mary, above 21, Rookby, spr.WAUGH Jonah, Warcop, w, pleb.[K. Stephen]
1731 Dec 28SMITH Will, Colasine, p Coverham, Y, gen.WILSON Elizabeth, Kirkby Steven, W, spr.LANCASTER John, do, W, yeo.[Kirkby Steven]
1731/2 Mar 9RUDD Thomas, Kirby Stephen, W, yeoTHOMPSON Mary, do, spr.ROBERTSON John, Drybeck, W, yeo[Kirby S. or Asby W.]
1732 Sep 16STEPHENSON Edward, p Warcop, W, yeo.WILLIAMSON Alice, Kirkby Stephen, WWILKINSON Hugh, Appleby, yeo.[Warcop]
1732 Oct 28LEECE Edwd, Sedburgh, co York, yeo.PARKIN Jennet, Smardale, W, spr.PARKIN George, x, Smardale, p Kirkby Stephen, yeo.[K. Stephen]
1732 Dec 28HUTCHINSON Mr John, Kirkby Stephen, W, gen.ATKINSON Mrs Ann, Kirkby Stephen, spr.ATKINSON Mr Jo, do[Kirkby Stephen]
1733 May 8LANCASTER Lancelot, Great Musgrave, W, yeo.ATKINSON Mary, Kirkby Stephen, W, spr.RICHARDSON John, do, yeo.[K. Steph or Ashby]
1733 Sep 11HUDSON Robt, Kirkby Stephen, W, genTHORNBOROUGH Ann, Brough, W, sprDALTON Henry, Kirkby Stephen, W., yeo.[Brough or St Ninian W.]
1733 Oct 8RUDD Thos, Hartley, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.LANGSTAFF Isabel, Hartley, spr.LONGSTAFF George, Soulby, p Kirkby Steph, yeo.[no dir.] (They have the consent of all parties concerned, and she is of lawful age to dispose of herself)
1733 Nov 3FRANKLEN Ambrose, Soulby, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.BELASS Esther, p Kirkby Stephen, spr.WINDER John, Great Asby, W, yeo.[Kirkby Stephen or Crosby Garret in W.]
1733 Dec 17BELL William, Harker, p Rockliffe, C, linnen draperWHARTON Mary, (30), Kirkby Stephen, spr.PARKER junr, Joseph, Carlisle, merchant[Musgrave, Rockliffe, Kirkby Stephen or Mallerstang]
1733/4 Jan 30BELL John, Watterhouses, p Asby, W, yeo.RICHARDSON Isabell, Wharton, p Kirkby Stephen, W, spr.RIPLIN Lancelot, x, Solby, p Kirkby Steph, W, yeo.[Kirkby Stephen]
1733/4 Feb 2CAMPBELL Patrick, x, Winton, p Kirkby Stephen, WTHOMPSON Jane, Winton, spr.HINDE Charles, Rumerkirk (Romald Kirk), Y.[Kirkby Stephen]
1734 Aug 30PARK hugh, Whigillhead, p Ashby, W, yeo.BOWNESS Mary, Wateby, p Kirby Stephen, W, sprPINDAR Roger, Gt Asby, W, yeo.[Kirby S or Asby]
1734 Sep 19LOADMAN John, x, Kirby Stephen, W, yeo.GASKIN Agnes, Kirby Stephen, spr.ALLEN Jonth, do, whitesmith[Kirby S or Asby] (LOADMAN in text; he signs LOADMAN and LODMAN)
1734/5 Jan 1BARNETT Leonard, Kirby Stephen, W, yeo.HARRISON Mary, do., spr.BARNETT Will, do., yeo.[Kirby Stephen]
1735 Sep 19FRANKLIN Richard, Soulby, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.COLLIN Agnes, Soulby, spr.HEWATSON John, Soulby, yeo.[K Stephen or Asby]
1735 Sep 20BOUSFIELD Richard, Winton, p Kirkby Stephen, W.MAUGHON Hellen, Kaber, p Kirkby Stephen, spr.HARRISON Jno, Kirkby Stephen[K Stephen]
1735 Nov 25COATS Ralph, Wharton Dicks, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.BOUSFIELD Sarah, Winton, p Kirkby Stephen, spr.WALLER John, Winton, yeo.[K Stephen]
1735 Dec 2WILSON William, x, Winton, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.DALTON Isabel, Winton, spr.WINDER John, Great Asby, p Asby, W, yeo.[K Stephen]
1735/6 Jan 26DIXON Mattw, Kirbysteven, W, yeo.PERKIN Mary, Hillbeck Lunds, Yorks, spr.COWPERTHWAITE Edwd, Kirbysteven, yeo.[Kirbysteven]
1735/6 Jan 27SNAWDEN John, x, Kirbysteven, W, yeo.WARWICK Agnes, Kirbysteven, spr.WINDER John, Asby, yeo. WALKER Thomas, Kirbysteven[K Steven]
1736 Apr 6ROBINSON Thomas, x, Stainmoredale, p Brough, W, yeo.COTTINGHAM Anne, Neatby, p Kirkbysteven, W, spr.MAUGHAM Charls, Stainmoredale, yeo.[Kirbysteven or Brough]
1736 July 21BURN Ric, Kirby Stephen, W, schoolmasterNELSON Eleanor, Orton, WNELSON John, do., gent[Orton]
1736 Nov 28PERKIN (called PARKIN) John, Smardale, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.METCALFE Margaret, Smardale, spr. BOWLAND Hugh, Crosby Garret, W, yeo.[no dir.]
1737 June 4MIDDLETON George, Cathills, p Setburgh, Yks, yeo.SHAW Ruth, Molarstang, p Kirkby Stephen, W, spr.SHAW Samuell, Molarstang, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.[Kirkby Stephen or Asby]
1737 Aug 18NELSON Thomas, Penreth, age 30, gen, bch.HASTWELL Margaret, p Kirkby Stephen, age 30, spr.NELSON Richd, Penreth, gen.[St Andrew's Penreth, Kirkby Stephen or Skelton]
1737 Sep 15ATKINSON John, Kirkby Thore, W, yeo.PARKIN Mary, Winton, W, spr.LOWSON Richard, Kirkby Thore, W, yeo(Bond only) [Kirkby Stephen or Kirkby Thore]
1737 Nov 19SHAW Mr Robert, Hasing or Hesingill in Molarstang, p K Stephen, W, yeo.MOOR Elizabeth, Cotterdale, (p Aysgarth), Y, spr.PINDAR Roger, Great Ashby, p Ashby, W. BELL Thomas, do, do, W, bl-sm.[Kirkby Stephen or Ashby]
1737/8 Jan 16ALDRSON David, Swaledale Head, p Grinton, Y, yeo.BLACKLIN Elizabeth, Winton, p Kirkby Stephen, W, spr.BLACKLIN Robert, do, p do, yeo.[Kirkby Stephen or Assby in W.]
1737/8 Feb 21BRADBERRY John, Lockthwait, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.RAKESTRAW Ann, Nateby, p Kirkby Stephen, spr.COWPERTHWAITE Edward, p Kirkby Stephen, yeo.[Kirkby Stephen]
1738 Aug 26DIXON Robert, Kirkby Stephen, W.WALKER Agnes, do, spr.WHARTON John, do.(Her father, Thomas WALKER, consents) [Kirkby Stephen]
1738 Oct 23BRADLAY Robert, Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.MORELAND Isabel, do, spr.CHAMBERLAIN Thomas, do.[Kirkby Stephen]
1738 Dec 11FAWCETT John, Blaflaet, p Ravenstonedale, W, yeo.WILSON Mabel, Ravenstonedale, spr.FOTHERGIL David, Molarstang, p K Stephen, W, yeo.[R'dale or Asby]
1738/9CHAPMAN James, x, Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.SIMPSON Barbara, do. wid.COWPERTHWAITE edward, Kirkby Stephen, yeo.[K Stephen]
1739 June 11HUTCHINSON Lancelot, Waitby, p Kirkby Stephen, W, yeo.GIBSON Eleanor, WaitbyHUTCHINSON James, Waitby, yeo.[K. Stephen]
1739 Oct 8WHITEHEAD Oliver, Shaw, p Orton, W, yeo.WILSON Agnes, Soulby, W, spr.GARNETT William, Orton, yeo.[Orton, K Stephen or Warkup]
1739/40 Feb 25BIRD James, x, Wheatby, p Kirkby-Stephen, W, yeo.ATKINSON Mary, p Ravenstonedale, spr.ELLIOTSON Richard, Winton, p K-Stephen, yeo.[Rav or Kirkby Stephen]

Volume 2
Mar 31
MORLAND Anthoney, Ravenstonedale, W, yeoMONKHOUSE Margaret, Starrah, p KS, sprBRUNSKELL John, Heggerscale, p KS, yeoBrough or KS
Apr 11
DENT Anthony, Lithe-Side, p Ravenstonedale, WHASTWELL Sarah, Arras house, p KS, WROBINSON Richard, Blaeflet, p RavenstonedaleK Stephen
Apr 29
SHAW Joseph, X, Mallerstang, p KS, W, yeoGASKIN Jane, MallerstangSHAW Robt. Mallerstang, yeoOrton
Jun 6
BREEKS Robert, Fletholm, p Musgrave, WHOLM Anne, Kaber, p KS, WPARKER Robert, Long-Marton, WLong-Marton or KS [In centre of Bond the man is called Robt FLETHOLM]
Oct 3
ROGERSON John, Whingill, p KS, W, widowerHOPES Ann, N. Stainmoor p Burgh, W, wid.FRANKLIN Rich., Cole (or Cote) Garth, p KS, W, yeoBurgh or St Lawrence Appleby
1740/41 Feb 9SWAINSTONE Hugh, Mallerstang, p KS, W, yeoGREGSON Hellen, St Laurence Appleby, W, sprROBERTSON Thos., St Laurence Appleby, inholderSt Laurence Appleby [Her mother consents, her father being dead.]
Apr 4
RAINE John, Baldersdale, p Romaldkirk, Y, yeoHAISTWELL Margaret, Black Scarr, p KS, W, sprLONGSTAFFE John, p KS, yeoKS [Bond in M.S.]
Jun 10
ISLIP Christ, KS, W, tannerBELL Isabel, KS, sprHUNTER John, KS, weaverKS
Aug 25
WILKINSON Luke, Crosby Garret, W, shop keeperBOWNESS Margaret, Waitby, p KS, WPARK Hugh, Asby Grange, p Gt Asby, W, yeoKS or Ascham
Sep 12
BOUSFIELD William, Hall Garth, p Gt Musgrave, W, yeoMASON Margaret, Reding House, p KS, W, sprROBINSON, Thomas, Flit Holme, p Gt Musgrave, W, yeoKS or Gt Musgrave [Her father consents]
Oct 10
BAYLIFF Richard, Kaber, p KS, W, school-mrBECK Isabel, Ravenstonedale, W, sprBECK Edward, Ravenstonedale, yeoRavenstonedale
Feb 2
MAUGHAM Cha(rles), Winton, p KS, W, carpDICKINSON Ann, Brough Sowerby, W, sprBLACKIN John, Brough, W, yeoBrough under Stainmore
Apr 4
WHARTON John, KS, W, gloverBARRA Eliz, Crosby Ravensworth, sprPARKE James, Newbiggin, W, malsterCrosby Ravensworth [Written Bond,Afft dated 1742, bond dated 1743: in 1742 parcel]
Apr 21
CROFT Edward, Birkby, co York, clkSMITH Eliz, KS, W, widBIRD Will, Crosby Garret, W, clkK Stephen
May 1
SIMPSON, Alexr, KS, W, gardenerTHOMSON Alice, KS, sprFOWLER, Walter, KS, gardenerKS [ Man's name omitted at centre of bond]
Nov 30
FAWCETT Wm, Waitby (Wateby), p KS, W, clkBOWNESS Janet, Waitby, spr, abv 25FOTHERGILL Richard, Wharton Hall, yeoKS
Dec 29
HUTCHINSON William, Waitby, p KS, W, yeoPETTY CatharineHUTCHINSON Robert, Gasdale, Sedbergh, Yks, yeoBurgh, Musgrave or KS
Feb 14
YATES Ri., Appleby, WHARTLEY Anne, KS, W, sprWILKIN Will Esqr, Appleby, W, esqKS
May 28
FOTHERGILL William, St Nicolas Newcastle, Nhb, gentLOWES Frances, KS, W, s-wPOTT Agnes, KS, W,(on afft)
DOE John, (no sig), on the bond
St Mary or St Cuths Carl or KS
[Her mother consents]
Jan 24
BIRD James, Crosby-Garret, W, clkDENNISON Mary, KS, sprDENNISON H(enry), KS, gentno dir
Mar 16
ROBINSON John, Ravenstondale, W, yeoTUNSDALE Isabel, Mollerstang, p KS, W, sprTUNSTALL Thomas, KS, yeoKS
May 11
HUTCHINSON Regnald, Waitby, p KS, WBLAIKLIN Jane, Winton, p KSBURROW (sig BURRA) Wm, Mauls Meaburn, p Crosby Ravensworth, WOrton
May 16
FOTHERGILL Willm, Lockholme, p Ravenstonedale, WSTEWARD Alice, Simistone, p Aisgarth, YorkFOTHERGILL Joseph, Lockholme, p Ravenstonedale, WOrton or Ravenstonedale or KS
May 29
RYCROFT Henry, KS, W, clkMOSS Agnes, Kaber, KS, sprHODGSON Tho the elder, Brough, yeoKS or Brough
July 7
McFARLAND John, Drummond, p Drummond of Lenock, co Sterling, North Britain, pedlarFALLOWFIELD Ann, KS, W, sprHARRISON John, KS, yeoKS
Aug 2
NICHOLSON Palmer, Stainmore p Brough, W, yeoFRYER Eliz, KS, sprWALLER Edward, Stainmore, yeoBrough under Stainm:
Sep 17
RAICKSTRAW Thomas, Nateby, p KS, W, yeoTEBAY Isabel, Wateby, p KS, sprDIXON Richard, Nateby, yeoKS or Brough
Feb 1
VARLEY Jams, Manchester, co Lanc, gent.GRAYSON Phoeby, KS, W, wid.DIXON Matt, KS, yeoBrough or KS
Apr 22
ROGERSON John, KS, W, skinnerMOUNSEY Ann, Long Merton, W, sprDIXON Matthew, KS, mercerLong Merton or KS
[Her parents are dead]
Aug 18
DENT Thomas, Mallerstang, p KS, W, abt 28, husbandman, bchSHAW Ann, Mallerstang, about 20, sprHARKAH Guy, x, Swaledale Head p GranthamPenrith ['She is no heiress and both their Parents are agreeable']
Oct 16
PRATT Anthony, Eggleston, p Middleton, D, yeoHODGSON Isabel, Neatby, p KS, W, sprWILSON John, X, Middleton, D, yeoKS
Jan 23
WALKER William, Hartley, p KS, W, plumberHARKER Ann, Hartley, sprHARKER Thomas, Hartley, yeoKS
May 1
LANCASTER Richd, KS, W, yeoHARVEY Jane, KS, sprVARLEY James, KS, grocerGreat Musgrave
May 14
GRANGER John, Sowerby, p Brough, W, yeoBROADBERRY Mary, Lockfoot, p KS, sprCOCKFIELD Thomas, X, Brough, yeono dir
June 9
CUNNINGHAM Richard, Nateby, p KS, WFOTHERGILL Anne, Lithe Side, p Ravenstonedale, W SHAW Richard, p Ravenstonedale Orton
June 16
VITTY John, Coldburn, p Catterick, Yks, yeo SHAW Margaret, Mallerstang, p KS, WSHAW Samuel, p KS, yeoOrton
July 11
JACQUES Thomas, Deliker, p Kirbylonsdale, W, s-p, blacksmithNICHOLSON Mary, KS, W, sprFAWELL Richard, Temple Sowerby, p Kirby Thore, WTemple Sow:
Sep 4
TEBAY John, Wheatby, p KS, W, yeoCUNNINGHAM Margaret, Neatby, KS, sprDIXON Richard, Neatby, yeoKS
Jan 13
RAINE John, Mickleton, p Romaldkirk, Yks, abv 30, yeoSPOONER Barbary, Smardale, p KS, WSPOONER Will., p KS, yeoOrton [ Written bond. WS is Barbary's father]
Apr 27
FOTHERGILL Henry, x, Naitby, p KS, W, yeoWHARTON Anne, Waitby, p KSTEBAY John, Waitby, p KS, yeoOrton
May 12
BLENCARN (sig BLENKARN) John, Hardrow, Wensadale p Ascott, Yks, yeoFOTHERGILL Mary, Mallerstang, p KSSANDWICKE John, Market Brough, W, butcherKS [Afft has "Hardrow in the parish of Kirkby Stephen in the county of Westmerland". Bond has "Hardraw in Wensadale" etc. Neither sign afft.]
Jun 4
WALLER Edward, Stainmore p Brough, W, yeoBETTEKEN Jane, Kaber, p KS, W, sprBAXTER Henry, Stainmore, yeoBrough under Stainm:
July 29
ALDERSON George, KS, W, butcherSTARKEY Dewella, KS, sprMORLAND John, KS, sadlerGreat Musgrave
Aug 15
YEATTS John, KS, W, hatterBRADLEY Agnes, KS, sprBARNETT William, KS, butcherOrton
Sep 29
FELTON John, Wharton Dykes, p KS, W, carpCUNNINGHAM Amy, Neatby, p KS, sprFOTHERGILL Robt, Wahrton Dykes, carpenterKS
Oct 9
TEBAY John, Soulby, p KS, W, bch, abt 22GRAINGER Agnes, p KS, sprRUDD Phillip, p Asby, WMusgrave or Soulby
Oct 22
CLEMETSON Samuel, x, Gasdale, p Sedburgh, co Yks, yeoCAPSTICK Judith, Mallerstang, p KS, W, s-wSHAW Robert, x, p KS, yeoOrton
Feb 2
FOTHERGILL Thos, KS, W, carrierCAMBERLAIN Liddy, Kendal, widSANDWICK John, Brough, butcherOrton or R'stondale
Feb 21
FOTHERGILL George, KS, W, yeoTEASDALE Helena, Bishop Awkland, bishoprick of DurhamHEWETSON Matt, KS, yeoOrton
Feb 22
THOMSON Jno, Brough, W, esqDOBSON Mary, KS, W, sprHUDSON Robt, Brough, gent.Brough under Stainmore [Her mother consents]
Apr 14
COLLINGE Robt, Hurworth, Durham, gentHARTLEY Jane, KS, W, sprHARTLEY A(lderson), KS, clerkKS
May 20
GLOVER Rd, p All Saints Newcastle, Nhb, wharfingerLANCASTER Sarah, KS, W, sprINMAN Richd, Sedburgh, Yks, mchKS, Brough under Stainmore or Crosby Garret
May 30
CHATBORN Henry, High House, p Tunstall, W, butcherTAYLOR Ann, Winton, p KS, W, sprBOWMAN john, Kirkby Lonsdale, W, yeoBrough under Stainmore or KS
June 22
COLLIN John, x, Nateby, p KS, W, wdr, yeoDIXON Agnes, Waitby, p KS, sprPOWSON John, Street, p Orton, W, yeoOrton
Aug 23
WHARTON Anthony, Gelber, p KS, W, yeoFAWCETT Eliz, KS, sprDEVIS James, Brough, W, taylorKS or Gt Musgrave. [Written Bond]
Sep 19
MOFFET Daniel, x, Smardale, p KS, W, yeoFOTHERGILL Eliz, KS, W, sprRELPH Nat, Ormside, W, yeoKS or Brough under Stainmore
Sep 29
NELSON Richd, KS, W, wdr, apothecaryRYCROFT Agnes, KS, wid.MORLAND Wm, Kaber, KS, yeoOrton {Written Bond]
Nov 8
WILLIAMSON Miles, KS, W, fellmongerPARKER Sarah, Winton, sprDIXON Matt, KS, mercerKS, Gt Musgrave or Worcopp [Dixon omits to sign the afft, bond not dated.]
Feb 2
MUNKHOUSE Ric, Winton, p KS, W, gen.THORNTON Mary, KS, sprTHORNTON Jos(e)p(h), KS, gen.Orton [JT is her father]
Apr 13
SHAW John, Mallerstang, P KS, W, yeoBIRD Isabel, Stanemoor p Brough, W, sprSHAW Samuell, Mallerstang, yeoOrton
June 6
BORRETT, Edmund, KS, W, gent.THORNTON Frances, KS, sprTHORNTON Jos(eph), KS, gent.KS
Aug 14
PERKINS James, Ravenstondale, W, yeoBLACKLIN Ann, Winton, sprBRADBERRY William, Brough, officer in the exciseKS or Brough
Sep 20
ROBINSON Mattw, Nateby, p KS, W, yeoDIXON Susannah, p KS, sprDIXON Richard, KS, yeoKS. [Richard is Susannah's father and consents. Afft is dated 1748, bond 49.]
Oct 31
BRADBERRY Wm, Brough, W, officer in the exciseBLACKLIN Margaret, Winton, p KS, sprPERKINS James, Ravenstondale, yeoBrough or KS
Nov 2
HARRISON Jno, KS, W, gent.THOMSON Agnes, KS, sprTHOMPSON Joseph, gent.Orton
Apr 23
SCARTH Jacob, KS, W, dyerMAGEE Margaret, KS, sprHODGSON Michael, KS, carrierBrough under Stainmore
June 21
FAWCETT James, Ravenstondale, W, yeoSHAW Eliz, Mallerstang, p KS, WBOWNESS Robt, Greenholm, p Orton, W, schoolmasterCrosbyravensworth or in one of ye Parishes where one of ye said Parties dwells. [Afft not signed]
June 27
BOUSFIELD Robt, Soulby, p KS, W, yeoMOSS Mary, Slickerslack, p Warcop, s-wROBINSON Thos, Orton, W, yeoOrton. [Afft dated 7th, bond 27th]
Sep 15
WHARTON John, KS, W, yeoBEETHAM Margaret, Orton, W, sprALDERSON Richd, Orton, yeoOrton
Nov 8
BAINBRIDGE William, Waitby, p KS, WPERKIN Mary, Smardale, p KS, sprPERKIN John, KSKS
Feb 21
DENT William, Birtill, p Dufton, WWATSON Sarah, Dufton, W, sprDARBY Joseph, Soulby, p KS, WKS [Neither signs afft.]
Mar 12
WILLIAMSON John, KS, W, shoemakerBRECKS Isabel, KS, s-wHUTTON Thos, Soulby, W, fullerAsby
Mar 18
DIXON Thos, Newbiggin, p CroglinSANDERSON Jane, Warcop, W, sprHUTTON Thos, Soulby, p KS, WKS [Mother signs afft.]
Apr 13
FOTHERGILL Joseph, KS, WGAWTHROP Jane, Stoan Hall, p Sedburgh, Yks, sprFAUCETT William, KS, clerkChapel of Garstall, p Sedburgh
Aug 14
COWPERTHWAITE George, KS, W, yeoADDISON Agnes, KS, s-wBLINCKARN William, KS, yeoKS or Gt Musgrave
Sep 10
BELL Francis, Whartondykes, p KS, W, joinerFOTHERGILL Margaret, Whartondykes, s-wROBERTSON John, KS, innkeeperKS or Asby
Nov 5
RICHARDSON Joseph, Crosby-Garret, W, gentMONKHOUSE Agnes, KS, W, sprBARNETT Leonard, KS, gentCros Garret [Neither signs afft.]
Nov 21
BARNETT Edward, KS, W, butcherWITTERONG Mary, KS, W, sprRUDD Tho, KS, apothecaryMusgrave
Nov 24
SCAIFE John, Mallerstang, p KS, WLONGSTAFF Sarah, Soulby, p KS, sprHUTTON Thos, Soulby, p KSKS
Feb 3
BELLAS Henry, Long Marton, W, yeoKINLASIDE Mary, Soulby, p KS, sprWHARTON Richd, Waitby, p KS, yeoOrton
Mar 31
FRYER James, KS, WDENT Isabella, KS, sprDENT Abraham, KSKS
Apr 20
MARVEL George, Plowlands, p Warcop, WHOGGARD Mary, Little Musgrave, p Crosby Garret, W, sprHUTTON Thos, Soulby, p KS, WCrosby Garret
July 1
ORTAN James, Ladthwait, p KS, WDIXON Christabella, Naitby, p KS, spr ISLIP John, KSKS
July 14
LAMB William, Soulby, p KS, W, butcherWATSON Ann, p Dufton, W, s-wBOULTON Lancelot, Couplandbeckbridge, p Bongate, W, innkeeperDufton, KS, or Asby
Sep 30
HARKER Simon, Ashgill, p Grinton, co YorksCOOKE Agnes, Sculby, p KS, W, sprCOOK M(atthew), p KSKS
Nov 24
RAICKSTRAW John, Hartley, p KS, WROBINSON Jane, Thringill, p KS, sprROBINSON Adam, p KSKS
Dec 18
BLAND Ric., Winton, p KS, WHUNTER Anne, Winton, sprBRADBERRY Robert, WintonKS [Her father consents, her mother is dead]

Western Deaneries, Archdeaconry of Richmond

"Marriage Bonds for the Deaneries of Lonsdale, Kendal, Furness, Copeland and Amounderness
part of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, 1648-1755, now held at Lancaster" -
The following entries have been kindly supplied by Marian Young,
who has extracted these marriage bond details from
the Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society Publications - Vols. 74, 75, 80, 81, 83, 100 and 115.

9 November 1673 James DAWSON of Garsdale Jennet ATKINSON of Mallerstang, spinster. Bondsman: John PARRINGTON of Garsdale, Henry WASHINGTON, Sedbergh. Witness: Thomas ADAMTHWAITE
17 November 1675 William THISTLTHWAITE, Garsdale Mary SHAW, Mollerstang. Bondsman: Jeffray BLAND, Sedbergh.[married at St Andrews, Sedburgh, 27 Nov 1675, William Thistlethwaite & Mary Shaw]
5 September 1679 John WHARTON, Mollerstang Elizabeth WHITWELL. Bondsman: Richard WALLER of same. 
10 July 1716 John WHITFIELD, Mallerstang, husbandman Isabella GUY, Ravenstonedale, single. Bondsman: Thomas BOUSFIELD, Garsdale, yeoman. Witness: John BOUSFIELD, Thomas SHAW, William JOHNSON. [married at Garsdale - 10 July 1716 - John Whitfeild of Mallestang and Isabel Guy of Ravenstonedale].
23 November 1721 Joseph SHAWE, Mallerstang, 50 Hannah COWPERTHWAITE, 40, Dent. Bondsman: Thomas WILKINSON, weaver, Dent. Witness: Mark RUMNEY, Christopher BURTON. [married at Dent - 1721 Joseph Shaw, Widower of Mellerstang ITPO Kirkby Stephen and Hannah Cowperthwaite, Widow of Dent, Married by Licence on November 23 by Mr Rumney.]
6 June 1725 Richard NELSON, Kirkby Stephen, pharmacopola Dorothy WILLAN, Sedbergh, spinster. Bondsman: William BURTON, Sedbergh, merchant. Witness: William FOTHERGILL, Jonathan ROSE, Richard NELSON. Both over 21. At Garsdale. [married at Garsdale - 10 June 1725 - Mr Richard Nelson, apothecary in Kirkby Steven and Mrs Dorothy Willan of Sedbergh]
9 November 1726 John HUGINSON, Mallerstang, yeoman Christiana SHAW, widow, both par.Kirkby Stephen. Bondsman: John HUGINSON, Mallerstang, husbandman. Witness: William RICHARDSON, Joseph SLACK. At Sedbergh. [married at Sedbergh - 9 November 1726 - John Huginson and Christiana Shaw by Lic.]
29 January 1727-28 John GAWTHROPP, Stonehall Jane HUTCHINSON, Mallerstang. Bondsman: Robert GAWTHROPP. Witness: Mark RUMNEY, Rowland HODGSON. At Dent. [married at Dent - 1726 John Gawthropp, Bach. OTPO Sedberg and Jane Hutchinson, Spin. of Mollerstong ITPO Kirkby Stephen. Married by Licence on January 29 by Mr Rumney.]
1 May 1728 Thomas RUDD of Bainbrigg, miller Mary SWAINSON of Mallerstang, Par. Kirkby Stephen, widow. Bondsman: Edward LEETE of Sedbergh, maltster and Thomas SHAW of Mallerstang, stapler. Witness: Thomas LAMBERT, Jos. SLACK
16 August 1730 Edward COWPERTHWAITE, merchant, Kirkby Stephen Anne PARKIN, Helbeck, Lunds, Co. York, spinster. Bondsman: William COWPERTHWAITE, brother of above, of Dent. Witness: Joseph SHAW, William JOHNSON. At Garsdale. [married at Garsdale - 16 August 1730 - Edward Cowperthwaite of Kirkby Steven and Anne Parkin of Lunds]
13 September 1735 William WITTON of Kendal, ostler Dorothy HARRISON of Kirkby Stephen, spinster. Bondsman: John NELSON, Sedbergh, yeoman. At Garsdale. Witness: Thomas LAMBERT. [married at Garsdale - 14 September 1735 - Will. Wittan of Kindal and Dorathy Harrison of K.Steven (lic)]
16 January 1736-37 John NICHOLSON, gent. Agnes JACKSON both of Brough, co. West. both above 21. Bondsman: Robert BLAKLIN of Winton, par. Kirkby Steven, joiner. At Dent. Witness: Mark RUMNEY, John BROWN. [married at Dent - 1736-7 Mr John Nicholson of Brough in Westmoreland & Agnes Jackson of the same Married by Licence on January 16 by Mr Rumney.]
25 August 1744 Joseph SHAW, Mallerdale, Kirkby Stephen, gent. 22 Mary BALDERSTON, Ingleton. Bondsman: Richard BALDERSTON, Ingleton, butcher. At Thornton or Ingleton. [ married at Ingleton 25 August 1744]
5 May 1748 Robert HUGGINSON, 34, Mallerstang, yeoman Jane MASON, 25, widow, Throstle Hall, Dent.  [married at Dent - 1748 Robert Hugginson of Mallerstang & Jane Mason of Dent. Married by Licence on May 5 by Mr Rumney.]
9 October 1751 Francis BELL, 22, Wharton Dykes, Kirkby Stephen, joiner Margaret FOTHERGILL, 23, Grisedale, Sedbergh   [married at Garsdale - 17 October 1751 - Francis Bell of Kirkby Stephen and Margaret Fothergill of Whartondikes (lic) ]