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Presently we are working on new leads into the family and ancestors of Elen Halvorine Eltrevaag born in Sveen, Norway.  We have her father as Ola Klementsen from Apeland and her mother as Maleene Helgesdotter along with ten siblings.  I am looking for anyone who is related to two of Elen's sisters, Hanna Asmine Olsdotter b:1876, d:1952 or Maja Karoline Olsdotter, b:1884, both of Norway.

The story of Osmund Erland sneaking his family (all US citizens) and sister-in-law (not a citizen) through Ellis Island. to the story

The story of Osmund Erland obtaining his Naturalization paper and becoming a Citizen of the United States. to the story

We are continuing to research the ancestors of Ole Pedersen Erland, 1841-1902, of Gummedal, Norway.  I have his parents as Peder Johnsen of Karmoy, 1791-1878 and Sissel Olsdatter, 1796-1886.  Information back to about 1600 is available for ancestor's of Ingeborg Lisbet Nilsdatter, Ole's wife, by selecting "Family Tree" at the bottom of this page and information on Ole's ancestor's can be found back to abt 1580.  All Norwegian ancestry to date is based upon information from family members and their personal knowledge of the individual family member as well as from Norwegian Bygdeboks (see "Our Genealogy Library" for Bygdeboks).

We are also looking for information on Della Susan McClain, born in Ohio in 1854 as well as her parents, W R McClain and Margarete Kelly or Kelley.  An old family letter describes W R McClain as being a doctor in the Civil War.  Anyone who has access to Land, Marriage or Civil War Records for Ohio and can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Trumbull family information is primarily from the following family booklets:

The booklets were printed cir. 1918.   Two are available for viewing.

Other areas of extreme interest for us are with the Trumbull ancestors of Augustine Warner I, II and III, Gloucester County, Virginia as well as the Randolph, Isham, Howell and Lewis families of that era and location.  Information pertaining to anything on these families or Warner Hall itself that is not covered in the link below would greatly be appreciated.  Information on Nathaniel Bacon's connection to Warner Hall, or the Gloucester County, Virginia area in general also would be greatly appreciated.

Much progress has been made on the Baker, Fletchall, Grindstaff, Mansell, Reed, Hobbs and Hooper families.  I can forward any questions to the family member that is presently compiling that data.

Any information especially historical information that others can provide would be appreciated.  We are also willing to share information that we have.

Family Surnames ( Direct Ancestors Only )
many others from parallel branches can be found by selecting the title "Ancestor and Kinship Reports" below

Eric Erland

Abrahamsen, Agesdatter, Anfinnsen, Asbjornsdtr, Aurdal, Bagge, Baker, Bardsdatter, Bardsen, Barley, Barton, Bassano, Bavington, Bendiksen, Biddle, Billingsley, Bird, Birkeland, Birt, Black, Borgesdatter, Brookes, Buckner, Byerley, Clarke, Cox, Crabtree, Crantzdorf, Danielsen, DeLaChaumette, DeLashmet, Devore, Eikesdal, Eltrevaag, Engle, Erland, Fagan, Flatnes, Fletchall, Furre, Gates, Gibson, Grindstaff, Gudmundsdatter, Hansen, Helgesdatter, Helgesdatter, Hillesland, Hobbs, Hooper, Ingebrigtsen, Hobbs, Hooper, Jensdatter, Jensen, Johannesdatter, Johnsen, Johnson, Jones, Jonsdatter, Jonsen, Kelly, Knudsdatter, Knudsen, Kristoffersdatter, Kristoffersen, Kristofferson, Lanier, Larsdatter, Lauritsdatter, Malone, Mansell, Markussen, Matland, McMclain, Mikkelsen, Mobberly, Moberly, Mobley, Mortensdatter, Mountrey, Moutray, Nelson, Nilsdatter, Nilsen, Olsdatter, Osmundsdatter, Osmundsen, Packer, Pedersdatter, Pedersen, Pratt, Reed, Ronnevik, Sampson, Skjold, Stokka, Straw, Sumner, Svinelid, Todni, Torsteinsdatter, Tucker, Venns, Waggoner, Wagner, Warren, Whited, Willumsen

Mary "Mimi" Trumbull

Austin, Banks, Borlase, Brett, Broderick, Carroll, Chambers, Clarkson, Cooper, Dale, Dayton, Deacon, Downs, Greer, Hovey, Howell, Isham, Johnson, Lane, Lewis, Lilburn, Malony, Martieu, Morse, Nash, Nicholson, O'Keefe, Palmer, Pepper, Pierce, Pulton, Randolph, Reade, Richards, Riland, Roe, Rogers, Roy, Ryan, Sabin, Shurtleff, Smith, Stanton, Stewart, Thomas, Townley, Trumbull, Upham, Warner, Winter, Wood
Countries and U.S. States were Surnames have ties


Countries Norway, Denmark, England / Britain, France, Ireland
U.S. States Alabama, California, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia


Countries Canada, England / Britain, France, Ireland
U.S. States California, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia


I would love to hear from anyone with the name ERLAND.

It can be as a first name or a last name.   I would enjoy knowing what you know about Erland and its history as I feel many of us have common roots to the Erland farm area, Tysvar, Rogaland County, Norway.



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  • Ancestor Report Mary "Mimi" Trumbull
  • Kinship Report Mary "Mimi" Trumbull


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