Fallen Branches

Historic Letters and Documents from two New York Families

In the following pages I hope to share, what I believe to be some historically significant documents. These documents were passed down through at least four generations of my family, but I have not yet determined how my family is connected to these two families. These documents can be divided into three distinct groups;

  1. A single letter written by Henry Remsen Haskin in 1815, asking permission to "Court" his future wife, Elizabeth Bussing.

2. Documents pertaining to the law practice of Jas. Maurice O'Keeffe. These include four letters of minor significance and two legal documents pertaining to the return of runaway slaves. References to the names and descriptions of the slaves along with the names of the owners and the plantations may be significant to those researching African American Genealogy, or the aftermath of the Dred Scott Decision.

3. The Civil War correspondence of the O'Keeffe family of New York City. A group of seventeen letters, giving insight into the daily lives of the three soldiers, the morale and condition of the troops, as well as life back home.

I hope that by sharing these documents, actual living descendents of these individuals may learn of their existence, and come to know these ancestors. I also hope that students of this period of history, especially of the New York City region might benefit from access to this material.

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