Orton Parish, Westmorland, England - Monumental Inscriptions
The following Monumental Inscriptions for the parish of
Orton, Westmorland,
are those recorded by Edward Bellasis in his "Westmorland Church Notes", and published in 1888. They were scanned and made available for the Internet by Sarah Reveley and her team of volunteers. With many thanks to all those who were involved in this project.


* Orton was visited by Mr. Crump and Mr. Bellasis 21st August, 1886. "On panels round the font are the letters D. W. M. 0. and date 1662. In the churchyard, S. of the Church, are two altar tombs without any trace of inscription. It may be noticed that among the more modern headstones are an unusually large number of white marble, many of them ornamented with figures of angels, of the good Shepherd, the Agnus Dei, anchors, crosses, and other religious emblems in re1ief. "-(Mr. Crump). The Rev. Mr. Holme and Mrs. Holme have most kindly gone over this section, and sent some further information."

A ....
(N). T. A.
I.H.S. In l. m. John Addison formerly of Appleby, b. Dec. 14, 1815, d. Oct. 26, 1886. Watch & Pray. Also Mary sister of the above, b. May 30, 1809,d. Sept. 22, 1889.

(N). E. Atkinson aged 75. 1861.

(N). 1867. E. Atkinson aged 12.

(S). In a. r. Eleanor the beloved Wife of Mark Atkinson of Orton who d.l. June 3rd 1858 aged 58.

(N). In a. r. John Atkinson of Green Holme who d. l. March 3rd 1868 aged 50 y. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

(N). I.H.S. In m. John Atkinson late of Scalthwaite rigg, Stocks, near Kendal, who d. l. April 16th 1820 aged 91. Also of Jane his Wife who d. Novr. 6th 1819 aged 87. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

(W). R. Atkinson aged 14, 1838. T. Atkinson aged 6, 1828.

(N). In a. r. Thomas Atkinson of Rounthwaite who d. June 7th 1884 aged 89 y. Also Mary his wife who d. March 25th 1880 aged 68 y.

(N). In a. r. William Atkinson son of Thomas and Mary Atkinson of Rounthwaite who d. December 4th 1863 aged 23 y.

B . . . .
(N). D. B.

B . . . .
(W). W. B.

(N). In m. Sarah wife of Daniel Barnes of Grayrigg Station who d. 2 June 1875 aged 42 y.

(E. wall). Erected to m. Thomas Barnes of Orton By his Children as token of Gratitude and Affection for one of the best of Parents. He lived and died in Peace with God & Man; and in the consoling Hope of a Resurrection to everlasting Life and Happiness. He d. l. the 5th Day of . . . 1797 Aged 61 Y.

(S. Brass on stone). In m. George Beck who d. on the 6th day of April 1836 in the 90th y. of his age.

(N). In m. John Bell, yeoman, Moorhouse Close, Orton, who d. Oct. 9th 1870 aged 69 y.

(N). In m. Michael Bewsher of Orton who d. August 22nd 1869 aged 73 and Dinah his wife who d. June 22nd 1874 aged 70.

(N). H.S.E. Edward Birkbe . . . Parish Clark who dyed Decr. the (? 28) A. Dom. 1732.

(S). In a. r. Elizabeth wife of Anthony Bland of Orton who d. July 30th 1880 aged 68 y.

(N). M. Bland 1862. 1866.

(N. rail). Erected to m. Robert Bland of. Orton who d. on the 18th of December 1841 aged 62 y. Fanny his wife da. of Mr. Stephen Brunskill d. on a visit in London and was interred here Oct. 27th 1847 aged 60 y. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Also Fanny their grand.da. eldest da. of Stephen and Elizabeth Bland who d. on the 23rd Nov. 1844 aged 3 y.

(N). To die is gain. In m. Stephen Brunskill Bland of Measand Beck Haweswater who d. January 23rd 1863 aged 48 y.

(S). In m. Thomas Bland of Orton Mill Who d. Sep. 3rd 1864 aged 77 and Agnes his wife who d. July 2nd 1854 aged 58.

(S). In a. r. Thomas Bland of Orton who d. April 2nd 1878 aged 74 y. Also Margaret his wife who d. July 21st 1877 aged 75 y. Watch and Pray.

(N). In a. r. William Bousfield of Redgill. Yeoman, who d. Decr. 13th 1874 aged 81 y. Also Nancy his wife who d. Decr. 6th 1860 aged 66 y.

(N). In m. Emma Bowman the beloved da. of Mary Bowman who d. at Redgill near Orton June 26th 1864 aged 2 y.

(N). I.H.S. In l. m. John Bowman of Fawcett Mill who d. Oct. 1st 1880 aged 66 y.

(N). S. m. Mr. Thomas Braidley, Surgeon, an Inhabitant of this Parish 42 y. who d. 17th October 1840 aged 75 y.

(N) Here lies interred George Harold Brown, d. April 18th 1868 aged 1 y.

(N). 1840. A. B. aged 19. (i.e. Agnes Brunskill).

(N). 1838. M. B. aged 19. (i.e. Mary Brunskill).

(N). S. m. Agnes wife of John Brunskill of Lambrigg Foot who d. on the 30th Day of April 1849 aged 54 y. Also of John son of the above who d. on the 29th Day of October 1846 aged 20 y. Also of Nancy Da. of the above-named John and Agnes Brunskill who d. on the 27th of January 1857 aged 23 y. John Brunskill d. September 22nd 1864 aged 71 y. S.B. J.B. A.B. J.B. N.B.

(N). Margaret Brunskill d. May 5th 1847 aged 58.

(S). Life how short, Eternity how long. S. m. Mary wife of John Brunskill of Gaisgill who d. the 7th of January 1817 aged 45 y. Also to m. the above-named John Brunskill who d. May 10th 1824 aged 52 y. Also of John Brunskill their son who d. December 7th 1840 aged 41 y. (Other side). Ipse Deus cunctos jussit mortis meminisse. Here lies entombed beneath this Stone the Remains of Peter Brunskill of Tebay who d. l. Sept. 16th 1819 aged 41.

(N). The memory of the just is blessed. S. m. Sarah wife of StephenBrunskill of Orton who d. l. on the 25 of March 1823 aged 71. Stephen Brunskill d. July 2nd 1836 aged 77. He was the Husband of the above-named Sarah and Local Preacher in the Wesleyan Connection for 62 y. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

(In. Choir, N). To m. John Burn of Orton Esquire only Son of the late Richard Burn, LL.D. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland. He was an able and upright Magistrate, a warm and steadfast Friend, a kind and hospitable Neighbour, and his loss will be long and severely felt by his Country & Acquaintance. He d. 20th February 1802 aged 58.

(In. Choir, N). In m. Joseph Burn Esquire, Son of John Burn Esquire, who d. at Barcelona in Spain on the 12th day of July 1818 in the 49th y. of his age. Also of Elizabeth his Wife who d. at Bath on the 6th day of May 1813 aged 31 y. by whom he had two Children, namely Sophia b. Nov. 19th 1807 and Richard b. Nov. 16th 1811. Arms.- Vert, chevron ermine between 3 lions rampant or on chief erminois 3 fountains bordure wavy ar. impaling ar. cross couped gu. between 3 crescents az. (Vila). Crest.-Demi-lion rampant erminois holding between the paws fountain as in the arms.

(Int. Choir, S). Hatchment. Vert, chevron ermine between 3 lions rampant or, on chief erminois 3 fountains, border wavy az. impaling ar. cross couped gu. between 3 crescent az. (Vila).

(In. Choir, N). S. m. Richard Burn, LL.D. forty-nine y. Vicar of this Parish And more than twenty Chancellor of the Diocese. He was an impartialMagistrate An able Divine of undissembled Piety A learned and honest Man, Not less distinguished for his Knowledge and Labours In the Civil and Ecclesiastical Laws of this Kingdom Than for his accurate investigation of the History And Antiquities of this County. Conspicuous for his judgment Probity and Candour And the general complacency of his Manners, Affable and Chearful (sic) in Conversation, Sincere and steady in his Attachments, His improved endowments rendered him An Ornament to his Country, His disposition endeared him to his Friends. In Health he was unremitting in the Discharge of his Parochial Duties, In Sickness Calm Patient and Resigned. He D. 12 Nov. MDCCLXXXV. Aged 76. Anne his Wife d. 7 Jan. MDCCLXX. Aged 73. She fulfilled the important relative Duties of Wife, Mother, and Neighbour With propriety worthy the imitation of Posterity. Arms.- Ar. chevron gu. between 3 lions rampant sa. chief ermine. Crest.- Demi-lion rampant ar.

S. b. m. Isabella Burra, wife of William Burra who d. at Raisbeck, June 18, 1827 aged 40 y. Robert their son who d. March 7, 1815 aged 4 y. William their son who d. at Cockermouth April 18, 1358 aged 46 y. Also the above William Burra who d. at Park July 18, 1874 aged 88 y. And of Ruth his widow who d. June 27, 1888 aged 88 y.

(N). In m. Robert Butterwick of Orton who d. July 22nd 1871 aged 70. Also Margaret his Wife d. April 17th 1873 aged 67. Also George their Son d. Nov. 8th 1862 aged 26. Also William their Son d. Oct. 4th 1862 aged 15. " God grant them peace." G. B. W. B.

C . . . .
(N). M. C.

(N). S. m. Elizabeth, Wife of William Clark of Orton and fourth Da. of John and Agnes Cleasby of Raisbeck who d. January 13th 1836 aged 66. Also of William Clark the Husband of Elizabeth Clark who d. May 27th 1837 aged 65. Also of Isabel Clark who d. Oct. 9th 1843 aged 76. Also of Jennet Clark who d. October 7th 1846 aged 67. W.C. I.C.

(N). In a. r. the beld. Sons of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark, Park, Henry Hewitson Clark who d. l. on the 6th of August 1854 aged 13 y. Also John Clark who d. l. on the 5th of August 1854 aged 1 y. " They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided." - 2 B. of Sam. l ch. 23 v. Also of Thomas Alfred Clark who d. December 19th 1865 aged 3 y. "He shall gather the Iambs with his arm & carry them in his bosom." Also of Elizabeth da. of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark who d. 3 Sept. 1886 aged 32 y. And of Thomas Willan son of Mark and Mary Ann Willan who d. 17 Sep. 1879 aged 24 y. And of Sarah Edith da. of William and Fanny Moffat who d. 7 Dec. 1879 aged 6 y.

(N). To m. James Cleasby of Raisbeck who d. l. the 23d day of Novr. 1822 aged 66.
My Glass is run, my Grave you see,
Prepare in time to follow me.
Go home my friends and shed no tears,
I must lie here till Christ appears.

(N). In m. John Cleasby of Raisbeck who d. Jan. 8, 1811 aged 84. Also Agnes his Wife who d. May 4th 1828 aged 95.
Reader, be serious for thy hour is nigh,
Consider well of that and learn to die ;
Repent, and wisely all thy follies shun,
For in the grave repentance there is none.
Also of Isabella Cleasby their Da. who d. l. on the 10th day of January 1832 aged 55 y.

(N). So teach us to number our days. - Psm. xc. 12. In m. Isabella Coates Da. of Edmund and Margaret Coates of Raisbeck who d. October 18th 1867 aged 19 y. Also of the above-named Edmund Coates who d. Novr. 14th 1874 aged 61 y. and of Bowness Coates of Newhouse, Yeoman, who d. Novr. 5th 1878 aged 57 y. Her sun went down while it was yet day.

(N). 1854. W. Cooper d. Decr. 21st aged 22.

(N). In m. Nanny Cowpathwaite of Rowbusk who d. 21st May 1878 aged 56 y.

(S). In m. Margaret wife of Edward Cowperthwaite, Redgill, Yeoman, who d. June 24th 1866 aged 66 y. Also the above-named Edward Cowperthwaite who d. at Orton April 4th 1888 aged 82.

(N). i.h.s. In a. r. John Dixon, yeoman, Orton, who d. 24th August 1884 aged 68 y. " With the Lord there is mercy and with him is plenteous redemption."

(N). I. H. S. In m. Agnes Dobson the beloved wife of I. Dobson late of Liverpool who d. 30th July 1882 aged 66 y. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

(N). Here lieth Jane wife of John Dobson of Bretherdale who d. May 28th 1872 aged 57 y.

(N). In a. r. John Dobson of Bretherdale who d. 20th June 1879 aged 68 y. Also of Jane his wife who d. 28th May 1872 in the 58th y. of her age. Also of Elizabeth their da. the beloved wife of Thomas B. Cowperthwaite of Street, Orton who d. 10th April 1876 aged 28 y. Also of Christopher who d. at Yew Tree, Crook 2 Aug. 1885 aged 31 y.

(N). Erected to m. John Dodd of Orton, Yeoman, who d. on the 25th December 1812 aged 73 y. Eleanor his Wife d. Feby. 2nd 1822 aged 76y. John Dodd their son d. at Raisbeck on the 9th of August 1841 aged 69 y. Also Elizabeth wife of the above John Dodd of Raisbeck who d. 18th Sep. 1867 aged 85 y.
The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when he sleeps in dust.

(N). In m. Thomas Dodd of Gibson Hill who d. Jany. 31st 1885 aged 73 y. Also Elizabeth his wife who d. March 9, 1886 aged 68 y.

(N). In m. Francis Dunning of Barugh who d. 18th August 1879 aged 50.

(N). i.h.s. S. m. Rodolphe Durand, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Edin., who d. Septr. 17th 1884 aged 34 y, Also of his infant son Aramis who d. June 30th 1883 aged 7 weeks.

Mourn not my friends for our decease,
We hope with Christ we have made our peace.
Our bodys lies (sic) beneath the sod,
Hate evil ye that love the Lord.
In m. Thomas Farrer of Orton, Yeoman, who d. on the 24th Day of January 1833 aged 74 y. Also of Elizabeth, wife of the said Thomas Farrer who d. on the 19th Day of February 1792 aged 33 y. James Farrer their Grandchild d. April 24th 1830 aged 3 m.

(S. altar tomb). Under this stone lieth the remains of Doctor William Farrer of Redgill whom long experience had rendered eminent in his profession and who was an instance that Knowledge in the ways of death doth not exempt from its approches (sic). Reader in this thy day Live well that thou mayest have hop (sic) of a joyful resurrection. He d. July 31, 1756 Aged 75. Also near this place lieth the Body of Elizabeth his Wife who d.May 10, 1751 aged 82.

(N). In a. r. John Fleming M.R.C.S. Eng. & L.M. Edin. B. June 5th 1839 D. April 2nd 1867. Also of John Fleming, Father of the above who d. 22nd May 1877 Aged 69 y. Also of Margaret Fleming who d. l. Novr. 1, 1887 aged 81 y. I have waited for Thy salvation, oh Lord.

(N). Isaac Gaskarth 1871. Not dead but sleepeth

(N). In a. r. Isabella Elizabeth wife of James Gaskarth of Dale Foot who d. 31st May 1878 aged 27 y. In the midst of life we are in death.

(N). In m. Thomas Gaskarth of Dale Foot, Bretherdale who d. March 12th 1863 Aged 75y. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Also Isabella wife of the above who d. 1st July 1870 aged 75 y. Also Isaac their Son who d. June 6th 1871 aged 35 y.

(N). A. Gibson.

(S. cross). S. m. Edward Taylor Gibson of Liverpool who d. at Tirrill Lodge July 30th 1865 aged 34 y.

(E. wall of s. aisle. Brass). Here lieth the Body of George Gibson who founded and endowed The Free School at Greenholme. Reader if thou hast received the Benefits of that, or the like Benefaction Be thankful to the Memory of the Donor and give God the Glory. He d. Jan. 23d. 1733 Aged 78.

(S. cross). S. m. Robert Gibson of Shap Wells who d. May 1st 1840 aged 45 y. Also of Margaret his Wife who d. May 26th 1845 aged 39 y. " The Lord grant unto them that they may find mercy of the Lord in that day."

(N). In m. Robert Gibson Junr: of Petty Hall, Orton. B. March 2nd 1852 D. Feby. 9th 1872.

(N). I.H.S. In m. Sarah Wife of Thos. Gibson M,D. of Town Head House, Orton. B. June 7th 1840. D. June 6th 1877.

S. m. Thomas Gibson, M.D., M.R.C.S., J.P., Townhead House, Orton ; b. Jan. 16th, 1834 ; d. Aug. 8th, 1887. T. G. 1887.

H . . ..
(W). A. H.

H . . . .
(W). J. H. 1849.

(N). All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as a flower. In m. Agnes Wife of Thomas Hayton of the Oak, Orton, and Da. of Thomas and Agnes Newby of Miremouth, Whicham, Cumberland, who d. on the 21st Day of April 1850 aged 29 y. Also of the above Thomas Hayton of the Oak, Orton, who d. 16th March 1882 aged 74 y. In hope of Eternal life. T. H. 1882. A. H. 1850.

(S). In m. Edmund Hayton who d. 16th Jan. 1833 aged 74 and Eleanor his wife who d. 20th April 1830 aged 73. They were both of Newhouse, Orton.

In grief and pain we did remain,
And sorely was (sic) opprest,
Until above in tender love
He kindly gave us rest.
In m. Edward Hayton of Gill in this Parish, Yeoman, who d. on the 30th Day of June 1802 aged 90 y. Also of Barbara Hayton his wife who d. Oct. 17th 1807 aged 75 y. Also of Thomas Hayton their Son, Yeoman, who d. July 14th 1833 aged 59 y. Also of Ann Hayton, Wife of Thomas Hayton who d. February 7th 1857 aged 85 y. Also of Edward Hayton, Yeoman, of Gill, Eldest Son of the above who d. Feby. 29th 1854 aged 57 y.

(W). S. m. Elizabeth Hayton Wife of Edmund Hayton late of Sunderland, formerly of this place, who d. Septr. 22, 1843 aged 29 y.
A loveing (sic) wife, a friend sincere,
A tender Mother lieth heer (sic)
In love she liv'd, in peace she died,
Her life was crav'd but was denied.
Also of Agnes the wife of Cyprian Hilton and mother of the above-named Elizabeth who d. May 10th 1858 aged 70. Also of James Hilton who d. February 27th 1849 aged 32. Also Agnes the wife of James Hilton who d. May 26th 1867 aged 49 y.

(N). In a. r. James Hayton, yeoman, of Doglum, Breatherdale who d. 7th Octr. 1842 aged 55 y. Also Ann his Wife who d. l. 21st Septr. 1878 aged 85 y. Also James Hayton their son who d. at Barrow-in-Furness on the 26th Decr. 1865 aged 22 y. and was interred at Dalton Cemetery.

(N). In m. John Hayton, Yeoman, Newhouse, Orton, who d. April. 1st 1864 aged 82 y. Also Agnes his wife who d. May 3rd 1855 aged 73 y. And Mary their Da. who d. Sep. 24th 1836 aged 17 y. Also Joseph their Son who d. July 15th 1842 aged 26 y. Also Thomas Hay ton of Newhouse, Orton, Yeoman, who d. October 29th 1877 aged 77 y.

(Chancel arch, brass). This arch was erected by Thomas Hayton of the Oak, Orton, 1878, in m. Agnes Hayton his beloved wife who d. on the 21st day of April 1856 aged 29 y. " Rest in Peace." (Per Mr. Holme).

(N). In a. r. George Head who d. 11th July 1878 aged 25 y. Watch therefore for ye know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of man cometh.

(N). Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. In a. r. George the only son of Isaac and Jane Pooley Head of Tebay who d. 13th Feb. 1882 aged 1 y. & 4 m.

(S. wall of S.aisle). Here lies interred Margaret the wife of Matthew Hewetson of Crosby Ravensworth who d. March 3rd 1792 aged 42 y.

(N). i.h.s.. In a. r. Isaac Hodgson of Green Holme who d. 17th February 1881 aged 76 y. Also of Mary his beloved wife who d. Aug. 20, 1886, aged 79 y.

(N). Jane Hodgson aged 16 y. 1864: HODGSON. (N). In a. r. John Hodgson of Fleece Inn, Orton who d. June 22nd 1873, aged 36 y.

(N). In a. r. Isabella the beloved wife of William Holme, Fleece Inn, Orton who d. Sep. 15th 1883 aged 44 y.

(S). In m. Rev. James Holme sometime first Incumbent of St. Mary's, Low Harrogate, and Vicar of Kirkleatham, Yorkshire. He was b. at Orton March 12th 1801 d. at Grange-over-Sands March 27th 1882. And of Mary his wife who d. June 7th 1885 aged 80 y. Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace for mine eyes have seen thy salvation.

(E). In l. m. Jane Mary Wilson Holme only child of George and Jane Holme of Town View, Kendal, who d. 14th May 1880 aged 8 y. " He said, weep not, she is not dead but sleepeth." - Luke viii. 52.
Jesus loves me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so,
Little ones to him belong,
They are weak but he is strong.

(E). In m. George Holme of Roundthwaite who d. April 1st 1814 aged 70 y. Also Agnes his Wife who d. January 15th 1826 aged 75 y. Also James Holme of Ellergill, Son of the above who d. April 6th 1838 aged 66 y. Also Ann his Wife who d. Octr. 5th 1821 aged 40 y. Also Agnes their da. Wife of J. P. Nicholson of Lancaster who d. June 7th 1826 aged 25 y.

(In. S. aisle). In m. Margaret Holme of Orton who d. 28th of May 1839 in the 82nd y. of her age. By her will dated the 22nd Dec. 1829 she bequeathed as follows, �21 per annum for ever for the benefit of the new school at Orton, the interest of �100 as a gratuity to a school-mistress at Orton, the Interest of �120 for the poor householders and parishioners of Orton who do not receive parochial relief, viz : to the householders the interest of �20to be distributed at the Church on the 22nd Febry. in every year for ever, and the interest of the remaining �100 to be laid out monthly in the purchase of bread, and distributed amongst the poor parishioners.

(In. Brass, eagle lectern). + To the Glory of God and in m. Mary Holme deceased 12th January 1884.

(E. wall of s. aisle). Here lyeth the bodv of Thomas Holme, flake bridge who d. l. the 25th day of February 1721 aged 29. Here lyeth the body of Agnes Holme widow of Anthony Holme of flake bridge, mother of Thomas Holme and Robert Holme deceased. D. June 4th 1759 aged 90.

(S. wall of s. aisle). In m. Thomas Holme of Orton who d. March the 2, 1787 aged 79 and Margaret his Wife who d. December the 12th 1800 aged 79. To the most Affectionate of Parents this Stone was Erected by their surviving Children James, William and Margaret.

(S). S. m. Thomas Holme of Orton who d. l. October 16th 1825 aged 77 y. and Ellen his wife who d. Feb. 20th 1831 aged 65 y.

(N). In m. Joseph Son of John and Ann Horsfall Orton who d. Sep. 8th 1873 aged 11 y. Also of the above-named John Horsfall who d. August 20th 1874 aged 54 y.

(E). In m. Thomas Hunter who d. at Brwnnmoor House in this Parish June 29. 1811 aged 72 y. And Elizabeth his Wife d. April 29. 1831, aged 93. Also Mary the Wife of John Hunter of Archer Hill d. April 16th 1828 aged 48. (Other side). The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised up. What is now unknown the Judgement day will reveal. Erected by an affectionate Father to commemorate the melancholy death of an only son who on the night of Saturday, Nov. 18th. 1837, upon his return from Kendal was waylaid and shot dead by a daring assassin and his money taken from him in a solitary lane not far from his own door. Thomas Hunter of Archer Hill was cut down as a flower in the 32nd y. of his age. By his loss an endearing wife & three children were bereft of their kind protector.

In m. William Jackson of Gaisgill who d. Jan. 29 1881 aged 84 y. Also Agnes his wife who d. Oct. 21 1886 aged 90.

(N. Broken pillar). In a. r. William Johnson of the refreshment rooms, Tebay who d. August 13th 1875 aged 40 y.

(Vestry floor). Here lyeth the body of Roger Kenyon late minister of Orton wh d. l. February the 11th day, 1703 aged 85. (per Mr. Holme)

(S). In m. Elisebath (sic) the wife of Richard Knagg who d. March 2, 1790 Aged 7 (? 7).

(N) I.H.S. In a. r. Joseph Knowles of Sunbegin, b. Aug. 12th 1823. d. May 18th 1884. also Michael his son b. Sept. 20th 1862 d. Feb. 10th 1865. Also Ann his da. b. Feb. 8th 1867 d. Sept. 2nd 1877. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

(S). In m. John Little of Coatgill who d. l. in infancy 1800. Margaret Little who d. Oct. 3rd 1827 aged 26. Also George Little the father of the above-named who d. Nov. 6th 1833 aged 73. Also Deborah his wife who d. at Scalegill on the 13 day of December 1834 aged 66 y.

(N). I.H.S. In a. r. Eleanor wife of John Longmire of Bottom Farm, Silverdale, who d. 14th October 1880 aged 48 y.

(S). In l. r. James Lupton who was called home January 8th 1875 aged 80 y. Also of Jane his Wife who fell asleep in Jesus December 8th 1874 aged 59 y. " For so he giveth his beloved sleep."

(N). The Lord is my shepherd. In l. m. John Metcalfe who d. at Bowderdale 29th June 1884 aged 85 y. Also of Elizabeth his wife who d. 13th Nov. 1879 aged 83 y.

(N). In a. r. Thomas Lambert Metcalfe Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Metcalfe of Tebay, b. June 29th 1864 d. Aug. 7th 1885. How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out.

(N). Elizabeth Middlehurst, b. August 31st 1819 d. May 30th 1863. When I was In trouble I called upon the Lord and he heard me. - Psalm cxx., 1st verse.

(N). In a. r. William Middlehurst who d. Sept. 26th 1873 aged 53 y. Also of his son Charles Edwin Middlehurst who d. May 15th 1873 aged 20 y. Thy will be done. M(ILNER). H. M. 1842. (i.e. Holmes Milner aged 45).

(N). It is the Lord, let him do what seemeth him good. i.h.s. In Memoriam Edward Greenhow Milner, Yeoman, of Coatflatt Hall d. 5th February 1876 aged 51 y. M. M.

(N). In a. r. Holme Milner of Breatherdale b. Octr. 30th 1774 d. July 22nd 1846. Also of Isabella his wife b. Octr. 11th 1774 d. May 21st 1838, and of their children Edmund b. Jany. 12th 1813 d. March 7th 1834. William b. April 22nd 1803 d. March 22nd 1834. Thomas b. Octr. 25th 1810 d. Novr. 30th 1839. George b. Decr. 24th 1817 d. at Colac, Victoria, June 26th 1860. Robert b. Octr. 5th 1804 d. Novr. 3rd 1866. Holmes b. May 30th 1801 d. Jany. 30th 1868. John b. Feby. 10th 1803 d. April 26th 1868. Esther b. July 3rd 1806 d. Jany. 1st 1873. Margaret b. Septr. 20th 1799 d. Novr. 9th 1880 and of their grand-da. Margaret Milner Taylor b.Jany. 17th 1841, d. Octr. 25th 1859.

(N). We all do fade as a leaf. In m. John Milner of Coat Flat Hall, Yeoman, who d. on the 15th day of October 1837 aged 43 y. Also of Eleanor His Da. who d. on the 5th day of October 1837 aged 10 y. E. M., A.D. 1837. J. M., A.D. 1837. M. M., A.D. 1850.

(N). To m. John Milner of Coatflatt Hall who d. on the 18th day of April 1845 in the 87th y. of his age. This Monument is Erected by his Sorrowing Widow Eleanor. And to m. their Youngest Son Robert who d. at Todmorden on the 1st day of September 1825 aged 26 y. And of their Eldest Son John who d. at Coatflatt on the 14th day of October 1837 aged 43 y. And of their only Da. Esther, Wife of Samuel Simpson who d. on the 4th day of November 1847 aged 43 y. Also of Eleanor the Widow of the above-named John Milner of Coatflatt Hall, who d. on the 23rd day of March 1850 In the 77 y. of her age.

(N). i.h.s. In a. r. John son of the Revd. John Milner who d. at Hartley Oct. 29th 1872 aged 24 y.

(N). Thy Will be done. In m. Mary Milner widow of John Milner, Junr. of Coatflatt Hall who d. July 5th 1856 aged 63, also of Mary Milner da. of the above who d. April 19th 1850 aged 19, and of James Milner their son who d. June 19th 1850 aged 24. M. M., A.D. 1856. T. M., A.D. 1850.

(N. wall of chancel). Here are interred Robert Milner Vicar of Orton b. Augst. 21st 1767, d. March 15th 1849 and his wife b. Decr. 24th 1766, d. Jany. 22nd 1830. She was the only Da. of John Burn, formerly Curate of Caldbeck. Also their children, John b. Sep. 24th 1793 d. Novr. 29th 1811. Ann b. Septr. 1st 1813 d. March 23rd 1820. Robert b. May 17th 1795 d. at Manchester 1824. Margaret b. Novr. 29th 1798 d. Feby. 28th 1832. Jane b. Decr. 21st 1811 d. Feby. 23rd 1835. Thomas b. Augst. 12th 1805 d. Septr. 8th 1837; their surviving Children Mary Ward, Esther Milner, William Holme Milner, and Sarah Fothergill erected this Monument to their Memory 1850. Esther b. Feby. 4th 1800 d. August 16th.1876. Sarah b. May 24th 1808; married George Fothergill, Surgeon, whom she survived. She d. on June 26th 1870 at Morland In this County where she was interred. She left issue a Son and Daughter. P. M. 1830. J. M. 1811. A. M. 1820. R. M. 1824. M. M. 1832. J. M. 1835. T. M. 1837. E. M. 1876.

(In. choir. N. Brass). + In m. Robert Milner Forty-seven y. Vicar of this Parish, no less beloved as a Pastor than esteemed as a Justice of the County, skilled in magisterial law. He was b. at Longgill in this Parish August 21. 1767 d. at the Vicarage March 15, 1849. + In a. r. a very kind and much Venerated Parent This Tablet is erected by his surviving children Mary Ward, Esther Milner, Sarah Fothergill, and William Holme Milner, Vicar of Penrith.. + If ye keep in memory what I preached unto you 1 Cor. 15,2.

(In. choir. N. Brass). In m. William Holme Milner. Vicar of Horncastle and Prebendary of Lincoln, and Formerly Vicar of Penrith. He was Son of the Revnd. Robert Milner, Vicar of Orton. Was b. Nov. 1st 1803 and d. October 3rd 1868.

(N). We cannot tell who next may fall Beneath the chastening rod. One must be first, but let us all Prepare to meet our God. S. m. William Milner late of Gaisgill Second Son of the late John Milner of Coatflat Hall who d. I. August 19th 1861 aged 61 y. Also of Mary Ann Milner his Wife Second Da. of the late Marmaduke Holme of Chapel House, Orton, who d. March 30th 1861 aged 48 y. And of Esther Milner their youngest Da. who d. at Gaisgill July 17th 1867 aged 19 y. Her Sun is gone down while it was yet day. - Jer. 15 ch. 9 v.

(W). In a. r. Joseph Moffat of Orton who d. l. on the 11th of Jany. 1862 in the 48th y. of his age. O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God ! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out ! Rom. 11 ch. 33 verse.

(W). In m. William Moffat of Sunbegin who d. July 8th 1833 aged 80. And Rebekah his wife who d. August 6th 1835 aged 59 y. Also the Children of William and Elizabeth Moffat of Orton and grandchildren of the above, William who d. Dec. 9th 1845 aged 2 m. Elizabeth who d. Nov. 7th 1854 aged 6 y. Sarah who d. Oct. 22nd 1854 aged 4 y. Jane who d. Oct. 25th 1854 aged 2 y. Agnes who d. April 5th 1858 aged 3 weeks. Isabella who d. 17th April 1858 aged 6 weeks. Sarah Elizabeth who d. Oct. 23rd 1864 aged 4 m. Also of the above named William Moffat of Orton who d. 16th June 1878 aged 68 y.

(N). We live to die, we die to live again, That we hereafter may with Jesus reign. S. m. Agnes Wife of the Reverend Thomas Moss of Orton who d. l. on the 15th of December 18 . . aged . . Y. Also of Elizabeth Her Da. Wife of William . . . ye . . . in the Parish of Crosby Ravensworth who d. July 9th d 2-Y.

(N). I.H.S. In l. m. W. M. Mutch, L.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P.E., of Orton, late of Glasgow who d. March 23rd 1879 aged 43 y. " Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy."

(N). The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. -1 John, i., 7. In m. Elizabeth the beloved wife of Robert Nelson of Orton, b. October 12th 1832, d. April 20th 1869. Also Robert Nelson, Husband of the above, b. Nov. 6, 1818 d. Oct. 10, 1886.

(In. middle window sill, N. aisle, brass). In m. Elizabeth wife of Robert Nelson who d. April 20th 1869 aged 37 y.

(N). S. m. John Nelson formerly of Holme near Burton, Westmorland, yeoman, but late of Orton who d. March 5th 1859 aged 79 y. Also of Ann his wife who d. January 20th 1859 aged 61 y. Also of Robert Son of Robert and Elizabeth Nelson and grandson of the above who d. at Bongate, Appleby, August 18th 1861 aged 11 weeks. Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God. - St. Mark x., xiv.

(N). S. m. John Nicholson of Green (sic) who d. September 3rd 1863 aged 76 y. And Elizabeth Nicholson his widow who d. August 13th 1870 aged 81 y.

(N). In m. Joseph Nicholson, of Low Borrow Bridge who d. 17th May 1878 aged 27 y. Now taken from a world of woe with Angels to rejoice. Also Thomas Nicholson, Father of the above who d. 2nd Augst. 1880 aged 63 y.

(E). In m. Thomas Thompson Nicholson, Yeoman, of Lowfell Garth, Grayrigg, who d. 9th April 1862 aged 60 y. and was interred here. Also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who d. at Kendal 9th of April 1887 aged 79 y. Yet a little while and the world seeth me no more but ye see me because I live, ye shall live also. - S. John, xiv. 19 v. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. - Rev. xiv., 13 v. And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye may be also. -St. John, xiv., 3 vr.

(W. altar tomb). Elizabeth wife of John Noble of Borrow Bridge who d. June 2nd 1845 aged 51 y. Also of the above-named John Noble who d. l. July 3rd 1853 aged 59 y. Also of Ann the beloved wife of James Day and only da. of the above who d. November 30th 1861, aged 42 y.

(S. altar tomb). In m. Mark Oldman of Orton son of Richard and Agnes Oldman who d. l. May 5th A.D. 1842 aged 68 y. By his Will he bequeaths the Interest of one hundred pounds to the School at Orton to be paid yearly in Easter week and the like sum to poor householders of this parish. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord.

(S). In m. Richard Oldman of Orton who d. January 8th 1802 aged 77 y. Also of Agnes his Wife who d. March 25, 1799, aged 72 y. Also of Mary Dalton their Da. who d. November 12th 1831 aged 68 y. By her will she gave One Hundred Pounds to the School at Orton and the like Sum to the Poor of this Parish. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, they rest from their labours and their works do follow them."

(N). Here lieth Robert son of Richard and Isabella Parker of Borrowdale who d. 4th March 1868 aged 12 y. Also Thomas their son who d. 21st April 1870 aged 6 y. Also Isabella wife of Richard Parker who d. 22nd December 1871 aged 38 y.

(S). In m. William Parkin d. Decr. 24th 1849 aged 92. And Fanny his Wife d. August 28th, 1829 aged 68.

(N). E. Pattinson.

(N). i.h.s. In m. George Pattinson late of Melmerby who d. 10th April 1876 aged 68 y. Also of Sarah his Wife who d. 22nd May 1875 aged 69 y.

(E). Jane Potter aged 1 y. A.D. 1837.

(S). In m. John and Elizabeth Potter of Ovorcluegill in this Parish and their Children. John their Son who d. April 22nd 1811 aged 12 y. Also Mary their Da. who d. May 12th 1811 aged 5 y. Also John the Father who d. Novr. 13, 1815 aged 54 y. Also Emma their Da. who d. Feby. 5th 1833 aged 30 y. Also Elizabeth the Mother who d. March 16th 1841 aged 67 y.

(S). In a. r. John Potter of Bretherdale who d. Sept. 28th 1870 aged 72. Also of Elizabeth his wife who d. July 16th 1876 aged 76. Also of Thomas his son who d. May 16th 1850 aged 26 and of George his son who d. June 28th 1868 aged 39.

(E). i.h..s. In a. r. Mary the beloved wife of George Potter of Oddendale who d. 22nd April 1877 aged 64 y. Also the above-named George Potter who d. 5th Septr. 1878 aged 70 y.

(E). S. m. Thomas Potter of Bretherdale, Yeoman, who d. August 21st 1838 in the 81st y. of his age. Also Hannah his wife who d. March 28th 1838 in the 80 y. of her age. Also of William their Son who d. on Feb. 27th 1836 aged 41. Also of James their Son who d. Oct. 3rd 1838 aged 46. Also Thomas their Grandson, Son of James and Agnes Potter who d. Feby. 22nd 1827 aged 15 y.

(E). Verily there is a reward for the righteous. Here are interred the remains of William Potter of Bretherdale who d. on the 27th of February 1836 aged 41. Also of Margaret his wife who d. on November 6th 1849 aged 66. Also of Frances their Da. who d. February 21st 1843 aged 20. Their surviving son Thomas Potter erected this stone to their memory A.D. 1859. Also of Agnes wife of Thomas Potter who d. April 20th 1865 aged 40.

(E). S. m. William Potter of Tebay who d. April 28th 1851 aged 38.

(N). I.H.S. In m. Joseph Ratcliffe of Orton Low Moor who d. 6th Oct. 1882 aged 80 y. Also Mary his wife who d. 24th Feb. 1871 aged 71 y. Also Ellen their da. who d. 4th March 1870 aged 24 y. They sleep in peace.

(W). Here lies interred James Redman, Parish Clerk and Schoolmaster of Orton who d. November 4th 1786 aged 53 y. Also Elizabeth his wife who d. January 16th 1816 aged 80.

(In. N). S. m. John and Thomas, sons of James Redman for many y. parish clerk and schoolmaster of Orton. John, Vicar of this parish d. Jan. 23 A.D.1802 aged 43. Thomas, Vicar of Kirkharle, d. May 25 A.D. 1855 aged 94. "Take ye heed, watch and pray for ye know not when the time is." St. Mark xiii. 33.

(N). In m. John Robertson who d. 15th Apri11839 aged 64 and Elizabeth his wife who d. 22nd Feb. 1839 aged 64. (Other side). In m. Eleanor Robertson wife of Thomas Robertson d. March 20th 1855 aged 41 y. And of the above-named Thomas Robertson of Orton, mason, who d. Feb. 19th 1877 aged 74 y.

(N). In a. r. the daus. of John and Margaret Robertson of Orton. Agnes who d. Aug. 12th 1852 aged 3 m. also Elizabeth who d. Oct. 4th 1869 aged 18 y.

(N). I.H.S. In l. m. Robert Robertson of Orton who d. 12th May 1879 aged 53 y. " Thy will be done."

(N). In m. Frances Robinson who d. Jany. 16th 1859 aged 29 y. My flesh and my heart failed but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever. - Psalm lxxiii. verse 26.

(N). i.h.s. In r. John Robinson of Rybeck near Orton who d. 24th June 1860 aged 86 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. 3rd June 1880 aged 90 y. Also of Frances their da. who d. 16th January 1859 aged 29 y.

(N). 1880. M. R. (i.e. Mary Robinson, aged 90).

(W). To m. Isabel Robson who d. l. December 26, 1823 aged 2 days. Also of John Robson who d. l. March 3rd 1837 aged 10 y. Son and Da. of William and Sarah Robson of Coatgill in this Parish. Joseph Robson of Coatgill d. September 17th 1848 aged 73 y. Sarah Robson of Coatgill d. Nov. 3rd, 1849, aged 59 y. Also of William Robson of Coatgill who d. January 26th 1858 aged 69 y.

(W). To m. Joseph Robson son of Thomas and Isabella Robson of Coatgill who d. December 26th 1859 aged 20 weeks and 6 days.

(W). S. m. Thomas Robson, Yeoman, of Field Head who d. October 2nd 1858 aged 85. Also of Eleanor his wife who d. April 5th 1860 aged 60. Also of Thomas Robson, Yeoman, their only son who d. Novr. 15th 1859 aged 28. " Even so father for so it seemed good in thy sight."

In m. Thomas Sanderson, yeoman, of Raw End, who d. September 10, 1871, aged 74 y. also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who d. at Throstlegrove Slyne Dec. 22, 1886 aged 83 y. And John son of the above who d. Sep. 20,1845 aged 2 y.

(N). In m. Jonathan Sarginson of Bowbrow, Orton, who d. March 15th 1874 aged 67 y.

(N). Mary Sarginson d. April9th 1854 aged 7.

(S). S. m. Jeffrey (sic) Scaife of How who d. the 25 November 1805 aged 81 y. Isabel his Wife who d. August 2nd 1816 aged 73 y. Also of Thomas Scaife their Son who d. November 22., 1837 aged 62 y. And Thomas Scaife Junr. son of the above Thomas Scaife d. on the 24th Day of May A.D. 1841 aged 22. y.

(S). S. m. Robert Scaife who d. at West Lynn in the County of Norfolk on the 8th Day of June 1856 aged 83 y. He was one of the ancient family of Scaifes of Raisgill Hall in this parish and at his own request was buried here.
Within this narrow house of Clay
I rest until the judgment day,
Waiting till time on earth hath fled,
When earth and sea give up thefr dead.
I shall be raised to life again,
Oh may I then with Jesus reign.

(S). In l. m. Robert Scaife of Thorne who d. 15th Jan 1882 aged 34y.

(N) . In a. r. Isabel Scott wife of Robert Scott of Orton who d. January 8th 1866 aged 81 y. Also of the above-named Robert Scott who d. January 27th 1873 aged 86 y. Also of John Scott their son who d. at Oddendale 4th Nov. 1880 aged 69 y. I. Scott.

In m. Christopher Sharp of Liverpool who d. at Orton August 5th 1885 aged 60 y. also of his wife Hannah who was buried at Southport, Lancashire and his da. Agnes Mary at St. James's Cemetery, Liverpool. He was the third son of Robert Sharp of Rayne and Agnes Ion of Orton his wife and was b. at Row End Oct. 13th 1824 ; the said Robert Sharp was buried in the sacred ground of this church. Agnes his wife was buried at Bebington in Cheshire with their da. Agnes; their sons Richard and William were buried at St. James's Cemetery, John and Thomas at the Necropolis, Liverpool. Waiting in hope for the glorious Resurrection. C. S. 1885.

(N. altar tomb). Here lieth intered (sic) ye Body of Frances Sharp of Rain . . Who D. l. January ye 29th Anno Domini 1723 Aged 39. Let me Die ye Death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his.

(N. altar tomb and brass).
Of Dr. Sharp hereunder rests the Dust
In hope O' th' Resurrection of the Just,
Who while he Liv'd, Liv'd to ye Noblest ends
To serve his God, his Country, and his Friends.
From Sin & Sorrow Exempt his Soul above
Now reigns with God with Christ in peace & love.
His grateful Country still preserves his Name,
His wondrous Cures and Skill embalme the same.
With dearest Friends his precious Memory
Lives fresh and fragrant & shall never die,
If with him You'd ascend ye Blissful state
Always do Good, his Graces imitate.
Dr. John Sharp was here Interred 2d day of March Anno Domini 1723 �tatis Su� 47. Gratitudinis Erg� posuit T. L.

(E). In m. Robert Shearman of Orton formerly of Scoutgreen, Yeoman. who d. Janry. 31st 1865 aged 76 y. and of Peggy his Wife who d. August 17th 1849aged 54 y. also of Robert Shearman their only Son who d. May 7th 1864 aged 43 y.

(E). In m. William Shearman of Orton formerly of Scoutgreen, who d. Sep.3rd 1852 aged 69 and of Elizabeth his wife who d. June 25th 1863 aged 73.

(E). William (Shear)man of Rounthwaite D. April . . . 1748 Aged 84. ("The registers have William Shearman of Carlingill, and Carlingill is not far from Rounthwaite." Mr. Holme).

(N). In m. Sarah the beloved wife of John Shepherd of Orton who d. l.August 1st 1854 aged 34 y.
Here lies a child of Adam's guilty race
Saved by the second Adam's power & Grace.
No merits of her own had she to boast,
Her hope was this, Christ came to save the lost.
Also of Joseph Shepherd son of the above-named who d. April 25th 1865 aged 17 y. " Blessed are they that have not seen & yet have believed. "

(S. Brass on stone). "Verily there is a reward for the righteous." Here are Interred Ruth Simpson B. December 10th 1808.D. November 3rd 1883. John Simpson Her Husband, Parish Clerk over 40 y. Had this Memento Erected.

(S.) S. m. Jane P. Sisson who d. Feb. 26,1856 aged 14 y.
In robes of innocence and love
Her virgin soul is drest;
And all the angel hosts above
Rejoice to see her blest.

(In. choir N. Brass). In l. m. John Septimus Sisson B.A. a faithful minister of Christ and Vicar of Orton for 33 y. Esteemed and loved by his parishioners he entered into rest Augt. 20th 1882 aged 60 y. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance. - Psalm xii. 6. This tablet was erected by his nephew Theodore A. Sisson son of the Revd. Michael Sisson, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

(N). In m. John Septimus Sisson B.A. a native of Orton who did faithful service in this parish as Master of the Grammar School of Tebay 4 y. as Curate 2 y. and as Vicar 33 y. always abounding in the work of the Lord. He lived in the hearts of his parishioners and d. in peace August 20th 1882 aged 60 y. How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things. - Rom. x. 15. J. S. S. 1882.

(N). S. m. William and Jane Sisson and their deceased children. William Sisson b. Jan. 12th 1780 d. Feby. 17th 1841. Jane his Wife b. Nov. 5th 1785d. April 5th 1853; their children, Thomas b. Feb. 14th 1812 d. Nov. 18th 1820, Elizabeth b. June 2nd 1816 d. June 16th 1816, Eleanor b. Nov.11th 1824 d. Feb. 10th 1837, James b. Oct. 22nd 1819 d. Feb. 9th 1868, Redman, Vicar of Corsenside b. 1829 d. 1878, John Septimus Sisson Vicar of this parish b.1822 d. 1882, Michael Sisson 47 y. Incumbent of Moulton Chapel and Chaplain of Spalding Union House b. 17th Febry 1808 d. at Spalding 4th April 1885. J.S. E.S. W.S.

(S. cross). In l. m. William Holme second son of the late Redman Sisson Vicar of Corsenside. B. 1871 d. 1878. Thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

(W. altar tomb). S. m. Charles eldest son of William Stanley of Masbro' Yorkshire and a Contractor on the Lancaster & Carlisle Railway who was killed by a wagon running over him on the 16th August 1846 near South Lime Bridge on the above railway, aged 21 y. Also of William Stanley father of the above Charles who d. 18th November 1851 aged 55 y. Also of Ann the wife of William Stanley who d. the 11th March 1859 aged 55 y.
Weep not for us our children dear,
We must lie here till Christ appear,
And at his coming hope to have
A joyful rising from the grave.
Also Mary the wife of Thomas Stanley of Cross Keys Inn, Tebay, and da.-in-law of the above who d. June 27th 1872 aged 41 y. Also of the above-named Thomas Stanley of Cross Keys Inn, Tebay, who d. at the Force, Sedgwick, 8th April 1876 aged 45 y.

(N). i.h.s. In a. r. James Stephenson of Low Borrow Bridge who d. l. April 26th 1883 aged 49 y.

(N. cross). In m. William Hamilton son of William Ridley and Helena Stephenson, Town Head Terrace, Orton. B. 27th Jan. D. 4th March 1879, and Emmanuel George also son of the above B. 16th March 1880 D. 11th Feb. 1881.

(N). i.h.s. James Stubbs d. April 1st 1837 aged 77 y. Betty his Wife d. July 26th 1843 aged 77 y. Thomas youngest son of the above d. December 26th 1879 aged 70 y. James son of Thomas Stubbs d. March 30th 1863 aged 24 y.

(N.) In m. John Stubbs who d. 18th Jan. 1862 aged 84 and Agnes his Wife who d. 1st Dec. 1856 aged 71 and John their Son who d. at Masongill 11th Jan. 1843 aged 32 and George their son who d. at West Ward in Cumberland April 16th 1871 aged 59 & Agnes their da. who d. at Liverpool Nov. 25th 1843 aged 26. And John Thompson Stubbs their Grandson d. at Ellergill Jan. 2nd 1854 aged 4.

(S). In m. Susannah Swift who d. l. on the 24th day of November 1831 aged 81. " The righteous hath hope in his death."

(N. cross). I.H.S. In m. Robert Taylor of the Holes, Orton, who d. April 18th 1870 aged 63 y. Also Mary his wife who d. Decr. 27th 1880 aged 69 y.

(N. wall) S. m. Manasseh Taylor who d. l. March 7th 1803 aged 74 y. Also Elizabeth Taylor, Wife of the above who d. l. Febry. 13th 1814 aged 79 y.

(N). In a. r. Ellen da. of John & Hannah Theobald of Orton who d. Sep. 2nd 1878 aged 17 y, Also of Bryan their Son who d. Nov. 12th 1864 aged 2 & 1/2 y. Thy will be done.

(N). In m. William Thompson, yeoman, late of Keld who d. at Appleby Novr. 4th 1857 aged 66 y. Also Agnes his wife who d. at Orton Febry. 19th 1874 aged 83 y. Also Mary Ann their da. who d. at Appleby Decr. 7th 1855 aged 23 y. Also Frances Milner their da. who d. at Manchester June 25th 1859 aged 25 y. Also Mary Ann Fanny Milner their grand-da. who d. at Manchester Octr. 28th 1859 aged 18 weeks. Also of Thomas son of the above who d. at Manchester 14th November 1879 aged 44 y. His end was peace.

(S). In m. Thomas Thornborrow of Chapel, Yeoman, who d. on the 11th of May 1803 aged 69 y. Mary his wife d. May 7th 1810 aged 72 y. Leonard their son d. Octr. 9th 1791 aged 25 y. Also Agnes Thornborrow Holme da. of Marmaduke and Mary Holme of Chapel who d. on the 21st Novr. 1847 aged 36 y. whose bodies remain here waiting for the Resn. of the last day. Also of Marmaduke Holme of Chapel who d. January 30th 1852 aged 73 y. And of Mary his wife who d. l. December 21st 1852 aged 69 y. William A. Holme d. 6th Decr. 1859 aged 38.

(N). In a. r. Robert Tyson of Orton who d. August 29th 1878 aged 81 y. Also Martha his wife who d. September 29th 1883 aged 81 y. Also Ann da. of the above who d. March 21st 1847 aged 16 y. Also Robert son of the above who d. March 23rd 1883 aged 57 y. Also Martha Ann da. of Robert and Catherine Tyson who d. in infancy.

(E. altar tomb). In m. the Revd. Anthony Ward, Vicar of Eastrington in the East Riding of Yorkshire and son of Thos. and Eliza Ward of Orton. He d. at Eastrington Oct. 26th A.D. 1840 aged 52 and at his own request was interred here; he was a man of meek and kind disposition, a pious and sound divine. Mary Ward his widow and eldest da. of the Reverend Robert Milner, Vicar of Orton d. the 25th September 1854 and was buried here aged 62.

(E). In m. Elizabeth Wife of Tho. Ward of Orton who d. 17th July 1812 aged 48. Also of the above-mentioned Tho. Ward of Orton Town Head, Farmer, who d. 13th of March 1820 aged 61. E. W. T. W.

(N. altar tomb and brass). In m. John Wardale of Orton and Margaret his Wife da. of Robert Sharp of Rayne and of their Children, John who d. Augst. 1st 1723 aged 22. The Revd. Robert Wardale, M.A. Prebendary of Carlisle, Vicar of Brampton in Cumberland, and of Corbridge in Northumberland who d. April 3rd 1773 aged 68. And Frances who d. Decr. 1st 1781 aged 78, and who by her Will gave Twenty pounds to the Poor of this Parish and Four Hundred Pounds towards the endowment of a school at Orton.
(On the stone). Frances Wife of Robert Sharp d. l. July ye 8th 1732 aged (? 80).

(N). In a. r. Frances Elizabeth only da. of William and Agnes Watters of Raisbeck who d. 15th Febry. 1880 aged 13 y.

(N. cross). i.h.s. In m. John Watson the beloved son of John O and Ruth Watson of Kelleth who d. Feb. 24th 1881 aged 15 y. Also of John Oriend Watson father of the above who d. Oct. 17, 1888 aged 46 y. " For they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb."

(N. Bust). Thy will be done. In m. Hannah wife of John Waugh of High Scales who d. Junc 13th 1854 aged 64 y. Also of Hannah Maria da. of John & Hannah Sisson of Tebay and grand-da. of the above, who d. Oct. 9th 1872 aged 5 m. Also of the above-named John Waugh who d. 13th November 1880 aged 84 y. Also of Anne Sisson grand-da. of the above, who d. 8th August l878 aged 22y.

(N). In m. John West of Tebay who d. March 23rd 1872 aged 75 y. Also of Ann West, Wife of the above who d. November 16th 1868 aged 74 y. " Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh." T. W. M. W.

(N). Erected in a. r. James Wharton who d. Decr. 31st 1876 aged 41 y. by his nephew John Wi1liam Stephenson. In the midst of life we are in death.

(N). + i.h.s. In l. r. James Philip fourth son of Thomas & Margaret Smiley Wharton of the Green who d. 26th July 1879 aged 6 m. " With Christ which is far better."

(S). In m. John Wharton of Sunbegin, Yeoman, d. February 26th 1851 aged 87 y. Mary his Wife d. March 13th 1817 - 43. Also of their Children, viz: Lancelot Wharton d. Decr. 23rd 1851 aged 57. Rowland Wharton Aprl. 21St 1819 - 22. Thomas Wharton Mar. 6th 1816 - 16. John Wharton Feby.24th 1858-57. William Wharton July 28th 1804 in infancy. James Wharton Feby. 6th 1864 aged 58. Robert Wharton (blank) 22nd 1861 - 52. Ann Wharton Jany. 8th 1815-3. Thy will be done.

(In. E. window). In m. Robert Wharton of Orton late of Sunbegin who d. February 22, 1861 aged 52 y. This window was presented by Barbara his widow.

(N). In m. Robert Wharton of Orton late of Sunbegin who d. the 22nd day of February 1861 aged 52 y. " May he rest in peace."

(N). In m. Robert Wharton of Low Chapel, Orton who d. November 28th 1868 aged 65 y. Jane his Wife who d. August 17th 1857 aged 59 y. It was good for me that I was afflicted.

(N). This Stone is erected to m. John Whinfield of Raisbeck who d. l. the 22nd day of August 1821 aged 72. Also of Isabe1la his Wife who d. l. on the 22nd day of May 1835 aged 83 y.

(N). S. m. William Whinfield of Raisbeck, yeoman, who d. August the 7th 1864 aged 75 y. Also of Isabella his widow who d. November 23rd 1866 aged 75 y.

(S). In m. George Whitehead of Ellergill who d. l. April 26th 1835 aged 64 y. and Isabel his Da. who d. 1. December 27th 1798 aged 2 y. And of Hannah his wife who d. at Ellergill Septr. 18th 1859 aged 82 y. (Other side). S. m. William Whitehead of Ellergill who d. l. July 15th 1827 aged 85 y. and Isabella his wife who d. 1. October 21st 1832 aged 86 y.

(S). S. m. Hannah wife of William Whitehead of Kelleth who d. April 27th 1870 aged 53 y. " Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

(S). In m. James Whitehead of Appleby, formerly of Raisbeck, who d. 19th December 1861 aged 68 y. and Agnes his wife who d. 12th July 1852 aged 51 y. Also of Robert Atkinson their second son who d. 1st June 1841 aged 9 y. and Agnes their second da. who d. 31st October 1841 aged 14 y.

(S). Memento Mori. S. m. the Rev. John Atkinson Whitehead, M.A., perpetual curate of Thrimby and son of Mr. Robert Whitehead of Kelleth in this parish obiit 12 September 1857 �tatis su� 40. Also to m. the above-named Robert Whitehead who d. March 12th 1864 aged 87 y. And of Jane his wife who d. April 6th 1821 aged 43 y. and Jane their da. d. January 15th 1886 aged 79 y.

(E). In m. John Whitehead of Orton who d. 8th Sept. 1876 aged 77 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. 20th July 1854 aged 53 y. Also of their children John d. 1st March 1826 aged 16 weeks. Isabella d. 16th March 1837 aged 12 weeks. Maria d. 31st Decr. 1849 aged 19 y. William d. 2ndAugust 1868 aged 29 y. John d. 9th Septr. 1878 aged 44 y.

(S). S. m. Mary the beloved wife of Edmund Whitehead of Raisbeck who d. June 20th 1855 aged 77 y. Also of the above-named Edmund Whitehead who d. Sept. 12th. 1865 aged 85 y.

(N). Resurgam. In m. Betty Whiteside of Bull Flatt who d. January 26th A.D. 1837 aged 41 y.
Farewell dear Friends, adieu, adieu!
Don't mourn & weep for me,
I hope with joy at the last day
My Saviour's face to see.
I little thought when in my health
That I so soon should be
Severed from my husband dear
And children lov'd by me.
Oh! think on Death when this you see
To Wisdom's ways take heed,
Look to the Lord thro' faith in Christ
And gain the Victory.

(S). i.h.s. S. m. Henry and Isabel Whiteside of Raisbeck and their deceased Children Henry Whiteside d. March 5th 1877 aged 83 y. Isabel Whiteside d. Sep. 11th 1860 aged 67 y. Joseph Whiteside d. April 15th 1883 aged 65 y. Nanny Cowperthwaite d. May 21st 1878 aged 56 y. Bowness Whiteside d. May 26th 1878 aged 51 y.

(N). In a. r. Joseph Whiteside of Orton who d. I. May 11th 1865 aged 41 y. � Man that is born of a Woman Is of few days And full of trouble."

(N). In a. r. Joseph Whiteside of Orton who d. 14th March 1870 aged 79 y.

(N). Erected to m. Thomas Whitfield, stonemason, yeomam, who d. at Bracken Hill in this parish Jan. 24 A.D. 1845 aged 60 y. Also of Peggy his Wife da. of John Whinfield of Raisbeck who d. March 7th 1860 aged 76 y.

(N). In a. r. Betsy the Wife of Isaac Willan of Orton Who d. January ISt 1882 aged 52 y. also John Atkinson son of the above who d. May 26th 1851 aged 1 y. also Robert who d. Feb. 28th 1859 aged 2 y. Also Janet da. of the above Who d. in infancy. Also of the above Isaac Willan of Mount Cottage, Orton, who d. Dec. 24, 1886 aged 67 y. .

(S). In a. r. Elizabeth the Wife of Thomas Willan of Mount Cottage, Orton, Who d. 29th April 1876 in the 71st y. of her age. Also of the above Thomas Willan who d. 25th June 1878 aged 72 y.

(N). I.H.S. In m. Jane da. of John and Mary Williamson of Tebay who d. Sept. ISt 1873 aged 9 y. Also of the above-named John Williamson who d. 26th April 1875 aged 41.

(N). In m. Anthony Wilson who d. May 2nd 1868 aged 79 y. Also of Margaret His Wife who d. 21St Nov. 1881 aged 74 y.

(N). In m. John Wilson of Park, Orton who d. May 11th 1868 aged 84 also Isabella his wife Who d. Sep. Ist 1858 aged 78 and Richard their Son who d. April 19th 1873 aged 50.

(W). In m. John Wilson of Lemesbridge and Lowlane, Yeoman, who d. 25th Nov. 1870 aged 96 y. And of Elizabeth his wife who d. 16th April 1867 aged 79 y.

(S). S. m. Richard Wilson of High Flakebridge who d. I. December 2nd 1835 aged 69Y. Also of his da. Eleanor Wilson of Coatgill who d. I. November I4th 1846 aged 28 y. Also of his wife Eleanor Wilson of Orton who d.1. July 30th 1866 aged 82 y.

(W). S. m. Robert Wilson of Cocklake, yeoman, who d. I. May 20th A.D. 1811 aged 80 y. Also Alice his wife who d. I. May 8th 1811 aged 86 y. John Wilson, yeoman, Son of the above who d. Jan. 10, 1834 aged 76 y. and Mary his wife d. October 1833 aged 66 y.

(N). S. m. Robert Wilson of Hawkrigg in the Township of Hutton-i-th'-Hay and Parish of Kendal who d. on the 21st day of March 1861 aged 29 y. And at his own request was interred here. " The memory of the just is blessed."

(In. N). In m. Robert Wilson of Town Head House, Orton who d. d. December 26th 1866 aged 66 y. Also of Sarah his wife who d. July ISt 1854 aged 56 y.

(N). In a. r. Sergt. Robert Wilson (H. M.. 16th Lancers) who d. at the Schoolhouse, Tebay Nov. 9th 1876 aged 70 y.

(N). In m. Sarah wife of Robert Wilson of Townhead who d. July ISt 1824 aged 56. Also the above-named Robert Wilson who d. Dec. 26th 1866 aged 66 y.

(N). In a. r. Thomas Wilson of Green Holme, for upwards of twenty y. a Marine in the Royal Navy who d. 23rd July 1879 aged 48 y.

(N). I.H.S. Thy will be done. In m. William Wilson of Long Gills, Orton who d. March 9th 1871 aged 80 and Agnes his wife who d. Novr.. 17th 1871 aged 71.

(N). In m. William Wilson, Blue Slater, of Orton who d. August ISt 1873 aged 77 y. Also Janet his wife who d. March 19th 1873 aged 75 y. and Michael their son who d. May 16th 1849 aged 20 y. also of Marian wife of Jeremiah Wilson and da.-in-law of the above William and Janet Wilson who d. 3rd August 1877 aged 47 y.

(N). i.h.s. In. a. r. William Wilson, Sculptor, Orton, who d. 20th April 1877 aged 37 y.

(N). In m. George and Elizabeth Winder of Orton and their children. George Winder d. the I6th of Jany. 1846 aged 76 y. Elizabeth Winder his wife da. of Mr. Robert Wilson ot High Scales d. the 17th of June 1835 aged 52 y. George Winder their son d. the 7th of September 1831 aged 23 y. Robert Winder their son d. Novr. 26lh 1833 aged 19 y. Joseph Winder, yeoman, their third and youngest son d. at Bolton-le-moors May 4th 1859 in the 42 y. of his age and was interred here; also in m. Elizabeth Winder da. of John Whinfield of Raisbeck and widow of George Winder senior who d. March 28th 1868 aged 75.