Currently, I have information found at the National Archives repository here in Kansas City as well as from Family History Center films on the following surnames: MARKLAND, HARDISON, VIRGIN, BURROW, COWARD.

My intentions are that this site serve others who do not have the access I have to these facilities, as well as being a repository of other interesting information relative to the times our ancestors lived in. If anyone has any allied surnames that they wish included, drop me a line. Also, if anyone has any family pictures they would be willing to contribute a copy or jpg of for inclusion on the site, feel free to contact me or email the .jpg. As usual, contributions are credited to the source of the material.

I would like to give thanks to all the contributors who have provided information, documents and photos. Also, an especially large thanks to the staff and volunteers at the Kansas City National Archives repository. Their expertise (and patience) has been invaluable to any success this site has enjoyed.

Happy Hunting!



03/02/04    Various Newspaper articles relating to Ft. Phil Kearny
03/02/04    Ft. Reno Grave Register  
03/02/04    A Bill to Establish a Monument at the Site of the Fetterman Massacre  
03/02/04    Hattie Phillips' Memorial to Congress Requesting a Pension  
03/02/04    Col. Carrington's Rebuttal of Capt. Powell's Testimony  
03/02/04    Court of Inquiry into the loss of the U.S.S. Huron  
01/04/04    Journal of Maj. Raynolds on his expedition to map the headwaters of the Yellowstone & Missouri rivers, Chapt. 1-3  
12/21/03    Ft. Phil. Kearney Cemetery Register  
11/29/03    Report of Expedition to Map the Headwaters of the Yellowstone & Missouri River, 1859-1860  
10/05/03 TN Indian Depredations 1791 & 1792
06/12/03 1872 Disallowed Claims Digests of the Southern Claims Commission (Partial)
Sorted by Surname, Given Name, State
05/12/03    1871 Disallowed Claims Digests of the Southern Claims Commission
Sorted by Surname, Given Name, State  
05/18/03    NC Southern Claims Commission Disallowed Claims 1871-1879 
05/19/02    Revolutionary War Reports & Letters of the Southern Department (Updated 6/9/02)
04/21/02    NC Claims to the Southern Claims Commission (All Counties)
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12/09/01    Prince George's Cty., MD Slaves Listed in Estate Inventory Book DD1

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  1. Mathew MARKLAND Decendents
    This link will take you to the World Connect files, a collaboration by many Markland researchers I am fortunate to know.
  2. Military Record Indices

  3. Photographs and Images

  4. Transcripts: Family & Historical

  5. Census Data

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