Ranolde ORTON, Kirkbestephen, 1574
Will dated 4 Dec 1574
To be buried in my parishe of Kirkbestephen - To Lyonell my son .... To Lancelott my son ...... Residue to Lionell ORTON my son, provided always that Margarett my wife shall have her threde parte.... Supervisors Edwarde HUTCHINSON, Lancelot WHARTON......[document torn].... Inventory of goods of Ranolde ORTON, 15 Dec 1574. There were debts owed to Thomas ORTON and Edwarde ORTON, among others.

Margate ORTON, Kirkby Stephen, 1574
Will dated 27 Dec 1574-
To be buried in the perish church yarde of St Stephen To Lancelote my sonn.......... To Lancelote his sonn one lambe To Elizabeth my daughter one lambe To the children of John WHARTON one ewe and one lambe Rest to Lionell my sonn, whole executor Supervisors EDWARD HUTCHISON, Lancelote WHARTON, Willm WHARTON, Edward SHAWE Witnesses, said supervisors, John ORTON, John WHARTON.

Henry ORTON, of Soulby, Kirkby Stephen, 1577
Will dated 20 Aug 1577 -
To be buried in my parish churchyard of Kirkbistephen To Rolande ORTON one half of my crop of corn and hay The other half to my wife; also to said wife one half of all quicke goodes and all bedding The three crops in Henri HUGGINSON fermold to be sett in his owne barne, one half for the use of himself, the other half for the use of my wife............. To Richard PETTIE... To Henri ORTON.... To Thoms ORTON...... To the wife of Roland ORTON.... To Willm HUGGINSON and Elizabethe HUGGINSON ether a lam To everyone of my godbarnes 4d To every poore widowe within the towne 2d To Nicholas BARNES a bushell of wheat.....To his wife 10s or els three sheepe To Elizabeth GRAY two shepe; to Willm GRAY 3s 4d It is my will and mynde that Rolande ORTON shall have all my fermolde and all my husbandre gere after me and my wife....it is my will and mynde that Henry HUGGINSON husbandre gere shall be maid as good as I took it at the sight of frends. Rest of goodes to Janet my wife and to Henry HUGGINSON, joint executors; supervisors, Edward LEDAILL, John BLENKARNE, Edward ROBERTSON, Henry PETTIE. Witnesses, daid supervisors, Rolande ORTON and others...by me John SWINBANKE, curate there. Inventory only made for [by?] Henry ORTON, 4 June 1577 - he had a sword worth 20d.

Janet ORTON, wedowe, laite wife of Henry ORTON, Kirkby Stephen, 1577
Will dated 22 Aug 1577-
To be buried in my parishe churche yarde of Kirkbistephen To every householder within Sulbie that "sawe the no corne, a pec of bigg" To Esabell Barnes my best...... To Margaret ORTON my second Rement....; the rest of my Rements I give to poore folks To Esabell ROBERTSON a lam To Henry HUGGINSON a bedd of clothes Esbell BARNES my best kettill To Margaret ORTON a woodstande.......[document torn] To Will HUGGINSON........ To Henry HUGGINSON my parte of the meare Rest of my goodes I give to Henry HUGGINSON, Richard PETTIE, Henry ORTON and Esabell BARNES, whome I..........supervisors, Edwarde LEDAILL, Henry PETTIE, Nicolas BARNES, Edward ROBERTSON. Administration committed to Henry HUGGINSON executor, power reserved to Isabella co-executor absent, and the other executors who are minors. Inventory taken 16 April 1578. Total £7 10s.

Jane ORTON, Kirkby Stephen & her brother Henry ORTON, 1591
Inventory of Jane ORTON, Kirkby Stephen, made 25 April 1591 - total £3 10s. She owed Henry ORTON 20s. On the same document is the Inventory of Henry ORTON, "brother to .....ORTON", 7 May 1591 - Total, £6 14s 6d Debts owing unto him: John ORTON 15s, Lyonell ORTON 8s, Henry LAWE 8s, Wm HERRISON of Blayterne 10s, Thomas MARTINGDAILL 10s, John BARNET of Kirkby 5s, Robert HOBSON, 2s 2d, Symon PERESON 12d, Jane ORTON 20s. On 23 June 1591, Admon. of the goods of the said deceased ['defunctorum' - so plural] was committed to John ORTON, their brother.

John ORTON, of Waitbie; will dated 20 Jan 1596
My bodie to be buried in churchyard of Kirkbistevene -
....Richard ORTON my eldest son...the full and feudalright of my fermehold...
....ORTON my second son......
....my said son Rychard ORTON all husbandrie geare......etc
Unto John ORTON my youngest son ......
Unto Jaine ORTON my daughter one chist
...rest unto my said sons Thomas ORTON John ORTON and to my said daughter Jaine ORTON who I do maike joint executors....
Thome ORTON my brother Thomas WHARTON the eldr [?] Thomas WHARTON youngr and Thomas KNEWSTUBB [?] my suprevisors to see this my will pformed.....[?]....
Witnessed.....[?] John MORELAND[?] George SUTTON.
An Inventory of all the goodes of John ORTON of waitbie, made 20 Jan 1596 by....sworne men, viz: .....HODGSON, Renolde HUTCHINSON, ......ORRTON[?]....Lyonell ORTON.

William ORTON, of Waitbie, Kirkby Stephen, 1605
Will dated 20 Jan 1605 -
My body to be buried in my pish churchyard of Kirkbe Stephen To John ORTON my son my tenement, provided that Annas my wife shall have her third part during widdowhoode Annas my wife one aker of ground of the best of tenement during thre or fower yeares To John ORTON my sonne six peck of bigg and six peck of oak Rest to Annas my wife, who I make sole executrix Will and minde is that sonne John shall assist Annas my wife with good counsell when need shall require Witnesses and Supervisors, James HYNEMER, Thomas WHARTON, Reignold HUTCHINSON, Thomas WHARTON. Probate .....1605; Inventory taken ....October 1605

Richard ORTON, Watebie, Kirkby Stephen, 1620
Dated 27 January 1619/20 -
To be buried in the churchyard of Kirkby Stephen My sonn Thomas to have my whole tenement My wife to have the third part during her widdowhoode and also one acre My son Thomas all husbandrie gear, wife to have third part Residue to wife and two daughters, .....ORTON and Isabell ORTON, equally, and to be executors Supervisors, Thomas WHARTON, Thomas KNEWSTUB, Reinold ORTON, Peter WHARTON. 17 Jan 1620/21, proved by Agnes, the widow, power reserved to the other executors who are minors. Inventory taken 29 Sep 1620 by Reinold HUTCHINSON, John RAKESTRAW, John ORTON and Adam GOODBARNE - total £40 odd. Among debts he owed was £5 13s to Reinold ORTON.

Edward ORTON, Warcop, County of Westmorland, yeoman, 1641
Will dated 1641 -
... To Mathew BREAKES of Ravenstonedale - To Christopher BAYNEBRIDGE and Isabell his sister... To Robert BAYNEBRIDGE younger - To John DALSTON and his wife... To my sister Elizabeth STABELL - To Annas ORTON, my brother's daughter - To Janet ORTON my brother's daughter To John BAYNEBRIDGE..... To Margaret STEADMAN the wife of Edward STEADMAN, ... To Robert BREAKES and Thomas BREAKES, the sonnes of Mathew BREAKES, ... To Mathew DRYBECKE,...... To the poor folkes of the town of Warcop... Rest, residue, to Thomas ORTON alias ....., my ......sonne, executor, and Elizabeth STABLE my sister's daughter, executrix. Supervisors, John DAWSON of Bletarn, Mathew BREAKES of Ravenstonedale, Thomas BREAKES of ...... and Thomas BREAKES of Great Musgrave. Proved 22 Jan 1642.

Thomas ORTON, Smardale, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, 1663
19 May 1663, Marie ORTON [she makes her mark] renounced administration of the goods of Thomas ORTON, her husband "knowing for certaine that the goods will not pay the debt". Admon. granted to 3 creditors, 22 May. 20 May 1663. Inventory of the goods of Thomas ORTON of Smardall in parish of Kirkby Stephen, deceased, made by John WHARTON and William BLAND of Smardale, Wm ORTON of Waitby and Edward FAWCETT of Kirkby Stephen. Total, £148.

William ORTON,yeoman, Waitby, Westmorland, 1692
Will dated 1 July 1692 -
To be buried at Kirkby Stephen To Thomas JACKSON, son of James JACKSON, £5 To Robert JACKSON son of James JACKSON, £5 To Elizabeth JACKSON, daughter of James JACKSON, £5 To Laneslatt WAISTELL of Sowerby, 1 shilling To John WAISTELL son of said Lanneslott WAISTELL, one shilling To Thomas WAISTELL of Crosby Garrett one shilling To the three children of Tho WAISTELL aforesaid, £5, to be divided amongst them To my true and faithfull servant Jane WHARTON, £5, with one old cuboard chest To my true and faithful servant Will HOWGILL, £5 rest and residue to John JACKSON, son of James JACKSON Executor John JACKSON son of James JACKSON Will ORTON made his mark; Witnesses, Henery FAWCET, jurat; Richard ORTON, jurat. Inventory taken 2 Dec 1692 by Henrey FAWCETT, John WHARTON, John HUTCHINSON , John RAIKSTRAW. Proved 18 Jan 1692/3 by Robartt ("James" crossed out) JACKSON

Richard ORTON, of Warcop, Westmorland, 1712
Will dated 9 May 1712 -
To my second son James ORTON £1 10s To my third son John ORTON one bedstead, all husbandry working tools To eldest daughter Alice ORTON £25 to be paid to her in 1714 to second daughter Mary ORTON £25 to be paid to her in 1715 to eldest son Edward ORTON, bedstead, and rest of goods, he to be sole executor. James ORTON, Mark X; Witnesses, John SMITH, Thomas TODD, John MUNKESTER. Proved by the executor, 19 Nov 1712.

Reginald ORTON, of Ladfoot, parish of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, yeoman, 1733 –
Will dated 26 Sep 1733 -
Eldest son Thomas ORTON, estate of lands and money to pay fine -
dear wife, Leases Closes for Life - son Richard ORTON, 5s; son Reginald ORTON 5s son James ORTON, 5s; daughter Mary ORTON £20 - daughter Christiana CUNNINGHAM, 20s - wife and son John ORTON, Executors.
Riginold ORTON [mark] - Witnessed by John BRADBERRY, Margaret HARRISON, Thos. ORTON - Proved 6 Feb 1733 [old style dating]

James ORTON, of Warcopp, Westmorland,1740 –
Will dated 7 Nov 1740 -
My son James My son Richard My daughter Elcebeth WAISTELL My wife Margaret My daughter Phillis ORTON. Proved 17 June 1741

Richard ORTON, yeoman of Nateby, parish of Kirkby Stephen, 1753
Died intestate. Administration was granted, 2nd July 1753 to his widow Mary ORTON. Mary entered into a bond of £100, her bondsmen being Joseph SPOONER of Waitby and Matthew DIXON of Nateby.

Thomas ORTON, yeoman of Waitby, parish of Kirkby Stephen, 1754-
Will dated 17 April 1754 -
To Agnes wife of Matthew DIXON of Nateby, £10 ; My dear wife Isabel ORTON - all household stuff, husbandry gear and stock of cattle on the land ; My brother John ORTON £10; my brother James ORTON £10 ; My sister Mary GRAYSON £10; my sister Christiana CUNNINGHAM £10 ; My brother Reginald ORTON £10 when he makes a return of £55 due to me, which will be found in my pocket book ; My son in law William WHARTON 20s;my son in law Christopher WHARTON £10 My son in law John WHARTON £10; my daughter in law Margret WHARTON £10 My kinswoman Elizabeth the wife of Daniel MOFFET £5 To Poor of Smardale and Waitby £5, interest to be distributed yearly Wife Isabel ORTON sole executrix and if she should re-marry to pay brothers John, Reginald and James ORTON £5 each, and likewise sisters Mary GRAYSON and Christiana CUNNINGHAM each £5, and likewise my neece Agnes DIXON £5 Witnesses Richard DIXON, Fra. PATRICK Proved 9 July 1759 by Isabel ORTON, the widow, the bondsmen being Richard DIXON, Kirkby Stephen, yeoman, and Reginald SCAIFE, Crosby Garrett, yeoman. Inventory taken 16 May 1759, the total value of estate being £206 10s. Assets included bible and other books 12s, horses and black cattle £30; bills £140.

Thomas ORTON, Murton, County Westmorland, 1754
Will dated 16 April 1754
To nephew Matthew HARRISON; To nephew Lanclot HARRISON; To neece Agnes HARRISON; Margaret ORTON, wife, sole executrix.
Thomas ORTON (his mark); Witnesses Joseph IDLE, Matt. STOB, Jene[?] BLACKETT. Proved 27 Nov 1754.

Margaret ORTON, of Murton, P. Bongate, Westmorland, 1756 -
Will dated 14 April 1756-
To nephey John THOMPSON 2s 6d; neece Margret THOMPSON 2s 6d; nephey Willm TODD 2s 6d; nephew John THOMPSON son to Margret 1s ; Elizabeth TOMPSON 1s; Joseph TOMPSON 2s ; Joseph BLACKETT 2s; Thomas BLACKETT 2s; Jane BLACKETT 1s; Mary BLACKETT 1s;
Sister Elizabeth HARKER, sole executrix, wife to Edmond HARKER -
Margret ORTON (her mark); Witnesses, Thos HARRISON, his mark; Edward Idle Jowett, sworn. Proved 9 June 1762.

James ORTON, of Ladthwaite, parish of Kirkby Stephen , County of Westmorland, butcher, 1756
Will dated 9 August 1756
Wife Christobal £40 and a widow bed My brothers Thomas ORTON and Matthew DIXON, in Trust, Executors My two children Reynold ORTON and Agnes ORTON, property in trust until they reach 21 years
Signed James ORTON. Witnesses William BARNETT, Michael ROE.
Inventory taken by Richard DIXON, William BARNETT, Matt. DIXON, Humphrey DALTON– Value of Estate, £287 8s
Bond signed by Thomas ORTON, Matt DIXON, John ORTON and William BARNETT
12 Dec 1756 will proved by Executors.
19 Dec 1756, Christoballa ORTON, widow, relict of James ORTON, late of Ladthwaite in the parish of Kirkby Stephen, granted Guardianship of children Reginald ORTON aged 3 years and Agnes ORTON aged 2 years.

John ORTON, of Nateby, parish of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, yeoman, 1782 -
Will dated 20 Nov 1782.
my son William ORTON £200; my daughter Elizabeth BARNETT, £100; my three daughters Mary, Margaret and Agnes ORTON, £200 each ; my wife Margaret ORTON, £14 per year ; my son Reginald ORTON and wife Margaret, residue, and Executors.
John ORTON, signed. Witnessed by Matthew DIXON, James DIXON; Proved 14 June 1786…..Above £1000.

James ORTON, of Appleby, Westmorland, Sub distributor of Stamps, 1804
Will dated 28 April 1804
My wife Elizabeth ORTON - my brother John ORTON £400 and land known as Stonelands at Warcop; my sister Mary, wife of Robert WILSON, £400; my niece Elizabeth wife of John WADESON, £100; my cousin George WAISTELL £50; my cousin James WAISTELL £50 ; my cousin John WAISTELL £50; my cousin Richard WAISTELL £50 ; my godson John WADESON £30; Jane WADESON & Thomas Orton WADESON, £10 each ; my niece Frances BOWNESS £30 ; to aforesaid Robert WILSON £10, and James his son £5 ; John SOWERBY of Whitwall £20 ; Rest, residue to wife Elizabeth, sole executrix .
Signed and Sealed, James ORTON. Witnesses, John HILL, Cuthbert NAISBITT, Eleanor BOWNESS. Proved 18 Sep 1804.

William ORTON, Eden Place, Kirkby Stephen, gent., 1823
Will dated 11 March 1823
my brother Reginald ORTON, £100 per year my sister Agnes, wife of Joseph ABBOTT, £50 per year my nephew Reginald BARNETT, £30 per year my nephew Reginald BRADLEY £2000 to be paid to him 6 months after the decease of my brother Reginald ORTON- my servant George Mason WHARTON £50 my servant Isabella ION, £50 my nephew Orton BRADLEY - freehold dwellinghouse etc in Sunderland; freehold ground called Bridge End Close or Closes in Kirkby Stephen; half share in freehold ground called Moorfields Moorhouse Closes in the township of Brampton in parish of Long Marton, Westmorland; with the consent of my brother Reginald ORTON, messuages and tenement and estate of Eden Place in Manor and township of Hartley in parish of Kirkby Stephen; half share of leasehold, dwellinghouse etc in Dunning St, parish of Bishopwearmouth.
Orton BRADLEY, residue and sole executor.
Testator died 6 June 1824; proved 28 Dec 1824, Prerogative Court of York - "under £4000 & funds"

Reginald ORTON Kirkby Stephen, gentleman, 1824
Will dated 24 Nov 1824
My wife Isabella ORTON; My nephew Richard BRADLEY, mercer, £400; My sister Agnes wife of Joseph ABBOTT, £10 per year; My nephew Reginald BARNETT, Lieutenant of Infantry, £10 per year; My nephew, Executor and heir, Orton BRADLEY - residue; My servant Elizabeth METCALFE £5 ; Signed Regd. ORTON..... Died 20 July 1829; proved 10 June 1830; "under £450".

Isabella ORTON, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, widow, 1834
Will dated 11 Jan 1834
My niece Ann ATKINSON, widow, £200; My niece Mary PERKINS of Appleby, spinster, £200 ; My sister Alice ALDERSON, Kirkby Stephen, widow, £100 ; My niece Ann ALDERSON, Kirkby Stephen, spinster, £100 ; My niece Mary CANNON wife of Thomas CANNON, £200 ; My servant Elizabeth otherwise Betty METCALFE, £30 ; My god-daughter Sarah HEWITSON wife of Middleton HEWITSON of Kirkby Stephen, Solicitor, £10 - if she should die in testator's lifetime, then the £10 to go to Elizabeth POWLEY niece of Sarah HEWITSON - rest residue to nephew Charles ALDERSON, Sunderland, he to be sole Executor.
Isabella ORTON, her mark and seal. Witnesses, Henry JACKSON, Richard HEWITSON. Effects under £1500; proved 14 July 1837 by Charles ALDERSON, sole executor.

Elizabeth OVEREND of Raisebeck in the Parish of Orton and County of Westmorland, Spinster, 1800
being of perfect mind and sound memory.
Date of will 2 June 1800.
To Lenard BOWNESS of Sunbegin in the parish of Orton all my freehold messuage lands and Ramuses standing, laying and being at Raisbeck subject to the payment of the Legacies hereafter named.
To the children of William and Elizabeth WILSON of Lethside the sum of sixty pounds to be equally divided amongst them after their mother’s death but the said Elizabeth Wilson to have the interest of it during her natural life.
To Thomas WHITEHEAD of Kellet five pounds; To William WHITEHEAD of Ellergill five pounds.
To William WILSON of Bousfield five pounds; To Robert WILSON of Orton five pounds.
To Robert SCAIFE of Crosby Ravensworth five pounds; To Agness SCAIFE of Hass five pounds .
All said legacies to be paid out of my freehold estate twelve months after my decease.
All the rest I give to the aforesaid Lenard BOWNESS whom I appoint my executor.
Elizabeth OVEREND her X mark Witnesses John WHARTON Snr , Joseph BALMORE Snr , Ann METCALF.
Proved June 8th 1804.
[Transcription from photocopy from Family History Library microfilm 90522. ]

John OVEREND of Raisgill hall in the Parish of Orton, Westmorland, yeoman, 1801
Will written 8 December 1801, proved 13 May 1802.
To my father in law Thomas GRAHAM and my brother Edmund OVEREND, Executors, all my freehold messuage and tenement at Kelleth, all my freehold called Holme house and Waingapes Close and also all my personal estate. They shall sell the personal estate and pay my debts, expenses and legacies.
My trustees shall assist my wife Isabell OVEREND to manage the farms whereon I now live for this next year in such manner as they shall think most proper. I will that my wife shall be allowed to take possession of my freehold at Kelleth at the usual time in the spring of the year 1803 and take the profits during her life provided she take it in lieu of her Widow right.
I will that all my children shall live with my wife upon the estate and that my trustees or their survivors shall let to farm Holme house and Wanegaps Close and receive the rents and profits and pay the same to my wife to be employed towards the maintenance and education of my children during their minority.
To my two daughters Isabel and Sarah each one hundred and twenty pounds to be paid when they attain the age of twenty one years.
The rest of my property to my only son [not named] his heirs and assigns forever.
John Overend signed 8 December, 1801.
Witnesses: Isabela WHITEHEAD, Ann HASTWELL, Robert WILSON.
[Family History Library Microfilm 90522]