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This Web Site is dedicated to my Grandmother

She always wanted to know who her family was. I'm only sorry

that she is not here to know what I have found.

Fannie Idella Colvin - Soule - Baker

Born; July 23, 1911 in Ohio

Died: April 23, 1978 in Indiana

Daughter of Charles H. Colvin and Maude Martz.

Contact Information

Sharon Vanden Bossche
56085 Miller Avenue
Mishawaka, Indiana 46545
Phone: 574-259-8405
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Current Projects

Enlarging the Family Tree, Dance Regalia (Cherokee Tear Dress) done in August 1998, going to the Yankton Res. for a Pow Wow. Went to the Yankton Reservation and had a wonderful time. It was a real learning experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend. WADO, Bob. I really cannot espress the thanks that I owe him for asking us and taking us to the Reservation with him. Also I am the Cooridnator for the St. Joseph County Rootsweb Site.

Personal Interests

I love going to Pow Wows, doing genealogy research, camping, fingerweaving, and meeting new people and new families that I have found.

Personal Quote: I can only hope that my Elders will forgive me and correct me, for my ignorance, for I am still learning the ways of my People. " WALK THE ROAD IN PEACE MY FRIENDS."

Picture is compliments of a Tribal Member, Michael Nunnally



Why is Leonard Peltier still in prison...???




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