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John TEBAY, Eller Mount, Kendal, leather merchant - 11 June 1918 -
Will of John TEBAY of Eller Mount Kendal Leather Merchant appointing Revd. John Jowitt WILSON of 26 Seymour Rd. Crumpsall Manchester Clerk in Holy Orders sole executor.
Gives annuity of £50 to his housekeeper Florence ANDERSON.
[Reference to Will in title to Hutton Lane Cottage, Levens].

John THOMPSON, Kirkby Stephen, hosier, 1721 -
Will dated 10 Feb 1718 -
...one hundred pounds which Desire may be laid out in Land att the discretion of my executors and overseers And that the Rest of it be employed as followeth the one halfe of itt for helping the poor children of Kirkby Stephen to Learning And the other halfe of itt for helping some of the poorest Boys in Kirkby Stephen to Trades or if it be kept in money it is my will mind that the Interest of it be Imployed that way onely and to no other use or purpose whatsoever.
...forty pounds ... provided ... for the poor of Kirkby Stephen ... Interest of itt be given to the poor of Kirkby Stephen every year att Christmas time -
...unto my Nephew Thomas THOMPSON wife Isabell THOMPSON ... and to their daughter Agnes THOMPSON...
- ...unto Alice THOMPSON the daughter of John THOMPSON deceased
- ...unto Elizabeth WHINFIELD the sixteen pound she ows [sic] me by bill -
...unto Thomas ROBINSON the son of John ROBINSON ... And to his brother James ROBINSON ... And to their Brother William ROBINSON ... and to their sister Rebehkah ... -
...unto Robert EWBANKE daughter Catherine -
...And to Richard HUNTER Ravenstondale ...
...unto Rebakeh STEPHENSON that was my servant ... if she be Liveing -
...unto my nephew William THOMPSON ... provided he Make no disturbance either concerning my will or my wifes Widdow Right which I hope he will not But if he should then itt is my will and mind ... that the executrs shall have it..... ...unto his son John THOMPSON ... and it is my will and mind that my executrs see and take care that itt be put forward by them for him and to no other use or purpose whatsoever -
...unto William THOMPSON wife Agnes THOMPSON and her children -
...unto Mr John ATKINSON our Minister ... And to his wife Mrs Livia ATKINSON... -
...to Mr THORNTON Minister of Musgrave -
...to old George PERKIN of Ravenstonedale -
...unto Isabell ISLIP that was my servant, ...to Jane MARSHALL that was my servant... ...And to Ann CLARK that was my servant ...unto Mark JACKSON that was my servant and hath been a long time the sum of tenn pounds ...to Isabell TODD that was my servant -
...unto John ADISON my neighbour Twenty shillings out of the money he owes me. And to Thomas FENTON Twenty shillings which he owes me.
...to my cousin John TEABY of Soulby -
...to my nephew Joseph THOMPSON I doe give him the Cubart in Bilbows house ...
...unto my wife's sister att Bugdon ... And to her Brother John Mason
...and to John GREER at London
...my wife should have my whole house which we now dwell in And the Barne Adjoyning to itt while she continues to be my wife -
...unto my Loveing Friends Richard HUNTER of Assfell and Bowber head in Ravenstonedale unto John MILNER of Ravenstonedale ... which I desire may be added to the Hundred pounds Given by the Late worthy Philip Lord WHARTON for the Incouragement off a Gospell dissenting Minister in Ravenstonedale -
...it is my will and mind that all the Town head people be free to come to my draw well as they were in my life time for water provided they bear their shares for upholding itt as itt wears and decayes.
...all my Mortgages I have at my death shall pay off the Legacies which I have given in my will so fare...
...all persons which are indebted to me at my death shall have half a yeares consideration
...unto Elizabeth Mason my wifes sister
...unto my wife Elianor THOMPSON ...Rest of my goods ... unto my wife Elianor THOMPSON and to my Nephew Thomas THOMPSON and to my Nephew Joseph THOMPSON upon condition that they shall pay all my debts Legacies and funerall expences And doe Make them Joynt executors ...
...I desire and apoint Mr Hugh RAW of Kirkby Stephen and John WILSON and Cousin Robert THOMPSON both of Kirkby Stephen to be my supervisers and overseers of this my last will and testament ... and to Advise and Assist my executors
30 Feb 1718 "A true Copy of the Codicil of the Will..." -
...tho itt be not set down in my will to James SIMPSON wife of Lockthanite[??].......; ...to John HARRISON of ...to Mr BURGES of Swathall[?] (interlined); ...to John COULSTONE; ...to Cousin WILSON wife; ...to Miles BORRETT; ...to Cousin John FOTHERGILL of Mallerstang; ...to Margaret HUTCHINSON of Hartley; ...to Cousin John THOMPSON Roberts Brother; ...to John PEARSON; ...Mrs PEPIN (interlined); ...to Margarett DICKINSON; ...I would have my executors to Give some of my Books to my Nephew William THOMPSON -
And it is my will and mind that what ever will fall due to my nephew Thomas THOMPSON for being executor to me that his children have halfe of itt given to them be itt more or less
as wittness my hand John THOMPSON.
Proved Appleby 25 October 1721.
Inventory shows Total summ of 2423:13:00 of which Bonds notes Mortgages and Debts in his books is 2299:11:00>
It was appraised by Hugh RAW, Miles BORRETT Robert THOMPSON (jurat), and John WILLSON (jurat) 21 September 1721.
The executors also signed an Obligation concerning children in their minority: "Ag Wm So: Js: An: Tho: Alice THOMPSON naturall and Lawfull Child [sic, this is a form document] of Tho. THOMPSON"

John THOMPSON, Winton, 1737 -
Late of Crosby Garrett.
Administration granted to Richard THOMPSON, yeoman, also of Crosby Garrett.

Eleanor THOMPSON, Kirkby Stephen, widow, 1747 -
- Joseph THOMPSON, butcher, executor -
...to my loving nephew Robert HODGES of Huntingdon ... as soon as he shall have served his apprenticeship out with his master -
...to my neice Anne HODGES -
...to my nephew John THOMPSON ... to Margaret the wife of the said John THOMPSON ... all the children of the said John THOMPSON... -
...to my nephew Joseph ... to Margaret the wife of the said Joseph THOMPSON ... to Agnes the daughter of the said Joseph THOMPSON... to all the rest of the Children of the said Joseph THOMPSON -
...to my nephew Thomas THOMPSON ... ...to Elianor THOMPSON Daughter of my Said Nephew John THOMPSON Butcher -
...to John THOMPSON son of the said Thomas THOMPSON -
...to my Niece Agnes HOLDEN of Sunderland -
...to the five children of Anne Lute wife of Edward EUBANK -
...to Alice the wife of Alixander SIMPSON -
...to Isabel THOMPSON Daughter of the said Thomas THOMPSON -
...to Thomas THOMPSON son of William THOMPSON -
...to my nephew William THOMPSON Clerk ... to his two Sisters Anne and Agnes THOMPSON -
...to Katherine MORLAND the wife of William MORLAND -
...to Mary the wife of Thomas BLENKARN of Hartley formerly my servant -
...to Thomas ROBINSON Brother to the late wife of Thomas THOMPSON -
...to John CROSBY Son of Elizabeth WHINFIELD -
...unto Mary WARD and Elizabeth WARD ....; ...to Deborah RUDD formerly my servant...; ...to Isabel WHARTON formerly my servant...; ...to Isabel ATKINSON formerly my servant...
...to Mrs Lydia ATKINSON widow; ...to Warwick PERRY..... ...the money left by my late husband John THOMPSON ....
...to Michael ROE William DEAL and Matthew ROBINSON -
...rest and residue ... to my loveing Nephew Joseph ... full and sole Executor

John THOMPSON, Patton Hall, Patton, Westmorland, yeoman,
Will dated 1797
This is the last Will and Testament of me John THOMPSON of Patton Hall in Patton in the County of Westmorland yeoman. I give and devise unto my friends William WIGHTMAN of /[?Groon?]/ in Lambrigg and John READ of Natland both in the said County of Westmorland Husbandmen .....
I give unto my dear Wife Jane THOMPSON .....
..... unto and equally amongst my thirteen children .....
..... the eighth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven.
[Signed by] John THOMPSON
[Witnessed by]/ A? SHEPHERD Robt HARRISON
[Inventory under £600]/ [Will proved 8th Oct 1799]

John THOMPSON, Patton Hall, Patton, p. Kirkby Kendal, Westmorland, husbandman
Will dated 1820
I John THOMPSON of Patton Hall in the Township of Patton in the Parish of Kirkby Kendal in the County of Westmorland, Husbandman, .....
I constitute and appoint my Brothers Thomas THOMPSON of Holmscales and William THOMPSON of Farleton, Husbandmen, and William FARRER of Lambrigg, yeoman, ..... joint executors .....
..... I give and bequeath unto my dear Wife Agnes THOMPSON all my household furniture .....
..... I give and bequeath unto my Sons and Daughters John, Mary, Susan, Agnes, Thomas, and Jane THOMPSON and to the Child or Children of whom my Wife is now pregnant .....
..... I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this twenty third day of October, one Thousand eight Hundred and twenty.
[Signed by] John THOMPSON
[Witnessed by] Robert BENSON William FARRER
[Inventory respited under £1500.]
[Died 30 October 1820. Will proved at Kendal, 25th Nov 1820]

Annie Catherine Mary THOMPSON wife of William Guy THOMPSON of Moresby Park, Ambleside -
Will dated: 17-March-1954
Executors and trustees: my son Guy THOMPSON and my daughter Mary THOMPSON .
To my son Guy THOMPSON my green ash bedroom suite, my antique chest of drawers, my large mahogany beside table, my picture of Sweden Bridge, my pair of silver candlesticks, my pair of brass candlesticks and my white Wedgwood part tea service.
The remainder of my articles of household and personal use and ornaments to my daughter Mary THOMPSON.
The remainder subject to payment of just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses to my son Guy and daughter Mary equally.
If either my son or daughter should die in my lifetime leaving lawful issue then the issue to take the proportionate share of the parent’s share.

William Guy THOMPSON of “Moresby”, Ambleside, Wine and Spirit Merchant -
Will dated: 17-March-1954
Executors and trustees: my wife Annie Catherine Mary my son Guy THOMPSON and my daughter Mary THOMPSON .
To my granddaughter Jill all benefits under the policy taken out by me for her benefit under the Royal Insurance Company Limited.
Subject to the above and funeral and testamentary expenses and debts all real and personal estate to my wife Annie Catherine Mary.