Joshua McGeough (59) and Susan Pierce (60), Anne Johnstone (889)


 Joshua McGeough (59) was born December 1747 in County Armagh, Ireland, a son of William MacGeough (118) and Elizabeth Bond (890). From his father, Joshua inherited the fortune founded by his grandfather, Joshua (847), including the Drumsill estate.

Joshua had a son, John (49) with Susan Pierce (60), about 1769. They were divorced before 1781. Joshua went on to a second marriage with Anne (Elizabeth) Johnstone (889), a daughter of Joseph Johnstone (1207) and Unknown (1208). Joshua and Anne were married 28 August 1781 in Dublin, Ireland. Their children were: William (891), born 15 June 1782, died 4 November 1852; Mary Anne (893), born 6 January 1786, died 28 March 1857; Isabella (1007), born 30 June 1787, died 7 November 1817; Walter (892), who later added Bond to his surname, becoming Walter McGeough Bond, born 14 February 1790 in Dublin, Ireland, died 17 March 1866; and Elizabeth (1006), born 6 June 1791, died 4 May 1861.

Susan Pierce also remarried, to a Mr English. She came to America with her son, John, and his family. It is not known when and where she died.

Joshua died 3 September 1817 in Dublin, Ireland and is buried at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland. His obituary in the Belfast News Letter for September 9, 1817 reads as follows:

At Drumsill House, near Armagh, on the 3rd inst. after a short illness, Joshua M'Geough, Esq in the 72nd year of his age - By his death society has lost a valuable member, and the poor a benevolent friend.

It is not known when or where Anne died.


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