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In order to become us, one must fully qualify
And pass a test most rigorous (not simply really try)
And always raise the standard till ridiculously high
To be an Epworth

It helps if one is born into the natur’l fam’ly line
‘Tho many have, through marriage, earned their ownership just fine
By holding Epworth principles as though they were Divine
So they’re an Epworth

One mustn’t ever testify that they would rather pass
A stiff libation offered in a bottle or a glass
At eventide or daybreak whether being lad or lass
To stay an Epworth

One always must be quite prepared to help another soul
In need of food or lodging or cigarette to roll
Or to provide a fiver to a buddy in the hole
To pass as Epworth

Political correctness must not ever place a halt
To sharing wit and humor from the massive Epworth Vault
If foreign or trans-gendered - Hey - it’ really ain’t my fault
That I’m an Epworth

And like, or love or hate us, we shall all stick to our guns
For we are the elite - the crème de crème - the chosen ones
And I’m forever thankful that the surname of my sons
Is bloody Epworth

My Christmas wish to Epworth-ville is for ten thousand aeons
Of future conjugality for married Epworth lions
Resulting in the births of countless thousand Epworth scions
Thank God we’re EPWORTH!

Copyright "Steven Charles Epworth - 2002"

In The Beginning...
There was Benjamin PETTY b. England about 1675.
A 3rdGreat-grandson, William RAMSEY and his wife Hannah E SLEIGHTHOLM, emigrated to Canada about 1834 and settled in Victoria County, Ontario Canada.

An as yet unknown MAUNDER b.about 1785 somewhere in England had a very adventurous son.
Edward MAUNDER b.England 1809 married Elizabeth (Betsy) Jane PHILLIPS b.England 1813 then emigrated to Canada settling in Victoria County, Ontario, Canada.

William EPWORTH born England abt.1825 married Mary LEATHWAITE daughter of Ralph LANGDEN a millwright.
Their son Charles (Skipper) EPWORTH b.England 1845 and Jane HUSSEY b.England 1859, daughter of James HUSSEY born 1821 and Susan BAYARD b.England 1823, came to Canada and settled in York County, Ontario, Canada circa 1885

This website contains information on their descendants and related families.

The information on these pages is provided with the expectation that other family members, yet unknown, distant in relationship or geography but seeking the same roots, may find a thread, add to it, or pass one on and hopefully, by getting back to our roots, we can once again become close-knit with each other and a new form of the extended family known so well to our ancestors may be born via the internet.

I have made every effort to see that the information I gather is correct. Part of the purpose of this site is to expose my research to correction and criticism so I can be more confident of its accuracy. If you can shed light on any aspect of the material please do so. I welcome any and all contributions.

If I should ever decide to publish this database of our family tree, to protect the privacy of individuals I would exclude information on people who are, or may still be alive.
Privacy is an issue that is important to all of us. I believe the information that would be in such a published database to be in the public domain, and to have been gathered from the same. If however you find something which you feel imposes on your privacy, please make me aware of it as soon as possible and I will make the appropriate changes.