Part 6: Commercial List

Ackland Frederick, draper & milliner, 54 & 93 Monnow street ,
Adams Richard, grocer, 92 Monnow street
Addis Thomas, apartments, The Parade
Addis Thomas, miller (water), Monnow mill
Aldridge Isabel & Fanny (Misses), drapers, 14 Church street
Allan Sarah Ann (Mrs.), grocer, Cinderhill street
Amateur Photographic Society (head quarters), Angel Hotel
Angel Hotel (Arthur Ellam, proprietor), St. Mary street
Apperley Richard John, insurance agent , Agincourt street
Athenaeum (James Herbert Green, sec.; John Arthur Evans, librarian), Priory street
Atkins Albert Fleming, auctioneer, see Nelmes, Poole & Atklins
Avery Ernest, grocer, 7 Church street
Bailey, William & Son, steam printers & publishers. Proprietors of the "Monmouthshire Beacon" newspaper & insurance agents, Priory street
Ballinger Charles Nathaniel, Griffin inn, St. Mary's street
Barling Frank Bonner, M.R.C.V.S., shire horse breeder, Amberley court
Barnby Robert Henry, grocer, 20 St. Mary's street
Barrett George, Barley Mow P.H., Monnow street
Barter Wm. J., fishmonger & dealer in game, 32 Monnow st
Barter & Son, fishmongers, 48 Monnow street
Basham Alfred, grocer, 55 Monnow street
Bastock Charles J, timber valuer, St. James' street
Baylis Martha & Esther (Misses), furnished apartments, Hatherley house, The Parade
Baynham Philip George Yarworth, hair dresser, 70 Monnow street
Beach Hubert, tailor & breeches maker, 28 St. Mary's Street
Beach Samuel, builder & undertaker, 30 Monnow street
Beaufort Arms Hotel (Miss Gertrude Stephenson, manageress), Agincourt square
Beckingham Frank Williams, boarding house, Hardwick house, Monnow street
Benfield Thomas, blacksmith, 116 Monnow street
Bevan Edgar, watch maker, 28 Monnow street
Bevan Herbert Henry, grocer & wine & spirit dealer, Agincourt square
Birkley Matthias, shopkeeper, 16 Cinderhill street
Blake Andrew, civil & electric engineer & manager to the Corporation Electric Light Works, Old forge, Monnow st
Booth Frederick William, inland revenue officer, Priory street
Bowen Henry, watch & clock maker, 6 Monnow street
Bowen John Edward, grocer, 78 Monnow street
Breakwell & Sons, butchers, Agincourt square
Breakwell James, miller & corn merchant, Priory mill
Burt William, Green Dragon P.H., St. Thomas' square
Butler Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Almshouse street
Brown Hy. town crier & mace bearer, St. Thomas' square
Bye George, Britannia inn, Daybridge street
Caffrey Jeremy Peter, printer, stationer, bookseller, bookbinder, news agent, music seller & fancy & general repository, 29 Monnow street
Capital & Counties Bank Lim. (branch) (Thomas Martin Skinner, manager), Monnow street ; draw on head office, 39 Threadneedle street, London EC
Carnall George Percival, music master at Grammar school, 10 The Parade
Castle Temperance Hotel Co. (William Hughes, proprietor), 3 Priory street
Catford George Alfred, secretary & librarian to Working Men's Men's Institute, Monk street
Cattle Market, Monnow street
Cemetery (Oliver Jones, caretaker)
Chammings William Henry, shoeing forge, 22 Worcester st
Charles William, boot maker, 10 Church street & 18 Agincourt square
Church of England Temperance Sick Burial Society (Thomas Long, hon. sec.), Working Men's Institute, Monk street
Clements Harriett (Mrs.), baker & shopkeeper, 27 St. Mary's st
Collis William Ebenezer, confectioner, 4 Monnow street
Cook Emma (Mrs.), shopheeper, Drybridge street
Cook George, domestic machinery agent, 76 Monnow street
Cooper George, draper, see Symonds & Cooper
Corporation Electric Light Works (Andrew Blake, manager & engineer), Old forge, Monnow street
Cossens George Phillips, ale & porter merchant & agent to Sutton & Co., general carriers, 11 Priory street
Cossens William, dispensing chemist, 12 Church street & 51 Monnow street
County Court (William Charles Addams-Williams, registrar & high bailiff); offices, St. James' street
Cox Esther (Mrs.), King's Arms P.H., 47 Monnow street
Cranch Richard Lovell, accountant & assistant overseer for Monmouth & Dixton, Whitecross street
Crook Thomas, Manson's Cross P.H. Hereford road
Cumbley James John, hair dresser, 40 Monnow street
Cumbley Saml. painter, plumber & glazier, St. Mary's street
Cyclists' Touring Club; head quarters, Angel hotel
Dampier & Wigmore, auctioneers, surveyors & valuers, house & estate agents, Priory street
Davies Faith (Mrs.), grocer, 114 Monnow street
Davies John, Mason's Arms P.H., 69 Monnow street
Davies Sarah (Mrs.), Globe inn, Chippenhamgate street
Davis Ferdinand Witty, teacher of music, 63 Monnow street
Deakin Bickerton Homer, solicitor, town & clerk to the Monmouth school board & clerk to the Monmouth scholarship managers under Welsh (Intermediate) Education, Act, & county coroner for Monmouth district, The Parade
Dew Guy Henry, furniture, dealer, 90 Monnow street
Dixon Joseph George, surveyor of taxes, Priory street
Dowding Emilv Elizh. & Kate (Misses), dress makers, Priory st
Edwards George R. caterer for theatricals, recitals, outdoor amusements, fireworks &c. Llangattock house. Telegraph Address "Edwards"
Edwards George Richard, furniture dealer, builder, furnisher, decorator; factory, show room & Offices, 52, 60, 61, 62 & 63 Monnow street. Telegraph Address "Edwards"
Eggerton William, wardrobe dealer, 13 Cinderhill street
Ellam Arthur, Angel hotel, wine & spirit merchant & jobmaster, St. Mary's street.
Evans James, boot maker, 109 Monnow street
Evans John, boot maker, 2 Over Monnow
Evans John Arthur, shopkeeper, 5 Over Monnow
Evans Josiah M.P.S. chemist & druggist, Agincourt sq
Evans Louisa (Mrs.), apartments, 21 St. Mary's street
Farmer William, registrar of births & deaths & vaccination officer for Monmouth sub-district & relieving officer for No. 2 district, Monmouth union, 7 Glendower street
Farror Charles, corn & flour dealer, 16 Monnow street
Fine Harry, pawnbroker, 16 Church street
Freeman George, grocer & provision dealer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit merchants, 17 Agincourt sq
Freemasons' Hall (Robert Gooding, sec.), The Parade 1
Fryer George, plasterer, Old Dixton gate
Fryer James, plasterer, Old Dixton gate
Fuller Clement (established 50 years), boat builder & owner, pleasure boats to all parts of the river Wye conducted by experienced & careful boatmen, & chair manufacturer, Wyebridge street
Fuller Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Almshouse street
Furber Albert, Worcester Lodge P.H. 107 Monnow street
Furney E. & P., ironmongers & fancy repository, 31 Monnow street
Furney John Jarratt, china & furniture dealer, 43 & 45 Monnow street,
Gagg Thomas, butcher, 6 Church street
Ganarew Cycle Co. Limited (George Webb, manager), Agincourt square
Garland Hannah (Mrs.), apartments, Ventnor house, Whitecross street
Gillett Henry, Brock Weir P.H. Weirhead street
Gladdish William Llewellyn, Black Swan P.H. St. John st,
Gower Thomas, linen draper & silk mercer, 25 Monnow st
Grammar School (founded 1614; Edward Hugh Culley M.A. head master)
Grant Joseph Hendrie, tobacconist, 8 Monnow street & 3 Agincourt square
Green James Herbert, collector of district rate, & land & property tax & certified bailiff under "The Law of Distress Amendment Act," 3 Glendower street
Griffiths William Arthur, jeweller, 19 Agincourt square
Groves Henry Charles L.R.C.P. & S.(Irel.), surgeon, see Prosser & Groves
Gwynne James, boot maker, 79 Monnow street
Hall James, timber, slate & lime merchant, builder & contractor, brick & tile dealer, May Hill wharf
Hall Kennington, draper, 8 & 10 Monnow street
Hall William, wholesale & family grocer, italian warehouseman, wine & spirit importer, beer & porter merchant &c., Agincourt square & Church street
Harris Margaret (Miss), grocer, 23 Cinderhill street
Harris William Hy., grocer & provision dealer, 101 Monnow street
Haslam Charles, New inn, Whitecross street
Hayes George Henry, hair dresser & cycle agent, 17 & 19 Monnow street
Hedger George Fredk., hatter & outfitter, 22 Agincourt sq
Helps Frederick, boot maker, 26 Monnow street
Heskett William, boot & shoe maker, Agincourt square
Heynes Albert William, grocer & wine, spirit & beer dealer, 16 Agincourt square
High School for Girls (Miss Nina Lückes, mistress)
Higgins George, grocer, provision & corn & flour dealer & foreign & british wine merchant, Post office, 11 & 13 Over Monnow & 38 Monnow street
Hile George Frederick, Queen's Head P.H. St. James' st
Highley Emma (Mrs.), confectioner, l28 Monnow street
Hill Walter Guy, solicitor, The Parade
Honeyfield John & Co., ironmongers, 1 Agincourt square
Hook Edward, butcher, Over Monnow
Hook Henry, dining rooms, 74 Monnow street
Hook Robert, timber merchant & hoop & spoke maker, St. Thomas' sq
Howell Charles & Son, butchers, 33 St. Mary's street
Howse Jas. Hayward, saddler & harness maker, Agincourt sq
Howse Thomas, clothier & outfitter, 35 Monnow street
Hughes Walter, shopkeeper, Over Monnow
Hughes William, outfitter, 1 & 2 Priory street
Humphryes Alfred, jobmaster, 4 Wyebridge street
Hunt James, farmer, Drybridge farm & Wonaston road
Hyam John Benjamin, mineral & aerated water manufacturer & ale & porter merchant, Glendower st
Hyam Thomas Richard (executors of), maltsters, hop & seed factors & corn merchants, Monnow street
Hyam Thomas Richard (executors of), timber, slate & slab merchant & joinery works, sawing mills, Wye side
Inland Revenue Office (Evan Owen, supervisor. Frederick William Booth & Walter Edmund Painter, officers), Priory street
Instance John, saddler & harness maker, 27 Monnow st
James Albert, Agincourt P.H., Agincourt street
James Catherine Margaret (Mrs.), White Hart P.H., Wyebridge street
James Charles, grocer, Glendower street
James Tom Richard, Bull inn, Agincourt square
James William, farmer, Hereford road
Jarrett Edward Philip (established over a century), stationer, bookseller, news agent & bookbinder, 23 Agincourt sq
Jenkins Sarah (Mrs.), Seven Stars P.H. Old Dixton road
Jones Anna (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Cinderhill street
Jones Bessy Ann (Mrs.),White Horse P.H., 55 Cinderhill st
Jones Eleanor & Sarah (The Misses), boot & shoe makers, 36 Monnow street
Jones Mary & Sarah Elizabeth (Misses), wine & spirit dealers, Monnow street
Jones Alfred Edwin, farmer, Vauxhall farm
Jones Ann (Miss), furnished apartments, 1 Monk street
Jones Edwin Amos, ironmonger, see Taylor & Jones
Jones Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), news agent, 39 Monnow st
Jones George, builder, 111 Monnow street
Jones Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 114 Monnow street
Jones Thomas H. builder, 75 Monnow st. & Glendower st
Jones William, butcher, 64 Monnow street
Jones William, farmer, Bailey Pit farm
Kear Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32 Drybridge street
Keddle Henry, grocer, 34 Monnow street
King's Head Hotel & posting house. This oldfashioned hotel is most centrally situated & is replete with every accommodation for families, tonrists & commercial gentlemen. Ladies' Coffee & Drawing Rooms. Billiards. stabling, photographic dark room. Close to the beautiful scenery of the Wye, within easy drive of the romantic Raglan Castle, Tintern Abbey, Symonds Yat, the Seven Sisters, the Kymin, Buckstone, & other splendid places of interest; four miles of preserved fishing, pike, trout & grayling, for visitors staying at the hotel; omnibus to all trains; Mrs. J. Evered Poole, proprietress, Agincourt square.
Knowles Edwin, basket maker, 87 Monnow street
Law Jane (Mrs.), Butchers' Arms P.H., 50 Monnow street
Lewis Albert A. farmer, Priory farm, Hereford road
Lewis Edwd. Robin Hood P.H. & butcher, 124 Monnow st
Lloyd & Gorath Limited, brewers & wine & spirit merchants, Monnow street & the Borough Arms P.H., Monnow street
Lloyds Bank Limited (The Old Bank) (branch) (Charles Henry Payne, manager), hours 10 to 3,except thursdays 10 to 1 and saturdays 10 to 4, 2nd monday in each month & fridays), Agincourt square; draw on London office, 72 Lombard street, London EC
Love William, plumber & cycle agent, 37 Monnow street
McDougall Olivia Eliza (Mrs.), fancy repository, 36 St.Mary's st
MacDougall Sergeant Harry, drill instructor at Grammar school, St. Mary's street
Mackie John, builder, Cinderhill
Maffia Eleanor (Mrs.), & Son, watch makers & jewellers, 77 Monnow street
Maffia Edward, jeweller, 4 Church street
Maier Mark Michael, White Swan hotel & jobmaster, Church street & Priory street.
Market House, Priory street
Meredith Charles, carpenter, Drybridge street
Meredith John Thomas, grocer, Wyebridge street
Miller & Co., Barrell inn, 20 Agincourt square
Mills John, Rising Sun P.H. Cinderhill street
Monmouth Brewery, ale & porter brewers & spirit merchants (H. P. Tippins & Co. proprietors), St. Mary street. Telegraph Address "Brewery".
Monmouth & County Club (Arthur Vizard, hon. sec.), Agincourt square
Monmouth Farmers' Club (W. S. Poole, hon. sec.)
Monmouth Cricket & Tennis Club (J. Lomax Entwistle, hon. sec.), Ground, May hill.
Monmouth Gas & Water Works Limited, (Thomas Brace, sec. & manager); registered office, May hill
Monmouth Grammar School (founded 1614) Edward Hugh Culley M.A., head master; A. W. Wiseman M.A., senior mathematical master; J. L. Entwistle M.A. mathematical master; N. M. Makin B.A., history; J. H. W. Worthington B.A., mercantile; J. A. Chollet B.A. Lettres, languages)
Monmouth Gymnasium (John B. Hyam, hon. sec. ;. Ernest William Hyam, instructor), Glendower street
Monmouth Old Bank (Lloyds Bank Limited)
Monmouth Hospital & Dispensary (John Grant Wilson M.R.C.S.(Eng.), D.P.H.; Grant Lloyd-Smith M.B., D.P.H.; Ronald M. Stoker L.R.C.P. & S.(Edin.); Henry C. Grover L.R.C.P. & S.(Irel.) & Thomas G. Prosser, medical officers; William Reeves, dispenser & William Henry Nicholls L.D.S.R.C.S. dental surgeon; Miss Hyam, matron), St. James' square
Monmouth Hotel Co. Limited (Miss Gertrude Stephenson, manageress), Agincourt square
Monmouth Steam Saw Mills, Lime & Coal Co. Limited (The) (W. S. Poole, sec.); office, Monk street; works, May Hill
Monmouth Temperance Society (Sergt. Fairman, hon. sec.), Working Men's Institute, Monk street
Monmouthshire Beacon Newspaper (William Bailey & Son, proprietors & publishers; published thursday afternoon), Priory street
Moran Edward John, Vine Tree P.H. 57 Monnow street
Morgan Brothers, coal & corn merchants, forage contractors; contractors to Government, Priory street & Drybridge street
Morgan Charles, builder & contractor, & Travellers' Rest P.H. May hill
Morgan David, farmer, Great Manson
Morgan Fanny (Mrs.), beer retailer, 41 Cinderhill street
Morgan Herbert Wm., boot & shoe maker, 2 Wyebridge st
Morgan John, shoeing smith, Drybridge street
Morgan Mary Ann (Mrs.), dining rooms, 65 Monnow st
Morris James, town crier & mace bearer, Weirhead st
Moses James Sidney, grocer, 10 Wyebridge street
Mullins Jeremiah, shopkeeper, Cinderhill street
Muncy William David Henry, Three Horse Shoes P.H., Drybridge street
National Provincial Bank of England Limited (Francis Edmund Sealy, manager), Priory street; draw on head office, London
Nelmes, Poole & Atkins (established 1865), auctioneers, land, house & estate agents, general valuers, surveyors, public auditors & accountants, Monk street; & at Newnham & Stroud.
Nettleton William, Market Tavern P.H., Agincourt square
Nicholas Elijah, farmer, Red Hill farm, Wonastow road
Nicholas John, farmer, Saint Dials farm, Dingestow road
Nicholls William Henry, L.D.S.R.C.,S.(lrel.), surgeon-dentist, Whitecross street
Nurse Miss, Young ladies' boarding school, St. James' st
Nutty Charlotte, (Mrs.), lodging house, 24 Cinderhill st
Oakley Thomas Robert, solicitor, perpetual cormmissioner & commissioner for oaths, clerk to the borough justices, to the justices of the divisions of Monmouth & Trelleck, Priory street
O'Connell Daniel, furniture broker & general dealer, St.Mary's st
Oliver Walter, Cherry Tree inn, Cinderhill street
Owen Evan, supervisor of inland revenue, Priory street
Padmore Mary Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 103 Monnow st
Page William Tench, draper, 9 Church street
Painter Walter Edmund, inland revenue officer, Priory street
Palmer Aquilla, Black Lion P.H., St. Mary's street
Parfitt Jeronemey (Mrs.), general smith, 14 Glendower st
Parker Capt. Vincent C. E., superintendent of borough & county police, Glendower street
Parry George, Royal Oak P.H., Hereford road
Parry Oliver, builder, 17 St. Mary's street
Partridge John, butcher 20, & grocer 22, Church street
Payne Charles Henry, manager of Lloyd's Bank Limited; agent for Alliance Fire Life & National Provident Fire & Life, The Old Bank, Agincourt square
Pembridge Charles, draper, 2 Monnow street
Pembridge James, Wyebridge inn, Wyebridge street
Pembridge John, Druid's Head inn, Chippenhamgate st
Pembridge Thomas, builder, 71 Monnow street
Perry Charles James, tailor & hosier, 17 Church street
Pewtner William Gardiner, hair dresser, 2 St, Mary's st
Phelps Robert, farmer, Great Osbaston farm
Phoenix Coal Co., (Robert Searle, manager), 68 Monnow st
Pitman & Son, grocers, Whitecross street
Poole J. Evered (Mrs.), King's Head hotel, Agincourt sq
Poole Walter S. auctioneer & valuer, collector to Monmouth Gas & Water Co. Lim., valuer to the Beaufort Arms Hotel Co. Limited, see Nelmes, Poole & Atkins
Portnell Charles Henry, furnished apartments, The Parade
Powell Charles Champney, importer of wines & spirits (established in 1769), Agincourt square
Powell David, butcher, 72 Monnow street
Powell Frederick Atkinson, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I. architect surveyor, Agincourt square
Powell William Jones, tailor, 97 Monnow street
Power Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Over Monnow
Powles & Vizard, solicitors & commissioners & clerks to the magistrates of the Raglan division, Agincourt street
Preece Albert Henry, Fountain inn, 7 Monnow street
Preece & Sons, painters & decorators, 3 Church street
Preece Fanny (Mrs.), sewing machine agent, Church st
Preece John, shopkeeper, 80 Monnow street
Preece Tom, coach builder, 16 & 18 Whitecross street
Preston John Howard, photographer, 66 Monnow street
Price William John, printer, St. Mary's street, & stationer, 19 Church street
Priddy William, shopkeeper, Buckholt
Pritchard William, dairy & farmer, Wonastow road
Pritchard William Elsmore, baker, 9 St. Mary's street
Probyn George, butcher, 24 Monnow street
Prosser & Groves, surgeons, St. James' square & Monnow st
Prosser Thomas Gilbert, M.R.C.S.(Eng.), L.S.A.(Lond.), surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator for Monmouth & Rockfield districts & medical officer to the workhouse; also medical officer of health for Monmouth borough, senior surgeon to Hospital & Dispensary, medical officer in charge of Troops, St. James' house, St. James, square
Pryce & Co., drapers, Church street
Public Weighbridge (Edward Lewis, lessee), 130 Monnow st
Richards Charles, dining rooms, Over Monnow
Richards George William, grocer, 18 Church street
Richards George Edwin, tobacconist 21, & confectioner 23, Church street
Richards John, refreshment rooms, Troy station
Roberts Frederick, plumber & glazier, Cinderhill street
Rollings William, farmer, Upper Buckholt farm
Rolls Hall (Thomas Rendle, manager for the corporation), Whitecross street
Rudge William, coach builder, Monnow street
Ryall & Sons, blacksmiths, Nailers lane, Monnow street
Sambrook William, chemist, 14 Agincourt square
Savery Thomas Henry, cycle agent, Priory street
Savings Bank (Philip Endell Wanklyn, actuary), Whitecross street
Scotcher Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 19 The Parade
Sealy Francis Edmund, manager of National Provincial Bank of England Limited, treasurer to Monmouth & Skenfrith School Board, Priory street
Shellard Edward, parish clerk & verger, St.Mary's church, Priory street
Shire Hall (Thomas Rendle, hall keeper), Agincourt square
Simmonds Henry & Son, outfitters, Agincourt square
Simmonds Henry Thomas, dealer in antiquities, Agincourt square
Simmonds William, builder, Chippenham Gate street
Singer Manufacturing Co. (William Pritchard, agent), 21 Agincourt square
Skinner Thomas Martin, manager of the Capital &Counties Bank Limited & agent for the Royal 1nsurance Co., North British & Mercantile Insurance Co., Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society & Railway Passengers' Assurance, Monnow street
Slater Mary Ann (Mrs.), Full Moon P.H., Over Monnow
Smith Grant Lloyd, M.D. & C.M.(Edin.), L.R.C.S.(Edin.), physician to Monmouth Hospital & Dispensary & medical officer of health, Whitchurch Rural District Council, Oak house, Monk street
Smith R. T. & Co., general carriers & furniture removers & agents to the Great Western Railway Co. (William Davies, agent), Glendower street & Railway station
Smith Joseph, registrar of marriages, 5 North parade
Sons of Temperance Benefit Society (Henry Lawrence, hon. sec.), Working Men's Institute, Monk street
Spencer Henry, carpenter, 10 Glendower street
Stead & Simpson Limited, boot manufacturers (Arthur Thomas Parrott, manager), 3 Monnow street & elsewhere
Stead Sarah (Mrs.), farmer, The Cottage, Troy
Stephens J.B. & W.E., tanners & curriers, Monmouth tannery
Stephenson Gertrude (Miss), manageress of the Beaufort Arms hotel, Agincourt square
Sterrett George, grocer, 4 St. James' street
Stewart James, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, inspector under ContagiousDiseases (Anirnal)Act for the borough, Whitecross street
Stokes Ronald McClean, L.R.C.P. & S.(Edin.), L.F.P. & S.(Glas.), (firm, Wilson & Stokes), surgeon, Whitecross st
Supply Stores (Walter Jones, manager), grocers, 5 Monnow st
Symonds & Cooper, drapers, Agincourt square
Sysum Hubert John, baker & grocer, St. Thomas square
T. Talbot & Co., mineral water & ginger ale manufacturers, Bell lane
Taylor & Jones, ironmongers, 13 Monnow street
Taylor John, grocer, 44 Monnow street
Thomas Edgar, Troy House P.H., Over Monnow
Thomas Elijah, Beaufort Arms tap, Agincourt square
Thomas Thomas, fruiterer & boot dealer, 53 Monnow st
Thomas William, fishing tackle maker, 94 Monnow street
Ticklepenny William John, surveyor & valuer, Oakleigh, Hereford road, & brick & tile maker, May Hill
Tippins George Porter & Son, maltsters & corn merchants, 8, 10, 12 & 43 St. Mary's street
Tippins H. P. & Co., brewers & spirit merchants, St. Mary's st
Tommy Ellen Ann (Mrs.), Gloucestershire P.H., St. James' street
Tripp Charles, boot maker, Cinderhill street
Tucker Frederick John, M.R.C.V.S.(Lond.), veterinary surgeon, 63 Monnow & Granville street
Tweedy Arthur Clement, solicitor, see William & Tweedy
Tyler Emma (Miss), apartments, Agincourt street
Vaughan William Henry, butcher, 41 Monnow street
Vizard Arthur (firm, Powles & Vizard), solicitor & commissioner, clerk to the magistrates of Raglan division & registrar to the archdeacon of Monmouth, clerk to the governors of the Grammar school & Girls' High school & steward of the manors of Wentsland & Bryngwyn, Mon. & Garway, Herefordshire; agent for London Assurance Fire & Life, Agincourt street
Volunteer Battalion (4th) South Wales Borderers (K Co. Capt. Charles C. Powell; Sergeant Daniel Deverson, drill instructor), Monnow street
Walters James & Sons, general stone masons, Old Dixton road & New Dixton road
Wanklyn Philip Endell, surveyor & borough surveyor & sanitary inspector & inspector of common lodging houses, Priory street
Ward William, parish clerk of St. Thomas', Cinderhill street
Watkins Betsy (Miss), shopkeeper, 4 St. Mary's street
Watkins E. nursery & seedsman, florist, fruiterer & greengrocer ; refreshment rooms; good accommodation for cyclists, 12 Monnow street & Mayhill & Wyesham nurseries
Watkins William Hy., Old Nag's Head P.H., Granville st
Waugh Robert & Sons (established half a century), fancy & general stationers, booksellers, pianoforte, harmonium & american organ dealers & tuners & music sellers &c., 1 & 2 Church street; warehouses & show rooms, The Barton ; & at Moor street, Chepstow
Wears Benjamin, refreshment rooms, 13 Church street
Webb & Little, butchers,11 Monnow street
Webb Deane Godfrey, L.D.S.R.C.S.(Irel.), dentist, 30 Monnow street
Wheeldon James B. attendance officer, Monmouth school board, Wonaston road
White Swan. A first-class family & commercial hotel & posting house (Mark Michael Maier, proprietor); for 20 years caterer to the Glasgow & South Western Railway Co. of Scotland, Priory street & Church street. See advertisement
Whittington Ernest John, deputy supt. registrar of births & deaths, Union offices, Hereford road
Wightman John, apartments, Whitecross street
Wilde Joseph, jeweller, Monnow bridge
Willetts John, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for the Raglan division, 32 St. Mary's street
Williams & Sons, solicitors, Whitecross street
Williams George Henry & Son, cycle agent, 91 Monnow st
Williams & Tweedy, solicitors, St. Jame's street
Williams Alfred John Herbert (firm, Williams & Sons), solicitor & deputy coroner for Monmouth district, Whitecross street
Williams Arthur Herbert, cabinet maker, 42 Monnow st
Williams Frederick Collins, solicitor, see Williams & Son
Williams John Thomas, solicitor, see, Williams & Sons
Williams Thomas, stationer, Post office, Over Monunw
Williams Trevor Addams, solicitor, supt. registrar & clerk to the guardians & assessment & school attendance committees of Monmouth union & clerk to the Rural District Councils of Monmouth, Whitchurch & West Dean & to the magistrates of the Skenfrith division, Union offices
Williams William Charles Addams (firm, Williams & Tweedy), solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner for oaths, county & borough treasurer, clerk to commissioner of taxes, Monmouth & Treleck, registrar & high bailiff of county court, under sheriff of Monmouthshire, St. James' street
Wilson & Stokes, surgeons, Whitecross street
Wilson John Grant M.R.C.S.(Eng.), L.S.A., D.P.H.(Camb.), (firm, Wilson & Stokes), medical officer of health to the Rural Sanitary Anthority, Whitecross street
Wood Henry, Plough inn, Buckholt
Wood Robert, monumental mason, Wyesham
Working Men's Institute (G. A. Catford, sec. & librarian), Monk street
Yates John Walter, Red Lion P.H., Drybridge street
Yearsley John Walter, hair dresser, 27 Agincourt square
Yeates Fanny (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 14 Monnow street
Yeates Francis Charles, builder, Old Dixton gate
Young Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 49 Monnow street