That is my great grandfather

That is my great grandfather, Peter Thanisch (Tharnish) who was born in Sheldon, New York, on July 7, 1841.  His parents were John Jacob Thanisch and Catherine Meier (Meyer) Thanisch.  Both John and Catherine are buried on St. Cecelia' cemetery.  So is Lucia Thanisch who is the mother of John Jacob, but we have never been able to find her grave.  Catherine is the daughter of Peter Meier and Maria Dorsheid.  I know those are all old names connected with St. Cecilias.  Peter and Maria are also buried on St. Cecilia's.

Peter was a cannonier during the American civil war.  He enlisted from the state of New York and spent a great deal of his time in New Orleans, Louisiana.  His group was shipwrecked during the American civil War, and the details of that are in the New York Archives.

That is about all I know about his Civil War Experience, because my sister has the records, and she can't find them right now.  When I find them, I will send more information. 

For your information Peter married Maria Arendt at St. Cecilias on February 5, 1866, and my own grandfather, John Tharnish was born in Sheldon in 1867.  So our family history goes back a few years in Sheldon.  I am really sorry never to have visited there before last year.

My great grandfather came to Iowa in 1870, because they offered Civil War Veterans 160 acres of land.  He stayed in Iowa and died there January 1, 1912. Marcella Peters