1930 Carter County, Oklahoma-Ardmore

1930 Ardmore Carter County, Oklahoma

Responses reflected the individual's status as of 1 April 1930. Children born between the official start date and the day of enumeration were not to be listed, while individuals alive on the official start date but deceased when the enumerator arrived were to be counted.  There are no separate Indian population schedules in the 1930 census. Inhabitants of reservations were enumerated in the general population schedules but some minor differences in reporting were used: in place of country of birth for the father, the degree of Indian blood was listed and for the country of birth for the mother the tribe was listed. Enumerators were instructed not to report servicemen in the family's enumerations but to treat them as residents of their duty posts. The 1930 census includes schedules for overseas military and naval forces.  The original schedules have been destroyed, therefore only microfilm images are available: 1930 Federal Population Census: Catalog of National Archives Microfilm, National Archives Trust Fund Board (Washington, DC, 2002).

This is the complete census for Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma.  It is listed here by family groups as they appear on the census.  There were approximately 15,000 residents in Ardmore

Surname Given Name Age Birth State Relationship Race
Oxford Ratter 38   Wife  
Oxford Helen 1   Daughter  
Oxford Chas 9   Son  
Oxford Bessie 4   Daughter  
Cook M A 36 Illinois Head White
Cook Viva 33   Wife  
Moore James 8 Oklahoma Nephew White
May James 41 Texas Head White
May Viva E 39   Wife  
May R R 16   Son  
May Tipton R E 29 Texas Head White
May Evelyn 28   Wife  
Dunnings C L 30 Texas Head White
Dunnings Nellie 26   Wife  
Carneal Ceal 9 Texas Stepson White
Smith Maxine 42 Texas Roomer White
Richards Jinnie 53 Texas Head White
Richards R D 28   Son  
Richards Martha L 18   Daughter  
Ashman Billie 21 USA Roomer White
Brown Everette 18 USA Lodger White
Layton James 48 Texas Lodger White
Booyles Lillie 42   Wife  
Booyles Joel 19   Son  
Booyles Birdie 16   Daughter  
Booyles Mane 14   Daughter  
Pruman E H 30 Arkansas Head White
Pruman Lurie 28   Wife  
Pruman Bobbie E 0   Son  
Hoover Alice 71 Kentucky Head White
Hubble Myrtle 43 Iowa Daughter White
Hoover Ester 22   Daughter  
Hubble John 16   Grandson  
Davis Jacinta 11 Oklahoma Adopted Daughter White
Steward George 24 Oklahoma Head White
Steward Mary 25   Wife  
Steward Betsy J 1   Daughter  
Harris Bryant 12 Oklahoma Nephew White
Harris Meraie 5   Nephew  
Harris Bessie 4   Niece  
Goosby Johanna 58 Tennessee Head Negro
Fenney Haywood 42 Tennessee Lodger Negro
Brown Rolia 58 Kentucky Head White
Standerfer Juanita 24 Oklahoma Daughter White
Brown Jacqueline 16 Oklahoma Daughter White
Brown Guy 30   Son  
Ridgeway Gerald 6 Oklahoma Grandson White
Brownley W M 33 Oklahoma Head White
Brownley Noris 24   Wife  
Brownley W M 2   Son  
Hillabswy Lenda 40 Missouri Head White
Brown Marrin 22 Oklahoma Son White
Brown Mace 19   Son  
Brown Easie 16   Daughter  
Carpender R E 21 Oklahoma Head White
Carpender Faye 18   Wife  
Carpender Helen D 2   Daughter  
Green W T 28 Oklahoma Brother-in-law White
Owens B L 25 Oklahoma Head White
Owens Nellie 26   Wife  
Owens Virgil C 6   Son  
Owens Eugene E 4   Son  
Owens Francis 2   Daughter  
Taylor O K 27 Oklahoma Head White
Taylor Wanda 17   Wife  
Hamm J W 54 Arkansas Head White
Hamm Jame M 46   Wife  
Hamm Tilla 16   Son  
Hamm Florrie 13   Daughter  
Griffin Jam 39 Arkansas Head Negro
Griffin Willie 30   Wife  
Griffin Calvin 18   Son  
Griffin Eddie 15   Son  
Griffin Rudolph 13   Son  
Griffin Marvell 9   Son  
Griffin Odell 6   Daughter  
Griffin James 5   Son  
Roe Ellenor 45 Arkansas Head Negro
Foster Jessie 21 Arkansas Niece Negro
Allen Emmett 28 Oklahoma Lodger Negro
Dunn Ed 42 Mississippi Head White
Dunn Nancy 39   Wife  
Dunn Bist 22   Son  
Dunn Alford 20   Son  
Dunn Imogene 18   Daughter  
Dunn Thelma 15   Daughter  
Dunn J R 4   Son  
Dunn Mary S 2   Daughter  
Greenway Allen 33 Texas Head White
Greenway Venetia 29   Wife  
Greenway Doyle 3   Son  
Auen S A 48 Texas Head White
Auen Mollie 44   Wife  
Auen Durtice 13   Son  
Auen Lovena 11   Daughter  
Auen Sottie 42   Sister-in-law  
Auen Melvin 8   Nephew  
Dehart J W 42 Texas Head White
Dehart Elza 48   Wife  
Dehart Archie 22   Son  
Dehart Verma L 17   Daughter  
Hays Ona 33 Tennessee Head White
Hanington W H 65 Mississippi Head Negro
Hanington Anna 58   Wife  
Massey D M 22 Oklahoma Lodger Negro
Ragsdale J 38 Arkansas Head Negro
Ragsdale Onlia 36   Wife  
Ragsdale H W 5   Son  
Ragsdale L J 3   Son  
Marcy Devay 29 Texas Lodger Negro
Perkins Elizabeth 60 Kentucky Mother-in-law Negro
Hetson W M 49 Texas Head White
Hetson Maggie 43   Wife  
Lane J R 23 Oklahoma Son-in-law White
Lane Bessie 20   Cousin  
Lane Darlene 2   Daughter  
Clover Annie 40 Oklahoma Head White
Docke Pearl 17 Oklahoma Daughter White
Docke Luther 14   Son  
Clover C W 3   Son  
Burkland E 29 USA Head White
Burkland Opal 25   Wife  
Burkland Odena 7   Daughter  
Burkland Ennie 5   Son  
Burkland Ray W 3   Son  
Overstreet T F 54 Texas Head White
Overstreet Martha 50   Wife  
Overstreet Billie P 10   Son  
Books Paul 29 Kansas Head White
Books Vanda 28   Wife  
Books Paul E 7   Son  
Books Donald 4   Son  
Lambert Flora 26 Oklahoma Head White
Fincher Edna 26 Arkansas Sister-in-law White
Lambert Myrtle 18 Arkansas Sister-in-law White
Jennings Frank 37 Oklahoma Head White
Jennings Mary 20   Wife  
Jennings Frank 3   Son  
Jennings Gracie J 1   Daughter  
Jennings H C 62   Mother  
Tullos W H 52 Texas Head White
Tullos Ola 45   Wife  
Tullos Doris 17   Daughter  
Tullos Dorothy 17   Daughter  
Tullos W H 10   Son  
Tullos Victor 5   Son  
Frant H G 87 Alabama Father-in-law White
Newman V C 54 Tennessee Head White
Newman Katherine 55   Wife  
Bailey J W 87 Tennessee Father-in-law White
Smith W J 40 Oklahoma Head White
Smith Mary E 37   Wife  
Mcgoodwin ? 21 Mississippi Daughter White
Mcgoodwin Robert 23   Son-in-law  
Smith Ernest 18   Son  
Smith Billie 8   Son  
Smith Jack 5   Son  
Olaes C E 62 Texas Head White
Olaes Nannie 57   Wife  
Olaes Robert 29   Son  
Olaes Ellis 21   Son  
Tipton J M 76 USA Head White
Tipton Lavada 52   Wife  
Tipton Robert 24   Son  
Tipton Media 26   Daughter-in-law  
Tipton J M 12   Grandson  
Tipton R C 10   Grandson  
Tipton Lucile 7   Granddaughter  
Williams C H 35 Oklahoma Head White
Williams Mable 33   Wife  
Williams Bennie 13   Daughter  
Williams Rachel 11   Daughter  
Williams Iona 9   Daughter  
Williams Calvin 6   Son  
Williams Herbert 0   Son  
Hays Jack 42 Texas Head White
Hays Nora 45   Wife  
Hays Jack 22   Son  
Trayer J N 33 Texas Head White
Trayer Lula 33   Wife  
Trayer Raymond 11   Son  
Trayer Paul 9   Son  
Trayer Charles 7   Son  
Trayer Joe 4   Son  
Dillard J M 50 Texas Head Negro
Dillard Ada 50   Wife  
Nelson H O 54 Texas Head Negro
Nelson Katie 32   Wife  
Nelson Clara 15   Daughter  
Nelson Angeline 13   Daughter  
Cannon Lulia 9 Texas Niece Negro
Pendleton O P 50 Texas Head Negro
Morgan Leola 26 Oklahoma Lodger Negro
Brown Henry 50 Texas Head Negro
Brown Gertrude 37   Wife  
Hooser J M 37 Texas Head White
Hooser Hlena 44   Wife  
Johnson Bartie 21 Texas Stepson White
Duncan Thelma 13 Texas Stepdaughter White
Duncan  Duncan 9    Stepson  
Kirby Jess 49 Texas Head White
Kirby Hannie 47   Wife  
Kirby Helen 17   Daughter  
Kirby Hoyt 10   Son  
Chapman T J 68 Mississippi Head White
Chapman Georgia 54   Wife  
Martin Martha 91 Georgia Mother-in-law White
Chapman Mary 20   Daughter  
Horton W S 40 USA Head White
Horton Addie 37   Wife  
Horton Thelma 12   Daughter  
Horton Billie 10   Son  
Horton Clifford 6   Son  
Mayfield J M 26 New Mexico Head White
Mayfield Ethel 27   Wife White
Davis Ford 38 USA  Lodger  
Lavender N E 50 Texas Head White
Lavender Myrtle 38   Wife  
Lavender Pearl 19   Daughter  
Lavender Carl 7   Son  
Lavender Hubert 12   Son  
Lavender Lola 10   Daughter  
Lavender Dorothy 8   Daughter  
Lavender Deward 3   Son  
Love Oleve 45 Oklahoma Head Negro
Love Willie 13   Son  
Love Millard 19   Daughter  
Love Dola M 8   Daughter  
Love Elginie 5   Daughter  
Love Olis 1   Son