1899 Essex County Business Directory

1899 Essex County Business Directory

Name Business Location

George Hillier Postmaster Albuna

Amherstburg Echo Amherstburg Amherstburg Electric Light Heat and Power Co. D. Barron produce T. P. Barron grocer A. Bernard hotel D. Bertrand blacksmith Simon Bertrand butcher E. Berube dry goods, etc. Ed Boyt hotel J. J. Brault musical goods J. D. Burke general store Mrs. J. Burns grocery J. M. Caldwell grocer Mrs. Churchill grocery Henry Clay barrister Thomas Cody butcher Cuddy Falls Co. bankers Cuddy Mullin Coal Co. coal Curtis & Viger bankers D. R. Davis barrister Gilbert Deneau implt agent etc. J. Dodson grocer H. L. Drouillard barber Lambert Drouillard furniture Mrs. W. Duffy cigars, etc. R. Elliott shoemaker Essex Union Cheese & Butter Co. Falls Bros. insurance, etc. J. B. Fillion paints G. T. Florey & Son confectioners, etc Albert Fox livery John Fraser planing mill W. S. Gant dentist Andrew Gibb cabinet maker J. R. Gillean prop. Lake View House John Hamilton butcher Robt. Hancock baker Mrs. Harris confectionary E. H. Haynes foundry John Healey crockery Healey & Smith grocers Thomas Hobley physician F. A. Hough barrister F. W. Hunt grocer W. T. Hunt grocer O. Janisse blacksmith S. T. Johnson grocer C. H. Kemp livery D. M. Kemp furniture G. E. Kirbyson laundry W. G. Kirk shoemaker M. Lawler tailor J. H. C. Leggatt loan agent & appraiser to the Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co. Louis Lemay blacksmith W. J. H. McBride vet surgeon etc. W. H. McEvoy jeweler, etc S. McGee grocer Wm. McGuire insurance Miss H. McIntyre milliner J. J. McSpaddin tailor F. J. Maloney boots & shoes M. Maloney blacksmith T. E. Marontate wines & liquors Miss E. Meloche milliner Mrs. G. L. Middleton milliner Miss E. O'Madden grocery E. G. Park Postmaster J. R. Park planing mill T. J. Park physician J. A. Patton paints J. S. Patton implt. agent J. H. Pettypiece insurance N. Y. Pickering tailor W. R. Pizer hotel Primeau & Son blacksmiths J. Proudfoot physician Alfred Pulford carriage maker Joseph Reaume harness J. Richard live stock John Robidoux carriage maker J. B. Robidoux sr. carriage maker A. E. Rondot dry goods, etc F. P. Scratch & co. general store O. W. Shipman coal D. H. Smith barber J. W. Stokes butcher George Taylor wines & liquors D. H. Terry photographer O. E. Teeter physician C. M. s. Thomas druggist Geo. Tilley barber J. W. Tomlinson harness T. F. Tomlinson harness David Trotter grocer James Turvill grocer Albert Verrall hotel Thomas Ward butcher H. F. West boots & shoes Mrs. G. White confectionery Colin Wigle flour mill D. D. Wigle & Bro. hardware C. F. Wilcox grocer James Wilderspin builder W. T. Wilkinson harness

J. W. Crichton blacksmith Arner Richard Eede Postmaster A. L. Fox saw mill A. E. McCallman grocer G. B. Quick builder E. Riddle grocer

J. C. Barrows general store Blytheswood G. W. Broom harness W. Daly general store George Gascoyne carriage maker F. A. Leak cheese mnfr John Miller postmaster & general store George Reid blacksmith John Selkirk saw mill John Thompson lumber dealer

Dolphis Beniteau Postmaster Canard River John Delisle wagon maker

E. Chauvin general store Chevalier E. Desmorais general store Dupuis & Pare carriage makers D. Gagnier harness G. N. Guagnier blacksmith E. C. Jannisse hotel A. Lemire physician Clement Mailoux saw mill H. R. Marion Postmaster Joseph Masse grocer H. Vigneux agril implts

Joseph Boring Postmaster and carpenter Colchester M. Dart blacksmith Alexander Hackett grocer J. D. Knapp builder G. L. Ring physician

G. A. Ainslie furniture Comber John H. Ainslie planing mill etc J. S. Ainslie & Bro. stave mill R O Y Ainslie general store Ainslie & Ainslie bankers C. N. Anderson physician R. Ancerson veterinary surgeon Thomas Anderson grain Miss Baker dress maker Thomas Beattie hardware John Bigger contractor Henry Braendle blacksmith A. J. Brown tailor W. G. Campbell drugs Mrs. H. Chatterton dressmaker Charles Clark printer Comber Herald Comber Cheese Factory A. Dupuis general store John Elliott livery P. A. Flaherty blacksmith Wm. Fraser barber John Goatbe contractor H. Hallatt butcher Mrs. A. Hatcher crockery Mosley Hobson butcher Charles Howes barber Hughes & Bros. stoves & tinware J. E. Hull harness F. F. Jones broker James Kerr hotel John Lefevre shoemaker Mrs. J. Lefevre millinery R. J. Lund miller Duncan McAlister Postmaster Donald McAllister Loan Agent & Appraiser to the Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co. John McAvinue butcher Wm. McHutchion baker confectionery, etc McParland & Forbes proprs. Grand Central Hotel C. L. MacDermott photographer Wm. Mellish jeweler Wm. Manning backer Pettit Bros & co stave mill J. I. Poole barrister Antoyne Reaume blacksmith Charles Rhoades machinist J. W. Sifton physician Miss C. J. Taylor millinery David Voakes brick maker

Mrs. A. Beaudoin Postmistress Comet D. Graveline general store

S. G. Brooker Postmaster Cottam Robert Burling butcher Joseph Carder brick mnfr Alex Cockburn blacksmith Thomas Hill blacksmith W. R. Kellett general store R. H. Millen general store T. Waggoner blacksmith

Ralph Mather Postmaster Deerbrook Caroline Ray hotel

R. Cutmore grocer Edgar Mills Wm. Edgar saw mill L. M. McLaughlin Postmaster John Sutton timber

Isaac Elford Postmaster Elford Sweetman Bros. saw mill

J. S. Austin Postmaster and general store Elmstead Wm. Gillespie blacksmith Hill Bros. brick mnfrs. Charles Stuart blacksmith

F. S. Adams harness Essex J. H. Alliss hardware J. D. Anderson & co bankers Robert Arkell Mngr. Imperial Bank of Canada JOhn Bate carriage maker W. D. Beaman broker Brein & Brein physicians Brett & Auld printers Essex Free Press M. Burton hotel R. W. Burton hotel Wm. Church real estate Cowell & Mayville agril implts W. J. Dewar merchant tailor Diebel & Bricker general store James Douglas boots Mrs. E. Ellison dressmaker Essex Electric Light company H. W. Faul organs H. H. Fields hotel Charles Flint barber Forsythe & Anderson general store J. A. Francis general store Pholo Gilboe hotel Robert Goslin butcher J. Gourlay & sons engine & boiler mnfrs Mrs. A. Hart confectionery Wm. Hart painter J. A. Hicks furniture J. M. Hicks grocer J. Hopgood butcher A. K. Jeffery baker J. E. Jenner physician Johnston Bros. planing mill W. H. Kennedy barrister C. Krieghoff photographer D. B. Labar blacksmith Ritchie Lainge Co. (The) builders & contractors J. S. Kaird surveyor Sing Lee laundry A. E. Lovelace insurance agent John McDougall lavery and blacksmith T. H. McElligott tailor James McMurray stoves Miss M. J. MacDougall confectionary H. P. Martin dentist Mrs. E. R. A. May books James May harness Wm. Miller barber C. E. Naylor saw mill W. B. Oliver bill poster Oval Dish Wood Company E. L. Park jeweler A. Percival barber W. H. Richardson hardware W. H. Richardson vet surgeon J. A. Rose livery A. H. Scarff & co. grocers G. A. Sherrin druggist D. Sinclair livestock Sinclair & Gormley auctioneers W. Sisson cooper Joseph Sloat ashery John Snively barber J. T. Somerville physician Richard Souley shoemaker J. E. Stone agril imp & carriage repository Mrs. Tazzaman dressmaker G. J. Thomas loan agent & appraiser for Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co. J. Thorne druggist C. Vance pop mnfr Mrs. T. A. Vance grocer V. Vance tinsmith Robert Wallace blacksmith Whitney Bros general store M. J. Wigle & co general store S. f. Wigle grocer C. E. Wilkinson grocer E. A. Wismer barrister

Denis Perrin postmaster Fair Play

Campbell Bros. saw mill Gesto Frederick Martin postmaster O. R. Taylor saw mill Johnm Waddis general store

Wm. Borrowman grain Gordon J. C. Duff postmaster F. Mack physician C. W. Thomas saw mill T. B. White stone dealer

T. B. Adams general store Harrow John Bertrand butcher W. J. Campeau physician Clark & Bell general store Thomas Curtis shoemaker E. F. Darby druggist and G N W Telegraph Co. C. E. Drummond prop. Drummond House John Farbrother butcher Gordon Ferris baker Mrs. A. Ford grocery D. Halstead saw mill John Halstead prop. Harrow Exchange E. Harris chopping mill Samuel Heard barber Henry Herdman carriage maker H. Klie grocer Robert Laing tailor John McIntyre harness John Morand painter Alvah Munger jeweler M. P. O'Connor Agent Federal Life Assurance Co W. F. Park physician C. I. Pastorius postmaster and furniture E. Pastorius hotel P. L. Quick hotel Charles Richardson hardware Mrs. P. R. Rumbull hardware A. E. Sinasac banker F. E. Sinasac blacksmith Staddon & Flood millers and grain dealers John Stocker grocer Straith & Manning general store Thompson & co. general store J. E. Webster tailor B. Wright barber S. C. Zimmerman planing mill

Hillman, Wiper & Co. saw mill Hillman Robert Manery postmaster

Adams & Coate hardware Kingsville Ed Allworth loan agent and appraiser to the Canada Permanent Loan & Savings F. M. Allworth insurance agent A. J. Ayers shoemaker S. Black washing machines Wm. Black fish Mrs. Bremner dressmaker M. G. Brethour grocer Alexander Brown jeweler Brown & Wigle woolen mill J. R. Coate insurance agent Arthur Conklin impl agent David Conklin saw mill George Cooper tailor Cowan & Quick general store Wm. Craft blacksmith H. E. Crow baker Mrs. E. De Jean fancy goods Miss M. De Lyon millinery James Doan druggist D. Elliott hotel Robert Fleming blacksmith George Foster painter Wm. Gilkinson livery J. W. Green & son handle mnfrs R. Gregory furniture G. A. Grenville insurance Owen Harris foundry Patrick Hart harness W. H. Hellems printer & publisher Kingsville Reporter C. W. Hendersot dry goods B. Jasperson banker Thomas Jenner contractor Kingsvill Natural Oil & Gas Co. Limited Kingsville Preserving Co. Theo Kittle shoemaker J. G. Kolfage grocer Joseph Langtry tailor Dr. Lee physician Charles Leggett books and stationery Wm. Longland carpenter Loop Bros. fish W. G. Loop grocer James Lovelace shoemaker F. R. Luckbam photographer D. H. McCay carriage maker James McKay barber S. L. McKay hardware Wm. McKenzie physician Miss. S. McLeod dressmaker W. S. McLeod pumps Henry Malott blacksmith P. E. Mayhew harness maker J. S. Middough auctioneer C. S. Miller druggist Miner Bros. brick maker Mrs. H. Mosher millinery E. F. Nickerson baker & confectioner Ontario Mutual Gas co. J. E. Pastorius propr. Pastorius House Mrs. T. M. Pastorius millinery Pearsall Mnfg. Co. furniture E. A. Pulford carriage maker T. J. Salmoni grocer E. O. Scratch boots & shoes H. R. Scratch stoves & tinware J. H. Smart postmaster and banker W. A. Smith barrister Smith & Scratch millers J. H. Sweet blacksmith H. Walker & Son hotel F. R. Webb fruit grower John Weir Weir Tailoring Co. Fraser Westcott banker P. D. White physician Andrew Wigle dentist James Wigle grocer Joshua Wigle butcher Robert J. Wigle livery S. Wigle music teacher W. Wigle livery Jason Woodiwiss mason John Woodiwiss cooper N. Woodiwiss pasterer Wm. C. Wride barber

James Abernety shoemaker Leamington J. Askew & son miller Alex Baird civil engineer A. G. Baker loan agent John Barnes nursery E. J. Batchelor & co dry goods A. T. Boles barrister A. Campbell grocer John Carr hotel C. C. Chamberlain physician Collins Bros. dyers H. J. Coulson agril implt agent W. C. Coulson insurance C. L. Coultis grocer W. D. Cox clothier Charles H. Creighton printer and publisher G. F. Cronk boots George Crew eggs, butter etc. James De Cow restaurant G. W. Devore photographer H. A. Dunn photographer W. T. Easton agent Federal Life Assurance Co. & Barrister Miss J. Eccles dressmaker E. T. Eede physician James Evans grocer W. A. Ford plumber Foss baker Edward Foster stoves G. C. Foster Loan agent and appraiser to the Canada Permanent Loan & Savings W. O. Franklin & co. general store Gardner Bros handle mnfrs John Gilbert cooper W. R. Graham carriage maker J. S. Greenhill hardware George Hanford barber Fred Harris baker Wm. Hazelton tinner W. Hepinstall jeweler E. C. Hickerison baker R. Hillier physician L. W. Hodgins jeweler H. V. Holder merchant tailor Alfred Huffman hotel P. H. Hughes physician W. J. Hyatt livery G. W. Jackson books John Jackson grocer Joseph James butcher Charles Johnston harness maker Fred Kennedy tailor J. Leonard & co. laundry Arthur Ludlum planing mill J. G. Lynn cabinet maker Edgar McClatchy carding mill D. McDonald blacksmith Miss R. McIntosh dressmaker Geo E. McKay merchant tailor W. F. McKenzie mngr of McKenzie Wagon & Carriage Works J. J. McKillop boots and shoes J. F. McMillan dentist Wm. McRoach carpenter Hugh McSween grocer W. McSween druggist C. E. Mann merchant tailor Maxon & Maxon banker J. A. Maycock architect F. Mettam hardware, stoves & tinware Joseph Mitchell grain S. G. Morse dry goods Miss May Mosey dressmaker Ontario Mutual Gas Co. Limited W. H. Parnall & co grocer A. B. Patterson mngr Merchants Bank of Canada J. H. Pengelly marble W. A. Piper dentist J. E. Proctor grocer Darius Prosser livery R. Prosser blacksmith J. A. Richardson & Co plumbers Robinson Bros. grocers T. F. Robinson & co dry goods L. Robinson sewing machines I. J. Russell & co. implt agents S. Rutledge teas & coffees W. H. Ryall hotel McR. J. Selkirk postmaster Louis Smith barber Wm. Smith furniture Softley Bros. machinists Walter Stores insurance George Stewart harness M. Stewart billiard room JOhn Stirling butcher J. T. Sutherland physician Walter s. Pulford Carriage Works O. H. Toll furniture J. B. Tuttle laundry J. H. Van Zandt pumps Mrs. J. H. Van Zandt millinery Wm. Zannatter blacksmith Waderlow & McMulkin foundry and machinists J. L. Wagner implt agent James Watson mngr. Traders Bank of Canada H. R. Whaley cigar mnfr C. B. Wigle blacksmith Ed Wigle hotel M. E. Wigle grocer Mrs. M. Wigle fancy goods Roy Wilkinson livery J. D. Williams sewing machines M. Wilson vet surgeon A. C. Wood prop. Leamington News J. A. Wright dry goods J. B. Wynne druggist

J. Aubin postmaster and hotel McGregor Ulric Knapp grocer G. Neibergall & son lumber J. M. Pembleton agent Federal Life Assurance Co.

Leo Page postmaster Ojibwa Page Bros. & Desrosier general store

Michael McCarthy postmaster Oldcastle Alexander Napier blacksmith

R. Gaskin blacksmith Olinda Dexter Squire postmaster and general store

Annie Alderich grocery Oxley Charles Bell loan agent and appraiser Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Allanson Elliott postmaster Hugh Russell blacksmith

J. Harshaw postmaster Paquette Station

John Finlay wines Pelee Island J. S. Hamilton & co. wine mnfrs Albert Henning fish KIngsville Natural Gas & Oil Co. Robert Little hotel Arthur McCormick postmaster A. M. McCormick & son general store F. B. McCormick loan agent and appraiser Canada Permant loan & savings Charles McIntyre blacksmith J. s. McQueen saw mill W. H,. Parnall grocer Pelee Island Wine & Vineyards co. Thadeus Smith wine mnfr Toronto Stone Co. stone quarry John Watt general store

Mrs. A. Burleigh postmistress Pelee Island East

C. B. Quick postmaster Pelee Island North

Mrs. B. E. Ferguson postmistress Pelee Island South

Wm. Belanger postmaster and grocer Pike Creek F. Dumouchelle hotel C. Mero blacksmith A. A. Tournier physician

Manuel Eaton ashery Puce P. J. Major saw mill Wm. Miller postmaster and grocer J. D. Renaud blacksmith J. W. Scott general scott N. W. Trimble saw mill

W. H. Knister general store Ruscom Station C. J. Lefevre grocer Robert McNaughton postmaster J. Murray & co. saw mill Wm. Trapisener blacksmith

Lewis Boussey boots Ruthven W. Cousins blacksmith Grant Bros. harness G. J. Jones nurseryman F. McCharles wagon maker J. Malott butcher John E. Moore agent Federal Life Assurance co. T. H. Norman general store C. Oliver physician E. B. Stewart general store Simon Stewart general store E. R. Wigle hardware T. H. Wigle general store

E. LeBoeuf charcoal St. Clair Siding S. Souchereau postmaster

Charles Adams general store St. Joachim River Ruscom Joseph Bacon shoemaker Eugene Beuglet postmaster & general store Charles Janisse hotel Joachim Sauve blacksmith

Assumption college Sandwich Becigneul & co wines J. H. Bishop Co sleigh robes Eugene Breault butcher W. A. Cates hotel Joseph Depurt stoves Dupuis Bros. general store J. P. Fecteau stoves E. Girardot & co wine mnfrs Frank Girardot cigars Robert Green hotel W. C. Harwood physician Mrs. J. Henderson grocery Francis Hurt grocer Wm. Hutchinson shoemaker Leandre Jolibois wagon maker Richard McKee butcher Daniel Marentette hotel C. E. Mason baker Page & Desrosiers general store Pequegnot & co. grocers Piche & Jenet wagon mnfrs Emile Renard blacksmith J. C. Smith harness J. L. Smith hotel S. K. Smith barber John Spiers general store Mrs. J. Vokes grocer

Silas Allen blacksmith South Woodslee W. Allison postmaster Peter Cotter grain W. S. Cummiford agent Federal Life Assurance Co Cummiford & McEnteer agril implts Wm. Guthrie shoemaker C. W. Hancock & son general store C. S. Hanes saw mill A. Hendrick blacksmith S. Hogan hotel Jacob Mitchell agril implts James Murray shoemaker H. c. Rees saw mill S. Richardson physician W. H. Rumball hardware George Sears hotel J. E. Smith tailor P. B. Tester grocer A. W. Van Every general store

J. S. Ainslie & Bros. stave mnfrs Staples John Bakam blacksmith Fred Barton livery Buchanan Bros lumber Rebecca Burgess confectionery Force & Dickinson saw mill Larue Bros. saw mill George Lesperance tailor James McCracken saw mill D. R. Menzies postmaster J. P. Middleton hotel George Neibergall & co. saw mill Stewart Nutbrown blacksmith F. A. Rider machinist

D. L. Auvin general store Stony Point H. Desjardins postmaster E. Desmorais general store Dupuis & Pare carriage makers D. Gagnier harness G. N. Gagnier blacksmith E. C. Jaminesse hotel S. McGuire lumber Clement Mailloux saw mill Joseph Masse grocer Samuel Mather flour mill H. M. Vigneux agril implts

John Treas blacksmith Trudell

Hilaire Bondy postmaster Vereker A. & V. Pillon wagon makers

Joseph Campeau blacksmith Walkerville C. L. Chilver hotel H. A. Christy & co. bicycle saddle mnfrs J. H. Coburn barrister W. J. Douglass hotel Placide Dugal boots John Foster grocer Globe Furniture Co. Limited Gilbert Graham hotel C. W. Hoare phycisian R. A. Holland dry goods Kerr Engine Co. Limited Wm. Kennedy mngr. Ontario Basket Co. Limited J. E. LeJeunesse grocer J. H. Luxford grocer Mrs. M. Maisonville hotel Mettaswas Summer Resort Co. Limited F. J. Miller druggist Milner Walker Wagon Works of Walkerville Limited Morton & Christie hardware Page Wire Fence Co. Of Ontario Limited Davis Parke & co. mnfrg chemists C. H. Robinson insurance Wm. Rockett grocer St. Josephs Convent T. S. Smith baker C. J. Stodgell wines N. B. Vrooman postmaster H. Walker & sons Limited distillers Walker Sons lumber Walkerville Brewing Co. Limited Herald Walkerville Walkerville Printing Co. mngr. Walkerville Land & Building Co. Limited Walkerville Malleable Iron Co. Limited H. B. Watterworth barber F. J. White jeweler H. B. White painter N. R. Whiteside & co. butchers

Stewart Anderson general store Wheatley Mrs. Batchlor dressmaker Joseph Calhoun cabinet maker Mrs. S. J. Chamberlain millinery Thomas Dales grocer T. S. Derbyshire stoves & tinware G. D. Dobbyn hardware Henry Dring propr Erie House F. J. Fox conveyancer L. E. Fox saw mill Edward Gibson postmaster J. t. Gibson carriage maker D. H. Gillan carriage maker Edward Hanson grocer J. Healey jeweler Robert Howie harness Fred Hyatt blacksmith A. F. Jones grocer Mrs. D. J. Kenyon printer & pub Wheatley Journal Sol Lamash barber A. M. Leadbeater tailor A. B. Lounsbury butcher T. A. McCormick phycisian & druggist R. McKenzie carriage maker W. J. Martin blacksmith F. J. Mills barber T. Mills lumber W. H. Mills undertaker R. E. Mosey & co. furniture dealers Daniel Omstead miller E. J. Patnode jeweler Plant & Malott livery James Reynolds baker George Rosebrugh tailor I. Shaw saw mill D. T. Smith boots and shoes John Vokes brick maker Lemuel Welsh general store J. J. White planing mill W. Wilson hotel ? Wilson vet surgeon

John H. Abell box mnfr Windsor P. H. Aber baker P. A. Aikman physician Wm. Albert laundry American Wringer co. Robert Allen shoe case mnfr Daniel Anderson shoemaker J. C. Anderson & co. coal JOseph Appelbe & co. dry goods Ambrose Appleton hotel A. J. Arnold barrister Wm. Arnold shoemaker J. A. Ashbaugh physician Abel Ashby jeweler Regis Asselin shoemaker Axford Fence Machine Co. Wm. Baby grocer Richard Bailey shoemaker John Bain second hand goods Mrs. M. Baker millinery Mrs. J. Bamford grocery Donald Banwell implt agent James Banwell barber J. E. Banwell harness James Barker tea D. R. & D. Barret laundry Bartlet & Macdonald dry goods Nathan Beckner grocer Wm. Beedle shoemaker F. F. Bell physician Bell Ice & Cartage Co. Bell Piano & Organ Co. Noe Beneteau carriage maker Raphael Bensette jeweler Mark Bernstein junk Best Wire Fence Co. Black Optical Co. jewelers J. W. Blackadder dry goods G. S. Bliss painter Mrs. L. Boulton grocery Joseph Bova fruit A. D. Bowlby bicycles Bowlby & Selwood dress stays Alexander Boyd weaver Henry Brackell grocer Bradley Bros. jewelers J. H. Brown mnfr. Common Sense Harrow Co. Martha Brown dressmaker Wm. Brown grocer H. E. Bucklen & co. patent medicines Wm. Bulmer furniture H. H. Burkey shoemaker Wm. Burnie grocer John Calvert confectionary Cameron & Curry bankers Charles Campbell dyer J. R. Campbell wines Lucy Campbell dressmaker Canadian Typograph Co. Ld. D. L. Carley tailor Richard Carney physician J. P. Carr barrister Mrs. J. Carter grocery C. E. Casgrain physician R. H. Casgrain physician Wm. Chamberlain grocer Emma Chapman grocery Isidore Chauvin grocer Chauvin & Clasco cigars W. J. Cherney grocer J. B. Chudleigh tailor Wm. Clark boots & shoes Clarke, cowan, Bartlet & Bartlet barristers Francis Cleary and R. F. Sutherland barristers R. J. Cleminson coal & wood Madge Colby grocer George Coll barber F. W. Colley butcher J. H. Connelly insurance Consumers Wall Paper Co. Coy Cook patent medicines C. T. Cooney hotel G. E. Copeland books John Coventry physician Miles Cowan loan agent & appraiser Canada Perm. Loan & Savings P. A. Craig carriage maker G. R. Cruicksbank physician Abel Curd shoemaker Curry & Robinet brick mnfrs J. E. D'Avignon druggist & chemist B. D. Davis grocer John Davis real estate W. G. Dreary hotel Mrs. a. Delisle dressmaker C. H. Delisle hotel Fred Dennis barber Henry Dethere contractor Hugh Devlin shoemaker P. A. Dewar physician A. Dickinson printer, publisher Dickson & Smith harness Frank Donelly blacksmith J. J. Donohue tailor Dougall & Darling barristers J. W. Drake furniture W. H. Drake physician C. H. Drulard butcher R. M. Drulard grocer T. W. Drulard butcher J. Dugal & son auctioneer Denis Dumouchelle harness J. M. Duncan grocer Dupuis & Valentine grocers Richard Durdan shoemaker H. H. Ellis bicycle Ellis & Ellis barristers Cecillia England dressmaker England & Son butchers G. England & co. cigars W. H. Everitt butcher W. C. G. Feilding butcher T. G. Ferriss livery D. M. Ferry & Co. seeds Arthur Feilds barber T. S. Fisher portraits Joseph Fitzgerald ticket agent H. O. Fleming druggist Fleming Wigle & Rodd barristers Flook & Babcock contractors S. H. Forsch grocer J. J. Foster butcher Charles Fraser grocer G. W. Freeman & son painter Andrew Fuller livery J. N. Fuller grocer F. C. Fulmer livery J. G. Ganginer real estate & agent Federal Life Assurance Co. John Gates musical James Gerard grocer John Giddens flour & feed Eli Gignac livery A. J. Gilboe restaurant Frank Girardot cigars Reinhold Gluns boots John Goldie boots John Grady barber A. J. Green grain C. E. Green dentist G. V. J. Greenhill mngr Merchants Bank of Canada Griesinger & Irion brewers Joseph Grummett blacksmith Wm. Guttenburg hotel J. J. Guittard hotel Thomas Hagen grocer Mrs. L. Haggin upholsterer J. F. C. Haldane barrister A. J. Halford engineer Wm. Halloran butcher Henry Hamlin harness J. W. Hanna barrister J. L. Harcourt mngr Canadian Bank of Commerce J. F. Hare barrister John Harman marble P. Harvey & co. butchers Charles Hawkins grocer Emile Henri painter F. J. Holton & co. bankers R. J. Hovenden pictures A. Huntley barber J. & T. Hurley coal L. C. Huth produce Mrs. A. Hyatt florist Imperial Oil Co. Imperial Silverware Co C. E. Jackson barber Joseph James hotel John Jay hotel Frank Jennette hotel Wm. Jennett hotel T. B. Jennisse hotel F. J. Johnson grocer Mrs. M. Johnson confectionery T. A. Johnson barber Alexander Johnston grocer T. A. Jones vet surgeon J. T. Jordan & co. tailors A. W. Joyce undertaker E. C. Kanady confectioner J. G. Kemp livery Kennedy & Kergan physicians Kerby & Kerby barristers George King grocer L'Heureux Bros. plumbers J. S. La Belle & co druggists Lafferty & Davis barristers F. H. Laing druggist W. M. Lambe barber Robert Lambert physician H. A. Lambie clothing Charles Landgrebe restaurant Mrs. C. Langlois grocery I. & D. Langlois hotel Moses Langlois hotel Samuel Langlois grocer Thomas Langlois grocer R. J. Lang____ hotel E. & J. L_______ livery Le______ & sons furniture Lamber Corsel Co. ? Edward Lev___ grocer T. M. Lev___ tailor Solomon Le___ second hand goods A. Le Progress ? Pacaud mngr L_______ Bros. dry goods Frank Lee laundry Sing Lee laundry G. J. Leggett barrister C. B. Lowe & co. grocers Charles Lebel butcher T. L. Le--- barber W. F. Long shoemaker Charles L---- butcher T. G. L--- jeweler Frank McCarthy livery M. H. McCarthy baker J. H. McConnell tailor James McCormick harness Wm. McEachran vet surgeon Banwell McGregor & co. fence mnfrs J. McGregor & sons boiler makers Wm. McGregor & son real estate Wm. McIntosh restaurant Owen McKay civil engineer G. W. McKee cigars T. W. McKee hotel W. J. McKee lumber Amos McLa-- livery A. N. McLean & co. lumber & planing mill P. B. McLeod books John McMallen shoemaker Mrs. M. McMurray grocery George McPhillips surveyor D. L. Mackay grocer F. H. Macpherson accountant Macpherson & co. threshing machinges Mahoney & Banwell agril implts A. J. Mailloux real estate George Mair mngr. Traders Bank of Canada Joseph Major washing machines Walter Malone grain elevator Manitoba Fish Co. F. H. Mann grocer Ceaser Marentette hotel C. H. Marentette blacksmith Edward Marentette gunsmith N. Marentette laundry V. D. Marentette books W. A. Maricle hotel Richard Markham barber J. R. Martin barrister J. T. Martin butcher Mason Bros. broom mnfrs Mason Tea Co. D. J. Matthew drugs J. B. Mayville blacksmith Henry Meadows plumber Mark Medcalf saloon Meisner & Killer bottlers F. X. Meloche insurance Jacob Meresky junk A. Minto & Co. teas Isabel Mitchell grocery Monroe Improved Gold Cure Wm. Moodie shoemaker Edward D. Mooney implt agent John Mooney grocer H. Morneau dressmaker R. M. Morton insurance Morton & Christie hardware Murdoch Bros photography G. H. Nairn & co. grocers Archibald Napier grocer Natural Gas & Oil C. of Ontario Ltd. P. M. Neal baker J. Nelson & Bros hardware Alphonse Nestman hotel Clinton & Baxter Neveaux hardware Wm. Newman civil engineer H. W. Nutson & Co. wines E. J. O'Connor barrister G. E. O'Dell undertaker Odette & Wherry coal J. W. Odey barber Oliver & Richardson real estate Orr Bros. flour mill C. A. Ouellette & co. gents furnishings Eugene Ouellette grocer G. O. Ouellette butcher Mrs. I. Ouellette hotel Theresa Ouellette millinery George Ovington blacksmith Owners Agency Co. Limited collections Gaspard Pecaud real estate Robert Paddon plumber John Pagean wines Mrs. E. J. Paine boots A. P. E. Panet barrister F. J. Parent bicycle mnfr Noah Parent grocer Parisian Steam Laundry Co. of Ontario Limited Murphy & Sale Patterson barristers J. O. Peck insurance J. W. Peddie dry goods George Pedrick florist Penberthy Injector Co. Pennington & Brian plumbers Peoples Electric Co. Limited J. C. Peters hotel J. L. Peters barrister A. N. Pettit teas J. Piggott & Sons planing mill John Plant grocer Ben Poness confectionery W. D. Primeau grocer Edwin Prouse physician G. K. Prowse & Son real estate R. Purser & Son plumber James Rapson shoemaker J. O. Reaume physician Record printing co. Of Windsor Limited R. A. Reynold & son insurance A. A. Rheaume music teacher Wm. Ridley insurance George Rigg marble Riley & Ronson grocers M. G. Ritzer merchant tailor John Roach grocer John Robinson harness J. B. Robinson baker Maxine Rocheleau grocer Michael Rochford saloon Mrs. M. Rolff sewing machines W. H. Rowland druggist Royal Chemical Co. chewing gum mnfrs. A. St. Denis & Co. grocers Demas St. Louis baker St. Mary Academy Samson & Sanderson physicians Emil Schmidt barber B. F. Schumacher butcher C. C. Schumacher butcher John Scott grocer J. W. Scott grocer Scully & Bridges coal Silas Searle butcher Seely Mnfg. Co. perfume mnfrs John Sepner shoemaker John Sepner boots & shoes Shedden Co. cartage agents Maxfield Sheppard barrister A. C. Shipley butcher Mrs. M. A. Shorland grocery Henry siebert grocer Singer Mngf Co. sewing machines A. D. Smith hotel G. W. Smith hotel Smith & Revell dentist J. F. Smyth & co. who grocers M. B. Squire plumber Alexander Stackhouse dentist Mrs. E. Staddon grocery Standard Paint & Varnish Works F. Stearns & Co. mnfg. chemists C. F. Stephen cooper Mrs. M. Stephen hotel A. M. Stewart ticket agent G. B. Stewart grocer R. E. Stoneburgh shoemaker Matthew Stricker blacksmith W. A. Sweet mngr Oak Hall Archibale Taylor grocer R. J. Terry barber G. E. Thatcher druggist Elias Thomas plumber Joseph Thomson general store R. Thomson & Co. lumber John Thorburn grocer Mrs. M. Thorn grocery Ralph Thorn Sr. contractor Thorpe, Conely & co. mnfg. chemists Joseph Tompkins barber J. R. Tourangeau agril implt Masurette Treffley grocer Hamilton Trumble confectionery Universal Fastener Co. of Canada limited Thomas Vollans flour mill Walker Bros. confectioners B. J. Walker jeweler Henry Walker contractor W. E. Walker grocer Wall & Guppy who produce Harry Warman baker Isaac Watt wrecking co. George Weaver grocer Wm. Weir tailor Welsh Bros. props. Windsor Brush Works Mrs. C. Welsh hotel Louis Wheeler grocer G. E. White lime Sol Wite barrister Eliza Whitson millinery Afred Wigle postmaster D. L. Wigle & Son hardware John Wigle hotel A. J. Wilkinson druggist R. J. Wilkinson boots Windsor Bill Posting Co. Winsdor Brewry Windsor Cycle Works Windsor Fence Co. Windsor Flower Seed Co. Windsor Paper Box Co. Windsor Review Co. Limited Windsor Salt Co. Limited Windsor Specialty co patent developers Windsor Truck & Storage Co. Isaac Wingarden second hand goods Mrs. A. Winters restaurant

J. A. Hogan postmaster & general store Woodslee Wm. Hogan hotel J. H. Mitchell blacksmith M. N. Mousin tailor John Murray flour mill J. E. Ruston saw mill Wm. Schooley general store