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The family trees for the Court, Crawford, Crisp, Davis, Eastgate and Turner families have been produced for this web-site as an historical record and resource and with the hope that contacts can be made with family members so the records can be brought and kept up to date.

Each family tree goes back to the ancestry from the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries from the United Kingdom and follows the families that immigrated to New Zealand. More recent information and varying completeness over the intervening years is lacking. Any help bringing the trees up to date would be gratefully received using the contact details on this page or each family tree home page.

The information for each individual can be as much or little as follows: Full name, name known by, birth date, place of birth, date of marriage, place of marriage, date of death, place of death. The software used to produce the family trees is also capable of storing a photograph and other information but will not be published on the web-site. If you wish to send this information I will be happy to add it to your record.

Once the family trees are up to date I would be happy to copy the complete file to any family member. The Latter Day Saints computer software is free and available from their web-site. It has been used by me simply as it is recognised as one of the best genealogical computer programmes available.




The Court family tree used was compiled by Mr John Dodwell of England.

The Crawford family tree used was complied in a booklet entitled "The Crawfords of Mangakaramea" by a committee formed to run a reunion in 1986 at Maungakaramea, Northland, New Zealand.

The Crisp family tree used was complied by Mr Edgar Cross, Toronto, Canada.

The Davis family tree used was compiled by Mr J H Woodall from Waikato, New Zealand, and published in a booklet for the Richard Davis family reunion held in 1974.

The Eastgate family tree used appears to have been compiled by a number of people over the years.

The Turner family tree used was compiled by the Reverend Brian Turner and other family members.

The art used in this home page is by Jocelyn Crawford.