Warcop, Westmorland Monumental Inscriptions
The following Monumental Inscriptions for the parish of
Warcop, Westmorland,
are those recorded by Edward Bellasis in his "Westmorland Church Notes", and published in 1888. They were scanned and made available for the Internet by Sarah Reveley and her team of volunteers. With many thanks to all those who were involved in this project.


* Warcop was visited by J. H. Crump and E. Bellasis, 18 August, 1886. "In this churchyard are 2 headstones, 3 altar tombs, and a flat slab, all to S. or E. of church, the inscriptions on which are quite illegible. Also on the S. side a recumbent female figure in stone, wearing a wimple, the hands clasped, locally called "the old lady of Warcop," probably part of an old intramural monument. {Mr. Crump). Hilton Porch�"There's no Monument in it more than a very large Blew Through Stone (as they call it), which has had some plates of Brass upon it. But all that's gone." Bp. Nic. Visit., 1703. The Rev. C. M. Preston the vicar, and the Rev. C. B. Norcliffe have most kindly gone over the MS. of this section. One inscription to the S. read thus much only "Warcop died . . . 1770 in the 55 Y. . . . Age."

(W). In m. John Abram who d. Novr. 27th 1852 �: 77 y. Also Isabella his wife who d. Decr. 13th 1842 �: 67 y. They shall lie down alike in the dust and the worms shall cover them. Also Mary da. of the above and the beloved wife of John Lonstaff who d. June 27th 1872 aged 57 y.

(W. rail). S. m. Thomas Abram of Loading near Kirkby Stephen and for some time residing near Toronto, Upper Canada, in America who d. April 20th 1845 aged 36 y.
Thus all our years will pass away
Our troubles be forgot.
Man's life is but a fleeting day
Eternity his future lot.
Also Isabella Abram, wife of the above and da. of John & Mary Atkinson of Mill Hill near Warcop. She d. at Old Spital Febry. 5th 1846 aged 43 y.
And is she gone whom we so dearly loved
Whose tender kindness we so often proved
Yes she's gone her happy spirit's fled
And now she's number'd with the silent dead.
Also of John Atkinson formerly of Mill Hill. He d. at Old Spital Decr. 27th 1854 aged 76 y.

(E.) In m. William Addison who d. Novr. 8th 1834 �. 68 y. Also Elizabeth his wife d. May 21st 1851 �. 75 y. David Patterson their Grandson d. Feb. 12, 1835 �. 1 m. Also David Patterson of Copland Beck who d. April 7th 1867 aged 67 y. Elizabeth Addison his wife d. April 6th 1860 aged 52 y. Margaret their Da. d. at Ancanra in America Oct. 20, 1854 aged 22 y.

(N.) In a. r. Robert Allonbyof Warcop who d. June 19th 1883 aged 70 y.

(N.) In a. r. Jane the beloved wife of Lancelot Atkinson of Warcop who d. on the 31st December 1880 aged 64 y.

(S.) Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. In m. Matthew Atkinson of Bleatarn who d. at Sideway Bank April 2nd 1833 aged 76. Also Mary his wife who d. Janry. 24th 1832 aged 76. Matthew their son who d. August 20, 1835 aged 38, likewise Robert their son, of Warcop who March 14th 1841 aged 42. Mary his wife d. Febry. 1st 1856 aged 73. Also William Atkinson of Warcop who d. May 7th 1856 aged 77 y. Ann his wife d. March 29th 1853 aged 71 y.

(S.) In m. Mary the beloved wife of W. I. Atkinson of Old Spittle, Bowes, who was b. at Liscal, Mungrisdale, Cumberland, on the 11th of November 1817, d. on the 31st of October 1861 aged 43 y.
Merit none I call my own
But my demerits vast;
Think of the merits of thy Son
What He has suffered, He has done,
And I am sav'd at last.
Also of the above named William Ion Atkinson who was b. at Mill Hill near Warcop, Westmorland, on the 19th January 1811 and d. August 8th 1873 aged 62 y.
Let us be weaned from all Below,
Let Hope our Grief Expell,
While Death Invites our Souls to go
Where our Best Kindred Dwell.

(S. altar tomb). S. m. William Atkinson, Surgeon, who d. L. the 11 Day of December 1743 in the 66 (69 ?) y. of his age and lies here interred. Mortem meditate. (Thigh bone).

(S.) � In hope of the mercy of God through Jesus. � here rests the body of Richard Balmer who in doing his duty was suddenly called hence on the 15th of March 1801 aged 18 y. "Watch for ye know not the hour."

(S). Robert Banks of Sandford who d. Novr. 10th 1762 aged 36 y. Dorothy his wife who d. April 25th 1807 aged 84 y. Also Thomas Banks who d. March 18, 1838 aged 81 y. Margaret his wife d. June 23, 1808 �: 42 y. Also Dorothy Bradley B. May 6th 1788, D. January 21st 1875.

(E.) S. m. Thomas Bland of Black Sike who d. July l0th 1859 aged 69 y. Also of Isabella Bland his wife who d. September 12th 1870 aged 77 y. And of Hannah Bland his sister who d. March 12th 1863 aged 69 y.

(S.) I.H.S. In m. Thomas Bowman who d. at Burtergill April 30, 1842, �: 46. Also of Ann his wife, d. Jan. xi 1851, �: 53 y. � Thomas their son d. Apl. 9, 1850 �: 27.

(W.) Here lieth the Body of George Braithwaite of Warcop who d. Jany. 5th 1857 aged 71 y. Also of Ann his wife who d. September 18th 1882 aged 95 y.
(In. N. window). � In m. Thomas Braithwaite, gent., son of George & Isabella Braithwaite of Warcop, ob: March 11,1788 �t: 65. � Also Isabel his wife ob: June 15th 1814 �t:74. � Also their daus. � Elizabeth ob: Aug: 29, 1785 �t: 13. � Jane ob: Sept: 28, 1786 �t: 9. � Mary ob: April 9, 1804 �t: 28. � Ann ob: May 15, 1813 �t: 39. � Isabella ob: May 23, 1845 �t: 74.

(S.) S. m. Thomas Coats Braithwaite Son of Robert and Elizabeth Braithwaite of Warcop, who d. l. April 9th 1833 aged 22 y. Elizabeth Braithwaite d. August 24th 1848 �: 67 y. Also Robert Braithwaite who d. Septr, 21st 1855 aged 81 y.

(In. N .) In. m. Thomas Brathwaite Gent: Son of George and Isabella Brathwaite of Warcop, obiit March 11, 1788 �t: 65. Also Isabel his wife obiit June 15th 1814 �tat: 74. Also his Daus. Elizabeth ob: Aug: 29. 1785 �t: 13. Jane ob: Sept: 28, 1786 �t: 9. Mary ob: April 9, 1804 �t: 28. Ann ob: May 15, 1813 �t: 39. Arms, gu. on chevron ar.3 cross crosslets fitch�es sa. Crest, Greyhound couchant. Motto, Cum spe et metu, (Braithwaite).

(Chancel S.) . . . Park, da. of Thos. Brathwait d. May 19, 1845 aged 74. ("She was buried in a vault on the S. side of the chancel, as was also her husband Geo: Park gent. She was dr. of Capt. Braithwait. the last resident of the former Lords of Warcop. ") Hill MSS. 7 447.

(S.) In m. Thomas Brass late of Mearbank in this Parish who d. at Ingleton in the Co: of Durham August 25th 1862 aged 80 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. July 17th 1828 aged 41 y. William their eldest son d. Febry. 21st 1824 aged 8 y. George their second son d. April 16, 1823 aged 6 y. Also Jane their third da. d. Jany. 6th 1847 aged 23 y.
The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when he sleeps in dust.

(In. N.) James Wilkinson Breeks, b. at Warcop March 5, 1830 d. at Ootocamund, India, June 6, 1872. "Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many thigs," Matt: xxv, 21. In m. an honoured public servant and of a loved and valued friend this monument has been erected by members of the Madras civil service.

(In. brass under W. window). To the Glory of God & in l. m. Margaret Sarah, Da. of Richard Breeks of Warcop & the Beloved Wife of Capt: D. Thompson, R.E., who d. at Ha1ligauh, India, Sep: 3, 1864, aged 24. Erected by her husband.

(E. altar tomb). In M. Richard Breeks of Warcop Obiit April 20th 1802 �: 81. Also Margaret his wife Obiit Septr. 15th 1790 �: 63. Their Sons and Daus., Thomas Obt. Septr. 24th 1752 � 6 m. Edward Obt. Feby. 23rd 1760 �: 2 y. Eleanor Obt. April 28th 1766 �: 1 y. Also Richard Son of the above Richard and Margaret Dreeks Obiit Decr. 26th 1826 �: 77. Also Mary his wife Obiit March 30th 1830 �: 71. Richard Son of the above Richard and Mary Breeks d. July 24th 1849 �: 50. John Son of the said Richard Breeks d. Decr. 5th 1838 �: 4 y. (sic). Also Richard Breeks of the Madras Civil Service son of the above d. at Trichinopoly East India Feby. 19th 1852 aged 23 y. What is your life, it is even a vapour that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. James 4 ch., 14 v. Also Elizabeth wife of the above Richard Breeks d. May 28, 1879 aged 71 |y. In the Lord put I my trust. Arms, (above) az.3 garbs, on chief, dragon's head erased between 2 billets. Crest, dragon's head couped.

(In. brass under W. window). � To the Glory of God & in 1. m. Richard Breeks of Warcop who d. July 24th 1849, & of his children who d. in India, Richard at Trichinopoly Feb: 19th 1852, aged 23, Margaret Sarah at Ha1ligauh Sep: 3, 1864 aged 24.

(N.) S. m. Joseph Brown who d. l. December 15th 1881 aged 85 y. For seventy y. a valued servant and friend in the family of Mrs. Breeks of Warcop.

(S). In m. David Byers of Wheat Sheaf who d. l. Dec: 30, 1833, aged 57. Also Rebecca Byers his Mother who d. March 27, 1840 aged 96. Also of Hannah his wife who d. 11th July 1867 aged 80 y.

(S.) S. m. John Byers of Street house who d. Febry. 3d 1839 aged 65 y.

(S.) � In m. John Campbell late of Warcop Tower who d. April 15th 1844 aged 55 y. Also James Campbell who d. August 24th 1854 aged 47 y. Also Thomas Campbell of Warcop Tower who d. April 14th 1858 aged 64Y. George Campbell d. January 16th 1860 aged 60 y. Henry Campbell d. February 26th 1861 aged 64 y. Also of their only surviving sister Mary Winter, relict of Isaac Winter, who d. 13th June 1871 aged 67 y. Also of Robert Campbell of Battlebarrow Appleby who d. August 11th 1873 aged 65 [?] y.

(N.) S. m. Braithwaite Chamley Captain in H. M. 17th Lancers Eldest son of Matthew Chamley Esq: of Warcop House, who d. May 11th 1865 one week after landing with his regiment from India aged 30 y. "Not my will but thine be done," Luke 22 ch: 42 verse. Also of Matthew Chamley Esq : who d. April 4th 1866 aged 61 y. and Agnes his wife who d. June 7th 1866 aged 61 y. "Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh." Matt: 24 ch: 44 verse.

(N.) Braithwaite Parker Chamley aged 7 m. I shall go to him but he will not return to me.

(In. S. transept, E. window of 3 lights). (1). In l. m. Matthew Chamley Esq: of Warcop House, d. April 4, 1866 aged 61. (2). In l. m. Braithwaite Chamley, Captn. 17th Lancers, b. May 12, 1835, d. May 11, 1865. (3). In l. m. Agnes Chamley of Warcop House, d. June 7, 1866 aged 61.

(S.) S. m. John Clark of Warcop who d.l. Septr. 3rd 1815 aged 49 y. Also Mary his wife who d. March 11th 1831 aged 58 y. Also Mary his Da. Septr. 21st 1802 Aged 3 y. Also Martha his Da. March 28th 1802 aged 3 y. Also Margaret his Da. who d. August 18th 1810 aged 17 y. (West side of stone). Also of Joseph Clark d. April 20th 1865 aged 69 y. Also of Ann wife of the above named Joseph Clark who d. July 11th 1868 aged 64 y. George Clark the son of Joseph and Ann Clark who d. Dec: 15th 1847 aged 11 y.

(W.) In m. Samuel Clark who d. at Kendal-June 1st 1845 aged43 y. And was interred in Holy Trinity Churchyard. Also of Elizabeth his wife who d. at Bleatarn Sept: 21st 1878 aged 76 y. and was interred here. Precious in the sight of the Lord are the Death (sic) of his saints. Ps: cxvi, xv.

(W.) In m. Eleanor wife of the late William Dalton of Bankend who d. Janry. 15th 1859 aged 79 y. Also Waller Dalton their Son who d. May 1st 1843 aged 22 y. Also of Sarah Waller Hall their Da. who d. at Crosby Garrett May 21st 1876 aged 60 y.

(S.) In a. r. Joseph Dobinson of Warcop who d. June 9th 1871 aged 91 y. Also of Nancy his beloved wife who d. June 9th 1859 aged 63 y., and of their daus. Hannah who d. March 9th 1862 aged 43 y. Mary who d. August 15th 1853 aged 23 y. and Isabella who d. Sep: 25th 1860 aged 26 y. "All flesh is as grass."

(W.) In m. Thomas son of Thomas and Mary Ewin of New Hall who d. Septr. 23rd 1845 aged 20 y. Also Margaret their da. who d. at Sandford Field May 11th 1862 aged 25 y. Also of the above Mary Ewin who d. Jany. 1st 1876 aged 85 y. Also of the above Thomas Ewin who d. at Sandford Fields November 29th 1879 aged 93 y.

"There were only 2 windows in Warcop church which had stained glass in Mr. Machell's time, one next the porch having ar.3 stirrups which I think was very likely put up by ye Fairers of Warcop Tower. " Hill MSS. 7. p. 448.

(E.) Erected Jany. 10th 1857 In m. Nanny Fairer wife of William Fairer of Warcop who d. March 4th 1812 aged 31 y. Also of John Jessett Fairer his son, corporal in H.M. 14th Light Dragoons who d. at Urmo-Suddoo, on March from Ferozopore to Lahore. East India, Augst. 18th 1848 aged 25 y. In the midst of Life we are in Death. Also William Fairer above named who d. December 31st 1859 aged 69 y. And Mary his relict who d. Novr. 24th 1860 aged 64 y. Thy will be done.

(S. cross). In m. James Fawcett of Sandford who d. Sept: 17, 1853 Aged 72 y. Agnes Fawcett his wife who d. Novr, 29, 1868, aged 83 y. Because I live ye shall live also. St. John xiv, 19. Thomas Thornburrow Fawcett their son d. Decr. 2, 1850 Aged 39 Y.

(S.) In m. John Fawcett of Sandford who d. March 21st 1861 Aged 74 y. Also John his son who d. Septr. 5th 1863 aged 32 y. Also Elizabeth, wife of the. above John Fawcett Senr. who d. at Sandford Septr. 4th 1869 aged 65 y. Also Elizabeth wife of John Fawcett Junr. who d. Oct: 11th 1870 aged 36 y. "Thy will be done."

(S.) In m. William Fawcett of Sandford who departed this transitory Life November the 30th 1790 Aged 80. Also Margaret his wife who d. January the 14th 1813 Aged 88. Also Richard his Son who d. In prime of Life November the 18th 1794 Aged 37. Also Robert their Son who d. Nov: 22nd 1831 Aged 76.

(S.) In m. William Fawcett of Sandford who d. l. March 22nd 1834 aged 80 y. Also Mary his wife who d. April 11th 1834 aged 78 y.
Sudden from off this tiresome stage he fled.
One day in health. the next among the dead,
The stroke surprising, to a carnal Eye,
Tho' not to one that's well prepar'd to die;
But she was long affliction's weary child,
Her hope was firm, her resignation mild.

(S.) S. m. William Fawcett second Son of William and Mary Fawcett of Sandford who d. Decr. 1st 1848, aged 66 y. For many y. resident in London engaged in mercantile affairs in which he was favored by Providence, "That Power" (sic) which also blessed him with a feeling heart, integrity, and worth. By his widow, surviving relatives and a large circle of friends his Memory will be long and deservedly revered. "All flesh is grass. " Ann Fawcett Relict of the above William Fawcett. b. 16th Sept: 1792 d. 11th July 1876 aged 83 y. Interred at Warcop July 15th.

(S). I.H.S. In m. Richard youngest son of John and Margaret Fothergill of Warcop who d. July 7th 1876 aged 23 y. Also James third son of the above who d. April 6th 1877 aged 37 y.

(S). S. m. Margaret wife of Robert Gibson of Bland Swath who d. January 28, 1822 aged 68. Also Robert Gibson who d. November 13,1835 aged 82.

(S). In m. Mary the beloved wife of John Gregson of Warcop who d. April 23, 1863 aged 71 y. Also of the abovenamed John Gregson who d. January 23rd 1874 aged 86 y., and of John their Son who d. March 12th 1873 aged 57 y. Also of Alice the beloved wife of William Collinson and da. to the above who d. September 20th 1880 aged 49 y.

(S.) In m. Nicholas Gregson who d. March 17th 1812 aged 56* y. Also of Mary his wife who d. Jany. 31st 1824 aged 68 y. Also Hannah their da. d. May 18th 1789 aged 5 y. Alice their da. d. Oct. 20th. 1854 aged 65 y, Also Frances their da. d. Novr. 11th 1855 aged 76 y. Also Margaret their da. d. May 31st 1863 aged 69 y.
* The Register calls him 58, and his wife 66. C.B.N.
(N.) I am the Resurrection & the Life. In m. James Hall who d. at Sandford Hall May xith 1882 aged 74 y. Also of Eleanor his wife who d. Febry. 21st 1878 aged 68 y. Also their da. Jane Toppin Hall. d. April 4th 1868 aged 29 y. Rebecca Hall d. 7th Decr. 1841 aged 5 y. Mary Hall d. 7th Dec: 1841 an infant.

(W.) In m. John Hamilton of Sandford who d. February 15th 1858 Aged 59 y. Also Jane his sister and wife of William Dixon of Sandford who d. May 29th 1847 aged 51 y. Also William Dixon who d. June 1, 1860 Aged 67 y.

(S). S. m. Annis Harrison wife of Anthony Harrison of Brough who d. December 8th 1840 aged 35 y. Also of their Son John Harrison who d. June 9th 1834 aged 5 y. Also of their son Hugh Harrison who d. February 28th 1841 aged 5 y. and of a second son John Harrison who d. May 26th 1841 aged 7 y. "Suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God." Anthony Harrison d. April 26th 1849 �t. 56 y.

(S). � In m. the Rev. Braithwaite Harrison M.A. son of Thomas and Isabella Harrison of Appleby late of Sandford who d. Septr. 7th 1855 aged 32 y. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of Matthew Harrison who d. July 11th 1830 aged 4 y. William Harrison d. March 25th 1832 aged 8 y. Matthew Harrison d. May 11th 1841 aged 9 y. William Harrison d. Oct. 29th 1845 aged 12 y.

(S). S. m. George Harrison who d. Novr. 20th 1799 Aged 4 m. Ann Harrison who d. Octr. 5th 1816 Aged 21 Y. Matthew Harrison who d. June 18th 1817 Aged 20 Y. William Harrison who d. July 29th 1817 Aged 30 Y. Elizabeth Atkinson who d. Sep. 24th 1822 Aged 39 Y.

(S). Erected in m. John Harrison of Burtergill who d. July 16, 1836 aged 74, Dorothy his wife d. Octr. 29, 1817 aged 57. Also Susanna wife of Atkinson Harrison who d. May 5, 1856 aged 53. James their son d. Nov. 7,1839 � 2 y. (sic). Thomas their son d. April 27, 1841 �: 5 m. Also of the said Atkinson Harrison who d. April 5th 1872 aged 82 y.

(S). S. m. Thomas Harrison of Ivy House, Appleby, who d. May 21st 1858 aged 73 y. Also Isabella Harrison his wife who d. Jany. 22,1866 aged 69 y.* Thomas Harrison their son d. Jany. 11th 1865 aged 34 y. Anne Harrison their da. who d. August 13th 1868 aged 24 y. and of Hugh Harrison their son who d. July 11th 1870 aged 48 y.
* 68 in Par. Reg. (C. B.N.)

(S). In m. Thomas Harrison of Sandford who d. l. January 17th 1783 aged 64. Also Elizabeth his wife who d. June 24th 1810 aged 79. Also Hugh their Son who d. Nov. 2nd 1810 aged 59. Also Jane Harrison his Wife who d. Jany. 15th 1831 aged 70.

S. m. John Harrison of Moorhouse d. March 23, 1846 aged 58. And of Elizabeth his wife who d. Septr 12,1848 aged 56. (Per Rev. C. B. Norcliffe).

(Burton Hall pew). C. H. 1723 (i.e., Christopher Hilton). Hill MSS., 7, 447.

(S. altar tomb). Here lieth the Body of Margaret Wife of Thomas Huck who d. May l0th .1735 aged 47 (? 44). Also the Body of Thomas Huck who d. January the 21st 1778 aged 87 y.

(S). � In m. Thomas Jackson of Bank End who d. Feb. 8th 1864 aged 61 y. Also of Ann his wife who d. May 8th 1876 aged 67 y. and of Robert their Son who d. at Victoria, Australia, Jany. 30th 1852 aged 9 y. Also James their Son who d. Jany. 4th 1853 aged 8 y. and Mary their da. who d. May l0th 1854 aged 3 y. Also John Jackson brother of the above Thomas Jackson who d. at Bank End April 4th 1876 aged 66 y. In the midst of life we are in death.

(E). The grass withereth, the flower fadeth. In m. Joseph Kersey of Sandford who d. Novr. 24th 1859 aged 62 y. Also of John Kersey of Dike Mook who d. August 25th 1851 aged 61 y. Margaret Kersey d. Decr. 3rd 1875 aged 71 y.

(N). I lay me down and rest. � In m. Ann Lamb late of Sandford b. April 22nd 1793 d. April 30th 1879. Rest in peace.

(S). S. m. James Lamb of Sandford Low Green Obt. 8th Octr. 1805 Aged 72. Also of Isabella his Wife Obt. 22nd March 1806 Aged 62. Also Edward Lamb who d. April 3rd 1840 aged 63 y. James Lamb d. January 4th 1866 aged 68 y.

(S). In m. Robert Lambert of Burtergill who d. Decr. 1st 1875 aged 73 y. Also Alice his Wife who d. July 16th 1878 aged 80 y.

(E). In m. Thomas Lambert of Coat House who d. November 29, 1839 aged 74Y. Elizabeth his Wife who d. February 18,1825 aged 56 y. Lucy their Da. who d. an infant. James their Son who d. an infant. John their Son who d. February 7, 1813 aged 18 y. Richard their Son who d.an infant. Thomas their Son who d. November 6, 1818, aged 29 y. George their Son who d. May 16, 1833 aged 24 y.

(S). In m. Bridget the wife of Richard Loadman of Little Musgrave who d. Feby. 2nd l839 aged 63 y. Richard the son of William Loadman of Lowrutter who d. March 11th 1822 aged 3 m. Henry the son of Thomas Loadman of Ploughlands who d. May 26th 1837 aged 7 y.

(E). � S. m. Christopher Moss of Warcop who d. March 26th 1864 aged 80 y. � Also of Margaret his wife who d. August 28, 1864 aged 84. "We bring our years to an end like a tale that is told."�Psalm 20th, verse 9th.

(S). In m. Henry Moss who d. l. on the 12th Day of March 1855 (? 1853) aged 80 y. (Buried March 18, 1853. Par. Reg. The M. I. says 1855.) C.B.N.

"These 3 arms were in a window of Warcop Church on ye S. side near ye porch, ye window had 3 lights I fancy, and was a large one. " A cherub full face over each shield. I az. 6 anuulets or 3, 2, 1 (Musgrave). II. sa. 3 covered cups ar. (Warcop) impaling sa. 3 hawks belled and jessed ar. ( . . . . ) III. ar. (?) maunch gu. (?) (for Wharton) Hill MSS. 7, 448.

"Nevill arms above ye window on ye outside of Hilton quire in stone, Warcop Church. " Hill MSS. 7, 448.*
*"It is highly probable that the porch now called Hilton Porch formerly belonged to the Tower, which supposition is strengthened by the Nevil arms above the.window, inasmuch as the Tower belonged to the Nevils. These arms are now set up over tbe entrance of a pigsty belonging to the Vicarage. 'To what base uses we may return, Horatio!' No, it is more likely that ye Nevil arms were in the Bleatarn Porch, and yet Machell has made a mistake in saying they were in the Hilton Porch. The Bleatarn Porch belonged to the Tower, which was Nevils." Hill MSS., 7. p. 448.

(In. N). S. m. George Park late of Warcop Tower, Esqr., who d. Novr. 20th 1841 aged 83. His remains lie interred in the Chancel of this Church. Also of Isabella his widow da. of Thomas Brathwaite, gent, who d. May 19th 1845 aged 74.

(S). In m. John Park of Warcop Tower who d. Jany. 9th 184 aged 77 y. Agness his wife d. July 21st 1812 aged 72 y. John their son d. Octr. 2nd 1789 aged 22 y. Henry their son d. April 12th 1820 aged 46 y. Also George Lamb of Swaithburn who d. May 1st 1844 aged 78 y. Margaret his wife d. May 11th 1869. aged 93 y.

(E). Life how short, Eternity how long. In m. Ann wife of David Patterson Obiit the III day of June 1800 �at. 68 y.

(S). Here lies ye body of Jane Potter the wife of Chr. Potter who d. 8 of July Anno Dom. 1730 �tatis su� 29.
Grieve not for me my glass is run,
Tis ye Lord his will be don,
Repent in time, no time delay,
For in my prime death di' me slay,
You that go by & this do see,
Look you prepare to follow me.

(In. Choir, E. window, 3 lights). (I.) � George Preston d. on the 4th of May 1836 aged 10 y. (2.) � The Revd. William Michael Stephenson Preston d. on the 21st September 1842 aged 56 y. (3.) � Edward Thomas Preston d. on the 5th of May 1842 aged 12 y.

(E). S. m. Henry Preston a Christian and soldier on whose poor soul may God have mercy for the dear sake of Jesus Christ his Saviour.

(In Choir. N. window). � Henry Preston Captain 90th Regiment killed within the Redan at the storming of Sebastopol Sept. 8th 1855 aged 28. A tribute from Captains Guise and Rous to a very dear friend & comrade.

(In. S. window). � A tribute to Henry Preston, H.M. 90th Light Infantry who fell at the storming of Sebastopol Sept. 8th 1855 �t. 28 by his mother, brothers & sisters.

(N. cross). In l. m. Margaret wife of the Late Rev. W. M. S. Preston of Warcop Hall, Vicar of this Parish, who fell asleep May 1, 1881 aged 84. R.I.P. The Lord is my Shepherd, therefore shall I lack nothing.

(In. S. Transept. Window S). Mary Preston gave this window to the glory of God and in memory of her father, mother, brothers, & sisters.

(E). In hope of a blessed Resurrection here rests the Body of Mary Preston who d. l. Jany. 29, 1875 aged 79 y. "The Lord grant unto her that she may find mercy of the Lord."�2 Tim. i. 18.

(In. S. window). A tribute to Moyes Preston, Lieut. H.M. 90th Light Infantry who d. at the Alumbagh from wounds received during the advance upon Lucknow under Sir H. Havelock Sept. 27,1857 �t. 20, by his mother, brothers, & sisters.

(E). To m. Ann Richardson the Wife of John Richardson of Scattergate who d. l. June 17th 1821 aged 48 y.

(E). Here lieth the Body of Christopher Richardson of Street House who d. April 24, 1828 aged 46. John Richardson d. July 17, 1833 aged 60. Mary his wife d. May 31, 1846 aged 68. Thomas their son d. April 15, 1845 aged 23 y.

(E). Prepare to follow Christopher Richardson of Warcop who d. Novr. 15th 1815 aged 82. Also Susanna his Wife who d. June 9th 1826 aged 83.

(W). In m. Dorothy wife of Michael Richardson of Warcop who d. Novr. 23rd 1855 aged 42 y.

(S). Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Life how short, Eternity how long. Erected in m. Ann, Da. of John and Tamar Robinson of Warcop Mill. She d. on the 8th of Jany. 1836 aged 8 y. & 11 m. While living respected, Now dead lamented. Also the said John Robinson who d. July 20th 1843 aged 53 y. Tamar Robinson , his widow who d. April 23, 1864 aged 73 y. John their son who d. Dec. 2, 1868 aged 48 y.

(N). Thy will be done. In l. m. Jonathan Robinson late of Warcop who d. at the Friary, Appleby, August 4th 1881 aged 59 y. Also of Tamar Hannah, second da. of the above who d. November 5th 1867 aged 4 y. and 11 m.

(S). S. m. John Sawer Senr. of Warcop who d. July 5th 1859 aged 81 y. Aslo (sic) Isabella Sawer his Wife who d. June 29th 1859 aged 84 y. Thomas Sawer their Son d. May 15th 1804 aged 22 weeks. Francis Sawer their 5th Da. d. January 5th 1819 aged 2 y. Elizabeth Sawer their 3rd Da. d. January 7th 1819 aged 13 y.

(W). S. m. John Sawer.Junr. of Warcop who d. May 17th 1862 aged 54 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. Octr. 6th 1867 aged 54 y.

(S. altar tomb). Here lies the Body of Christopher Steadman of Warcopp who d. l. the 24th of May 1785 aged 77.

(S). Life how short, Eternity how long. In m. James the Son of Thomas and Mary Taylor of Ploughlands in this Parish who d. l. Nov. 5, 1827 aged 6. Also Sarah their Da. who d. Jan. 11, 1831 aged 14. And William their son who d. Jan. 11, 1840 aged 21. John their son d. Jany. 24, 1844 aged 19. Thomas Taylor d. Aug. 13, 1852 aged 61 y. Also Mary Taylor his wife d. June 17th 1858 aged 61 y.

(S). Thy will be done. i.h.s. In m. Thomas Taylor d. December 8th 1861 aged six y. John Lancaster Taylor d. December 8th 1861 aged 3 y. & 6 m. Alice Taylor d. December 11th 1861 aged 1 y. & 3 m. Children of Thomas and Mary Taylor of Hallgarth.

(W). In m. Edmund Thornborrow of Walk Mill, Warcop who d. August 14th 1856 aged 68 y. Also Elizabeth his Wife who d. October 31st 1867 aged 79 y. William their Son d. in London July 2nd 1847 aged 30 y. Robert Thornborrow their Son. d. at Walk Mill June 25th 1880 aged 68 y. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

(E). In m. Thomas Thwaites (late of Toddygill) who d. Sept. 17th 1828 aged 79. Also of Alice his wife Who d. May 14th 1811 aged 58. Thomas M. Thwaites their Grandson d. June 16th 1834 aged 25. Also Jane Thwaites, Da. of the above Thomas and Alice Thwaites, who d. Septr.28th 1851 aged 73 y. Richard Thwaites of London d. Sepbr.7th 1871 aged 53 y.

(E). S. m. William Thomas Thwaites Son of William Thomas Mounsey and Ann Thwaites who d. l. July 1st 1856 aged 21 y. and 9 m. In life beloved by all that knew him and in death deeply lamented by his friends and Employers.

(S. altar tomb). Here lieth the Body of the Revd. Richard Ward, M.A. Late Vicar of Warcop Aged 57 Y. He d. Septr. 3, 1714. He was Incumbent 29 Y. Also the Body of the Revd. Matthias Ward, B.A., Son of the above Richard Ward, Late Vicar of Warcop 49 Y. who d. July 30th 1784 Aged 75 y. (Crest on shield: A (? Wolf�s) head erased).

(Burton Hall pew). H. W. 1633 (i.e., Hugh Warcop of Sandford. Par. Reg. 1611, or Humphrey Wharton of Warcop. Par. Reg. 1634). Hill MSS., 7, 447.

(E). In m. John Watson of Warcop who d. l. March 9, 1801 aged 75. Also Dorothy his Wife d. July 24, 1812 aged 80. Anne their da. d. April 16, 1778 aged 21.

(Warcop Tower pew). C. W. 1716 (i.e., Christopher Williamson. Hill MSS., 7, 447.

(In. brass under W. window). To the Glory of God & in a. r. William Wilkinson of Eden Gate who d. Novr. 8th 1859 aged 62.

(W. altar tomb). In m. William Wilkinson of Eden Gate who d. 8th November 1859 aged 62 y. St. Luke, ch. xii. v. 40. "Be ye therefore ready also; for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not."

(S). S. m. John Wilson late of Burtergill in this parish who d. l. 24th Febry. 1820 aged 78 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. l. 23rd December 1836 aged 76 y. both universally respected. Also to m. their Children, Richard their first son d. 15th September 1785 aged 7 m. John their second son d.25th August 1786 aged 2 weeks, also John their third son d. 4th Jany. 1847 aged 56 y. S. m. Elizabeth Wilson da. of John and Mary Wilson who d. at Burtergill on the 22nd Nov. 1868 aged 75 y.

(S). In m. Betty Wife of Robert Wilson of Warcop Hilling Mill ob. July 11, 1791 �t. 38. Also James their son b. Feb. 19, 1826 �tat. 42.

(E). In m. Joseph Winskill of Burton who d. Octr. 17th 1827 aged 72 y. Also of Mary his Wife who d. Feby. 11th 1833 aged 67. Samuel their Son d. March 9th 1833 aged 31. Thomas their Son d. Dec. 17th 1839 aged 41. Elizabeth their Da. d. August 17, 1840 aged 46. (Other side). Also of Mary their da. who d. July 3rd 1827 aged 27 y. Sarah their da. d. November 2nd 1809 aged 6 y. William Winskill d. January 21st 1871 aged 67 y.

In a. r. John Young of Pletts Sandford, who d. May 4th 1877 aged 76 y. Elizabeth his Wife who d. April 29th 1870 aged 72 y. Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the Life. He that believeth in me, though he be dead, yet shall he live.�S. John, ii., v. 25.