1930 Carter County, Oklahoma-Lone Grove

1930 Lone Grove Carter County, Oklahoma

Responses reflected the individual's status as of 1 April 1930. Children born between the official start date and the day of enumeration were not to be listed, while individuals alive on the official start date but deceased when the enumerator arrived were to be counted.  There are no separate Indian population schedules in the 1930 census. Inhabitants of reservations were enumerated in the general population schedules but some minor differences in reporting were used: in place of country of birth for the father, the degree of Indian blood was listed and for the country of birth for the mother the tribe was listed. Enumerators were instructed not to report servicemen in the family's enumerations but to treat them as residents of their duty posts. The 1930 census includes schedules for overseas military and naval forces.  The original schedules have been destroyed, therefore only microfilm images are available: 1930 Federal Population Census: Catalog of National Archives Microfilm, National Archives Trust Fund Board (Washington, DC, 2002).

This is the complete census for Love Grove, Carter County, Oklahoma.  It is listed here by family groups as they appear on the census.  There were approximately 1200 residents in Lone Grove

Page 1:Ashley, Auston, Barner, Blue, Boatright, Castteherey, Clowdus, Damron, Damron, Drought, Ganley,Greenwood, Halder, Kemp, Kemp, Lewellen, Neff, Riddle, Steward, Walker, Wood

Page 2: Cook, Doregvo, Dougher, Douglas, Gunn, Kennedy, Lewellen, Mattox, Mckown, Meddock, Pierson, Scantlen, Scantlin, Spears, Sprow, Steward, Stogill, Temple, Tinley, William,

Page 3: Ballew, Beard, Bee, Bendrick, Board, Brown, Carter, Coffey, Connon, Cooper, Ellis, Fowler, Hacker, Heftin, Hendricks, Hillis, Hollin, Justice, Mattix, Mc Gowan, Mccartney, Newman, Ockman, Payne, Price, Richard, Stablefeld, Stringer, Thompson

Page 4: Battle, Beard, Brice, Castelburg, Daake, Davis, Dickson, Doole, Gaines, Johnson, Jone, Jones, Jordan, Leonard, Napier, Newman, Payne, Peerce, Phillips, Rimer, Roach, Shrader, Simpson, Simpson, Talley, Thompson,

Page 5: Berdue, Bowrnes, Cooper, Denney, Elurhart, Evans, Garvin, Lewis, Morris, Naylor, Smith, Stringer, Talley, Tucker, Vanbuskirk, Webb

Page 6: Barefield, Callier, Carriker, Clendenin, Copeland, Cypert, Donnan, Howell, King, Lothridge, Lovelady, Maddox, Pollock, Robinson, Vanbuskirk, Whitaker, Williams, Woodley, Wright

Page 7 Arnold, Bishop, Branch, Clark, Cypert, Gauntt, Gilleland, Gold, Gonter, Hembrick, Hodges, Jordan, Keith, Kincheloe, Linley, Mattox, Price, Simpson, Stoker, Stubblefield, Thomas, Wallon

Page 8: Arnold, Broy, Collard, Dawson, Ethridge, Fisher, Guffin, Higgins, Janes, Johnson, Jordan, Langford, Mitchell, Neighbors, Paice, Reed, Riddle, Temple, Thomson, Troop

Page 9: Arnold, Barker, Davie, Dromons, Ferguson, Grover, Hacker, Hale, Hanway, Johnson, Jourdin, Joy, Keeling, Mc Kinney, Mccain, Overstreet, Payne, Pickelsimer, Price, Rice, Trent, Turner, Wilmoth, Wonderley

Page 10: Arnold, Brmmitt, Callam, Catton, Coffee, Commings, Douglas, Griffin, Harmon, Hays, Hyde, Kaskie, Mercer, Morgan, Pavitt, Rambo, Renick, Sermons, Smith, Tackes, Tankersley

Page 11: Boker, Burleson, Commings, Dickinson, Evans, Everill, Faller, Fuller, Goude, Howard, May, Mccartney, Oday, Roberts, Stennett, Tanner, Williams

Page 12: Austin, Backner, Beeler, Blaylock, Cole, Comming, Dalen, Doyal, Holloway, Jones, Moman, Rogen, Sanden, Steel, Talley, Tankersley

Page 13: Anderson, Arnold, Baber, Berce, Berry, Bice, Bratter, Cannon, Cook, Hathaway, Kamp, Keith, King, Langley, Lee, Lyne, Marcey, Mc Gair, Nelson, Orslson, Penny, Petts, Price, Richardson, Simpson, Smallwood, Tenkele, Thornton, Tucker, Wallace, Webster, Well, West, Woodley, Young