Freedmen Roll Numbers

1837 Muster Roll

Chickasaws Preparing to go West

This census is to aid researchers in their quest of time frames.  I have found, my  great great grandmother gave birth to all of her children in Mississippi.  The last one born was Susan Roberts Whitaker born 1852, according to the Dawes Commission and the 1920 Carter County, Oklahoma Census.  It is my belief that my great great great grandparent's never came across "The Trail of Tears", but lived and died  on Indian lands east of the Mississippi.  Their children are all enrolled by the Dawes Commission in the Chickasaw and/or Choctaw Nations therefore they traveled the trail.  Since their Slave owner's name is not on this list, I once again speculate that they ( the Children) did not come until after 1852.  Eli Roberts' Indian Pioneer Interview also assist in  this finding.

The 1837 Muster Roll of Chickasaws preparing to go west.

Isaac Albertson Isaac Albertson Jr. Mrs. Aldridge
Archibald Alexander Billy Barnett William Barr
Robert Bell Benson Ahfitchah Brown Henry Brown
Mrs. Bynum Doct. Campbell Eliza Cheadle
T. F. Cheadle Chickasaw Billy George Colbert
James Colbert Mimey Colbert Samuel Colbert
Thomas Colbert Winchester Colbert Christopher Columbus
Hobert Coyles Creek Billy Mrs. Dyer
Jacob Fosters Ben Franklin George Frazier
Henry Frazier Stephen Frazier Annah Gains
John Gains Robert Gilchrist Greenwood
Rhoda Gunn Robert Hancock Cyrus Harris
Captain Hays Alexander Henrys James Hillhouse
R.J. Humphreys Jackson General Jackson
Catey James William James Adam Jimy
Isaac Jimy Simon Jimy Vicy Jimy
Johnson William Kearney George Keel
William Keel Annica Kemp Joel Kemp
Levi Kemp Reuben Kemp William Kemp
Alex Kinney Lewis Eli Lockley
Slone Love R. McClure Alexander McGee
Archibald McGee William McGilvery Jane Moore
Ned Newberry James Owens Pallis Oxberry
Silas Oxberry James Perry Rufus Perry
Edmond Pickens Ebenezer Seely Jenny Seely
Jerry Seely Josiah Seely Neely Seely
Susan Seely Tishomingo George Thomas
Topulka Molly Tubby John Tuscumbia
George Washington George Waters Noah Watkins
Theodore Watkins Billy Wellington James Wolf
Molly Wolf Mrs. Wilson Wolf