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Melissa's Family History


I am just moving in to my new web site at RootsWeb. I'm also just learning how to use HTML and make a "real" webpage without relying on a sitebuilder to do the work for me. As I am writing this the site is not all up. I decided to put up what I have and will continue adding the rest this coming week. Please be patient with the broken links while I move in!

Here are some of the things that my site contains or will contain . . . read Mavor Brigham's autobiography and learn how finding that manuscript started me on my genealogical journey . . . read obituaries about many of my Fort Wayne ancestors (and a few others who didn't live in Fort Wayne) . . . read the text of a book tracing Hanna and Blair ancestors of Eliza Hanna Hayden . . . see pictures of several of my ancestors and read about family Bible records, some of which have become very soggy!

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