1847 Chickasaw Census

1847 Chickasaw Census

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This Census was made in the fall of 1847 in Indian Territory. It shows whether the head of the family were fullblood Chickasaws (FB), white (FW), or some fraction white.  In parenthese, is the number in the household and the number of slaves. which I have highlighted.

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Surname Given Name Degree of White Blood Number in Household/Number of Slaves
Ainsworth Folly (2-3)
Alberson Captain Isaac (8-27)
Alberson Jr Isaac . (2-11)
Alberson Logan (3-1)
Alexander Thomas FB (5-0)
Allen George (6-6)
Allen George W FB (3-3)
Allen Heirs of A .M. (4-2)
Allen Nancy FB (3-2)
Allen Rachel (1-2)
Allen Morning (1-0)
Anderson John E FB (7-1)
Bacon Henry FW (7-3)
Barnett Isabella FB (1-2)
  Benson (2-0)
Benton Thomas FB (6-1)
Benton Thomas H FB (1-0)
Brothers Wilson C (2-0)
Bourland Reuben (3-7)
Bratton Nelly (6-5)
Brown A.V. FB (4-0)
Brown Cannon FB (4-1)
Brown Charley FB (8-0)
Brown Lewis S FW (6-2)
Brown Tecumseh (2-1)
Brown William (2-0)
Bryant John FB (5-0)
Burney David (8-19)
Bynum Tennessee (2-15)
Bynum Turner (5-4)
Byrd John (4-5)



  FB (1-0)