Miscellaneous Records from the Western Herald and Farmers Magazine

Miscellaneous Records from the Western Herald and Farmers Magazine

Western Hearald and Farmer’s Magazine”
Windsor, Essex County
Wednesday, January 31, 1838

Birth On the 23rd instant, 1838 of a son—Emily ROSMORE, wife of Edward HOLLAND ( of the Commissariat Office, Sandwich, UK) and 4th Daughter of the late Samuel CROOKE of Kinsale County Cork, Esq, Nephew of the late Right Hon Lord ROSMORE

Western Hearald and Farmer’s Magazine”
Windsor, Essex County
Tuesday, July 3rd , 1838

Married –On Tuesday 26th inst. By Rev A McDONALD, John A RAY, son of John RAY to Harriet daughter of the late Francois MARANTETT, both of the township of Sandwich.

“Western Hearald and Farmer’s Magazine”
Windsor, Essex County
Tuesday, December 11, 1838

“List of Letters remaiing in the Amherstburg PostOffice, 5th December, 1838
Mrs Betsy Brown
Eliza Brown
William Bailey
Samuel Burton
Balliff Court of Requests
Corporal d Brown, Q L Infantry
Thomas Barker
Botsford & Kemp
John Conrad
Mrs CrawfordHenry Creel
John Cairns
Andrew Cummings
Mrs Chesley
Robert Deming
Thomas Dawson
Rachel Died
Joseph Dube
Cezare Dube
John Edgemont
Todd Elliott
Thomas Elliott
Joseph Fox
John Forest
John Green
A H J Galarno
Joseph Green
Capt D Grant
Thomas Hamiliton
Martin Harvey
William hardy
Willis Hamiliton
Mr Hulbert
Ellis Hilmond
George Johnston
Benjamin King
William Kearns
Christopher Kendrew
The Rev J Lostrie
Nero Lyons
John Landers
John B Laliberty
Saul Leblanco
James Merrill
Lawrence Murphy 2
Henry McKenny
________ Mc Chearson. Esq
Chester Morton
Mr Mills
John McCormick
Robt A McArthur
Chas D Newcombe
James Nettleton
Lewis Nutson
Jonathan Nelson
Miss Angelina Ogen
Mr S Pendleton
Rev John Radcliffe
Ju Rowe
Stebney Streets
John Savage
James Stewart
Mrs Sophia Smith
Mrs Mary Sloan
J L Samson
John Sim
Stephen Taylor
Henry Thorton
John Trowell
Charles Vannevry
Alexander Wqallace
Peter Wilson
J Wilson
William Williams, Sen
William Williams, Jun
Israel Williams
Capt Wilson
Rev Hiram Wilson
Emeline Ware 2
Mr Wilson
N B ---Such of the above letters as are not retired within 6 weeks from this date will be sent to the General Post Office, Quebec, as dead letters.
James Kevill, P M
Post Office, Amherstburg, 5th December, 1838”

Western Hearald and Farmer’s Magazine”
Windsor, Essex County
Tuesday, December 11, 1838

“Letters in the Sandwich PostOffice, 5th December, 1838
J Bape Allen
John Buchan
Thomas Boyd
Thos George Brown
Jacque Bisailon
Robt Bailey
Freeman Bray
Alfred Blackburn
Joseph Bournes
Alex Baine
Eds’d Berryman
Minor Barnes
Duncan Cullam
Jacque Campaigna
Daniel Connor
Kimby Combine
William Crenstuan
Isadore Cotai
Chas Coshian
Thos Charles
Laurence Conway
Margarete Cavenagh
Margarete Carr
W L Colley
George Clay
Antoine Dupuy
David Esson
Jos B Flanagan
Patrick Foley
Alex Finlayson
John Foster
Simon Gorman
Amant Gaumont
James Goudie
E’d Guibautt
John Gooodyear
Robt Graham
John Gondi
James Holmes
Cap’n Hodson
John Harrison
Jarvis Hurd
Nicholas Henry
Wm James Esqr
John Laughton
Clement Lorage
____Mackilcan, Esqr
Hugh Martin
Patrick Merril
Don’d Fraser McRay
Dudley Marble
Mrs Michel Morse
James Manaham
C B Maryat
Capt Wm McIntosh
Anthony Mirol
Michel Mooney
John Northwood
William Nourso
James O’Conner
Wm Osborn
Bethseba Perry
Charles Peete
Anthony Preweth
Michel Rochelo
George Lacklands Ross
Joseph Racicot
Chester Rogers
Antione River
Geo Stephen Reid
R Smith (Detroit)
James Stewart
James Severs
John Smith
Alex Sincliar
Humphrey Swift II
William Stevens
Wm Smith
David Stewart
Peter Traxler
Mrs Tucker
G W Thomson Esquire
Robt Bm Turnbull
Patrick Tool
Michel Trion
________ Taylor Esqr
Laurent Trembly
Isaac Wilkinson
Wm Wiseman
Major Ward
Patrick Whelan
Jos Wilson
John Gentle, P M

Saturday, March 7, 1840

Died ---At Belleville, on the 17th Feb’y at the residence of Thomas PARKER, Esquire, Ann Augusta, wife of Alexander J WILLIAMSON, and daughter to the late Simon McNAB, Esquire.

Wednesday, September 8, 1841

FIRE—On Tuesday night last, between 10 and 11 O’Clock, the Brewery of Mr Joseph TESSIMAN, Chatham North, was seen to be on fire. An Alarm was given by the ringing of the steamboat bell, which brought numbers to the spot: by the time we arrived there, the fire was fortunately extinguished without doing damage of an consequence—“Chatham Journal”, August 21

Saturday, March 14, 1840

A Soldier Drowned—On Friday the 6th inst, a soldier of the 85th Regiment named James ROTHWELL, committed sucide bt drowing himself in the Detroit river, near Windsor. He had been married only about two weeks, whe he committed the rash act, which is said to have been induced by a fit of jealoust. He walked up from this town in company of his with his wife, it is said, stopped at a tavern, where the twain partook of “something to drink.” He shortly after proceeded to the river and threw himself in.

Newspaper, "WESTERN HERALD", Wednesday August 4, 1841

DIED--In Chatham on Monday, the 26 inst., Henry Duncan, the only child of Mr Henry Mr Henry Van Allen, aged 3 mos and 20 days.

In Windsor on the 29th inst, Mrs McCurdy, wife of Dr McCurdy

Attempt to Imposition-- Notice--- on the 29th of July, 1837 I gave my note to G H Hosley, for £212. 50 cents, for that amount left with me for safe keeping, which was payable to him only, and was canceled, some time afterwards, by the return of the money; yest I am informed that he has retained the said note until this time, and having reason to believe with a fraudalent intention, this is to give notice that I am prepare to resist sucessfully any attempt that may be made to collect the same, as I have evidence that it has been fully paid. H Davenport Windsor, July 12, 1841

Sheriff's Sale

Jacob Burnett Briggs -- Plantiff vs William Jones, Charles Askin and James Askin, executors of Theresa McKee, deceased

By virture if a writ of Fieri Facia issued out of Her Majesty's Court of Queen Bench, to me directed against the lands and tenements of the above defendants, Executors , as aforesaid, I have seized and taken in execution the following property, viz: part of the Gore of the River Peck, in the town of Maidstone, about 45 acres. Which property I shall offer for sale at the Court House in Sandwich, on Thursday the 9th day of September next, at 12 o'clock noon, for cash only. All persons having any claims to the above property, will please make the same known to me on of before the day of the sale George Wade Foott, Sheriff W D Sheriffs office, Sandwich June 7, 1841

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