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   A series of articles published in the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent, Jan 1872. The articles in 11 parts describes the appaling conditions then existing in many parts of the town,

  1. Tuedsay January General introduction.
  2. Saturday January 13
    Sheffield Park - Broad St, High St, New St, Bernard St, Duke St, Crown Alley, Anson St, Norwich St, Hague La, Lord St, Long Henry St.
  3. Tuesday January 16
    High St to Midland Railway (Sheaf Valley) - Blast La, Parkers Wharf, Effingham St,, Woolhouse Sq, Shales Sq,. Bugat St, Granville La Suffolk Rd, Ponds St, Pond Hill, Little Pond St, forge La Shude Hill, Shemild Croft
  4. Saturday January 20
    Western slopes of the banks of the River Sheaf - Paternoster Row, Pond St., Norfolk St, Howard La, Duke La, Eyre La, Brown La, Davernport La, Cumberland La, Well La, Jessop St &La, Sylvester Gardens
  5. Tuesday January 23
    Cemetery Rd, Machon Bank, Franklin St, Highfield, Club Garden, Sheldon St, New Thomas St, Cross George St, Bramhall La. Hermitage St, George La, Young St, Green St. Thomas St, Button La, Jail St, Bowden St, Fitzilliam St & La, Trafalgar St. & La., Wellington St. Howard St, Rockingham St ( Crt 9 & 10) Rockingham La,
  6. Saturday January 2
    7Pt Ecclesall Ward - Jail St, Oxford Rd, Young St, Clarence St, Broomhall St, Division St, Coalpit La, Cambridge St, Rockingham St, Wellington St, Cross Burgess St, Caver St, Backfields, St Mathews Church,
  7. Tuesday January 30
    St Peters Ward - High St, Norffolk St, George ST, High St, Norfolk Row, Fargate, Barkers Pool, Holly St, Bow St, Church St, New Church St, Cheney Row, York St, Watson Walk Campo La, White Bear Walk, Grey Horse passage, Aldine Crt< hartshead, Prior Crt, Market Place, Westbar, Snighill
  8. Saturday February
    • Section 1
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  9. Tuesday February 6.
    Broomhall - Brook St & La, St Philips Rd, Sarah St, Robert St, Robertshaw St, Brightmore St, Leicester St< Jericho, Radford St, Daisey Walk, Brown St, Meadow St, Kenyon Alley, Netherthorpe St,
  10. Saturday Febrary 10
    Brightside - Joiner St & La, Kilton St, Bamber St, Tomcross La, Occupation Rd, Sorby St, Earsham St, Dorking St, Old Grimesthorp Rd, Clun St, Carlisle St, Kirk St, Gower St, Saville St, Sutherland St Princess St
  11. Tuesday February 13
    Parish Church to Moorfields, Broad Lane to Gibralter St. (including Silver St, Lee Croft, Hawley Croft, Hawley La, Sims Croft, Pea Croft, White Croft, Hollis Croft, Scotland St, Cupola, Furnace Hill, Trinity St, Copper St, etc.

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