Descendants of Patrick Donovan and Ellen Cleary

The photo above is my paternal grandfather, Thomas who left his parents and eight brothers and one sister behind and emigrated to the USA in 1891. Patrick and Ellen were his grandparents and they were married February 21, 1819. 

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Welcome to the Donovan Genealogy Page. (The photo above is of Castle Donovan in Drimoleague, County Cork.). Here you will find links to many generations of our ancestors / relatives. In these Web Cards you will find much information and graphics (985 as of August, 2019. There are 1472 people from almost 1000 distinct families residing in over 100 distinct places from around the globe.

Descendants of Abraham Poissant and Ellen Butler Labombarde

The photo above is my paternal grandmother, Rose Fish who married my grandfather, Thomas in Biwabik, Minnesota in 1900.  Her parents were Abram and Julia Fish (Poissant).

Descendants of Vojtecha Holat and Marie Tandovy

The photo above is Joseph Holat who is my maternal grandfather.  He was married to Anna Hejl in 1899.  This picture is from around 1915..

Descendants of John Hejl and Veronica Krajicova

The photo above is Anna Hejl who is my maternal grandmother.  She was married to Joseph Hejl in 1899.  This picture is from around 1915.

Descendants of Frank Tucek and Elizabeth Spiroch

The photo above is Elizabeth Spiroch who is the paternal great grandmother of my wife, Jane Tucek.  Frank and Elizabeth were married in 1884.

Descendants of František Masin and Barbora Domažlická

The photo above is Bertha Masin who is the paternal grandmother of my wife, Jane Tucek.  Bertha is the daughter of Francis and Frances who were married in 1876 and the wife of John William Tucek.

Descendants of Adalbert Nowak and Hedwig Gorna

The photo above is Ladislas Nowak who is the maternal grandfather of my wife, Jane Tucek.  His parents, Anton and Constance were married in 1878 in Poland.

Descendants of Joseph Hetman and Josephine Kmetchiekowski (Jankowski)

The photo above is Frances Hetman Nowak, the maternal grandmother of my wife, Jane Tucek.  Her parents, Joseph and Josephine were married Poland.

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