6 NC Gettysburg Casualty List

6th NC Casualties at Gettysburg 7/1 & 7/2/1863
Confederate States Army Casualties: Lists & Narrative Reports M836-3
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed & Abstracted by Billy Markland

List of Casualties in the 6th N.C. Regiment around Gettysburg, PA on July 1st & 2nd 1863

Surname Given Rank Company Casualty Location Nature/Remarks Date
Adams W.H. Prvt. C Wounded Hip Slight 7/1/63
Albright J.S. Prvt. F Wounded Head Severely 7/2/63
Allen E.M. Prvt. K Missing     7/2/63
Allen W.B.   I Wounded Foot Very Slight 7/2/63
Allison J.C. Corpl. B Missing     7/2/63
Allison L. Prvt. K Missing     7/2/63
Alston Jos. Prvt. A Wounded Head Slight 7/2/63
Andrews J.L. Corpl. I Wounded Breast Severely 7/1/63
Ashly Robt. Prvt. B Killed     7/1/63
Avery I.E. Col. F & S Wounded Neck Mortally-Died 7/3 7/2/63
Bailey Sydney Prvt. B Wounded Leg Severely 7/1/63
Bartow J. Prvt. K Wounded Arm Slight 7/2/63
Beavers G.I. Corpl. I Wounded Leg Severely 7/2/63
Blalock W.D. Prvt. C Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Bost L.S. Prvt. D Wounded Arm & Side Very Severe 7/2/63
Bradshaw J.T. Prvt. F Wounded Arm Slight 7/1/63
Branch A.W. Prvt. D Wounded Head Severely 7/2/63
Branch N.A. Corpl. D Wounded Foot Severely 7/1/63
Branch U.S. Sergt. E Missing     7/2/63
Brassfield Reuben Prvt. C Killed     7/1/63
Brown G.H. Sergt. G Wounded Head Slight 7/2/63
Brown S.P. Lieut. E Wounded Groin Slight 7/2/63
Browning Wm. Prvt. C Wounded Thigh Slight 7/2/63
Burns J.H. Capt. E Killed     7/1/63
Burrows Chas. W. Prvt. A Wounded Thigh Slight 7/2/63
Carlton J. Prvt. D Killed     7/1/63
Casey P. Prvt. A Wounded Arm Slight 7/1/63
Castleburg J.C. Corpl. I Killed     7/2/63
Castleburgh W.T. Prvt. I Wounded Groin Slight 7/2/63
Cates Wiley Prvt. B Wounded Wrist Slight 7/1/63
Chambers J. Prvt. A Wounded Hand Slight 7/2/63
Chapman J. Prvt. A Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Chappel E. Prvt. I Wounded Hand Slight 7/1/63
Cheek A.J. Lieut. C Killed     7/2/63
Christian W.J. Lieut. C Wounded Arm Severely 7/1/63
Collins P.B. Sergt. E Killed     7/2/63
Couch C.P. Prvt. B Wounded Head Severely 7/2/63
Cox W.H. Lieut. A Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Crabtree A. Prvt. B Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Crawford S.J. Lieut. K Wounded Breast Severely 7/1/63
Curtis J.M. Sergt. A Wounded Hip Severely 7/2/63
Dempsey H. Prvt. A Missing     7/2/63
Dennis H. Prvt. D Wounded   Slight 7/1/63
Dixon H.C. Lieut. F Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Dixon J.A. Prvt. F Wounded Heel Slight 7/1/63
Duke N. Prvt. B Wounded Hand Severely 7/2/63
Dunnavant W. Prvt. H Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/1/63
Durham J.M. Sergt. F Wounded Arm Severely 7/2/63
Erwin A. Prvt. E Wounded Back Severely 7/1/63
Faucette E.G. Prvt. C Wounded Arm Slightly 7/1/63
Ferrell J.T. Prvt. C Wounded Hand Severely 7/1/63
Fesperman L.A. Prvt. G Wounded Arm Slight 7/2/63
Fisk J.O. Prvt. E Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Flemming J.F. Prvt. A Wounded Arm Slight 7/2/63
Fowler J.K. Prvt. F Wounded Foot Severely 7/2/63
Freeman J.C. Prvt. E Wounded   Mortally-Since Died 7/2/63
French W.J. Sergt. I Wounded Arm Severely 7/1/63
Gallimore J. Prvt. A Killed     7/1/63
Gibson J.A. Prvt. F Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/1/63
Glenn H.C. Prvt. C Wounded Abdoman Mortally-Died 7/4 7/1/63
Graham Wm. Prvt. K Missing     7/1/63
Gullet A.J. Prvt. G Wounded Side & Hip Severely 7/2/63
Gwinstead L.B. Prvt. H Wounded Thigh Slight 7/1/63
Hailey P.W. Prvt. C Wounded Hand Slight 7/2/63
Haley T.R. Prvt. C Wounded Mouth & Neck Severely 7/1/63
Hatchet Saml. Prvt. K Wounded Leg Slight 7/1/63
Hatchett P. Prvt. D Missing     7/2/63
Hatl Dan A. Prvt. A Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Henseley Sidney Prvt. H Wounded Hand Severely 7/1/63
Holden L. Prvt. I Missing     7/2/63
Howell R.P. Prvt. E Missing     7/2/63
Howell S.W. Prvt. E Wounded Arm Severely 7/1/63
Hughes J. Prvt. K Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/1/63
Hurndon? E. Prvt. I Wounded Leg & Foot Severely 7/2/63
Huskey Jas. Prvt. C Missing     7/2/63
Hutchins A.J. Prvt. C Wounded Leg Amputated 7/1/63
Iseley L.C. Prvt. F Wounded Hip & Groin Severely 7/1/63
Jarrold Jas. Sergt. E Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/1/63
Johnson A. Prvt. I Wounded Breast Slight 7/2/63
Jones E. Prvt. K Wounded   Slight 7/2/63
Keenan Thos. Prvt. A Missing     7/2/63
Kerr W.J. Prvt. F Wounded Leg Severely 7/1/63
Kirkpatrick W.M. Corpl. F Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Kyle H. Prvt. D Wounded Right Leg Amputated 7/1/63
Lashley S.M. Corpl. F Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Latta Wm. Prvt. B Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Lawrance L. Prvt. C Wounded Abdoman Severely 7/1/63
Lawrance Wm. Prvt. I Wounded Thigh Severely 7/2/63
Laws A.E. Prvt. B Wounded Foot Severely 7/2/63
Leigh J.S. Prvt. C Missing     7/2/63
Lowry J.A. Sergt. E Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/1/63
Lutes I. Prvt. I Missing     7/2/63
Lyon G.W. Prvt. H Killed     7/1/63
Mace I.E. Prvt. E Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Malone N. Prvt. K Wounded Foot Amputated 7/1/63
Mangum A. Prvt. B Wounded   Slight 7/2/63
Massey R. Prvt. C Wounded Left Arm Amputated 7/1/63
Matthews W. Prvt. E Wounded Foot Severely 7/2/63
Maynard J.H. Sergt. K Wounded Groin Mortally-Died 7/4 7/1/63
McDaniel C. Prvt. C Wounded Right Foot Amputated 7/1/63
McDaniel W. Prvt. C Wounded Arm Slight 7/2/63
McGee J. Prvt. E Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
McGrath J. Prvt. B Missing     7/2/63
McKenney W.J. Sergt. E Wounded Breast Mortally-Died 7/6 7/1/63
McKinney J.M. Prvt. E Wounded Head Slight 7/1/63
Miles M. Prvt. H Missing     7/2/63
Miles Thos. Prvt. H Killed     7/2/63
Miller M.M. Prvt. G Wounded Thigh Slight 7/2/63
Moore G.W. Prvt. F Wounded Abdoman Mortally-Died 7/4 7/2/63
Morrison J.A. Prvt. A Killed     7/1/63
Mull D. Prvt. D Wounded Side Severely 7/2/63
Murray J.M. Prvt. K Wounded Neck Severely 7/2/63
Nichols A. Prvt. C Wounded Rt. Foot Amputated 7/2/63
Norton W.T. Prvt. I Missing     7/2/63
Parish T. Prvt. I Missing     7/2/63
Pender C.J. Prvt. F Wounded Breast Slight 7/1/63
Perkins A.J. Prvt. C Wounded Hip Severely 7/1/63
Pettigrew John J. Prvt. F Killed     7/2/63
Philips Ivey Prvt. F Missing     7/1/63
Pickett E.W. Corpl. C Wounded Hand Slight 7/1/63
Pindley M.B. Prvt. E Wounded Groin Severely 7/1/63
Pleasant A. Prvt. H Wounded Groin & Thigh Very Severe 7/1/63
Pool Wm. Prvt. C Killed     7/1/63
Poteet Wm. Prvt. D Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/2/63
Pratt J. Prvt. D Missing     7/2/63
Proctor S.G. Prvt. C Missing     7/2/63
Ray Thos. Prvt. F Wounded Both Legs Slight 7/1/63
Ray W.G. Sergt. B Killed     7/1/63
Rector J. Prvt. A Wounded Hip Severely 7/1/63
Redmond T. Corpl. C Wounded Arm Severely 7/2/63
Rhodes W.B. Prvt. C Killed     7/2/63
Rich J.L Prvt. A Wounded Shoulder Slight 7/2/63
Richmond Thos. Prvt. H Killed     7/1/63
Roberts J. Prvt. I Wounded Breast Slight 7/1/63
Robertson W.A. Corpl. E Wounded Side Severely 7/1/63
Rose Levi Prvt. E Missing     7/2/63
Ross B.F Corpl. F Wounded Leg Slight 7/1/63
Rossin J.A. Prvt. C Wounded Shoulder & Neck Very Severe 7/2/63
Russell J.W. Prvt. G Wounded Leg Severely 7/2/63
Sawyers B.B. Prvt. H Wounded Mouth Severely 7/1/63
Seabott T.G?. Prvt. D Wounded Leg Slight 7/2/63
Sharp D.M. Prvt. F Wounded Thigh Severely 7/2/63
Shine W.F. Prvt. G Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/2/63
Singleton S. Prvt. E Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/1/63
Smallwood J.A. Prvt. E Wounded Arm Amputated 7/2/63
Snipes M.L. Prvt. D Wounded   Slight 7/2/63
Speagle H. Prvt. D Wounded Shoulder Slight 7/2/63
Speed E.A. Lieut. B Missing     7/2/63
Thomas J. Prvt. E Wounded Hip Severely 7/1/63
Thomason I.P. Prvt. G Wounded Face Severely 7/1/63
Thompson A.J. Corpl. H Wounded Thigh Severely 7/2/63
Thompson Geo. Prvt. F Wounded Leg Slight 7/1/63
Thompson J.B. Prvt. F Wounded Both Legs Severely 7/2/63
Thompson J.H. Sergt. F Wounded Foot Severely 7/2/63
Thompson S.P. Prvt. F Wounded Arm Severely 7/2/63
Tilley H. Sergt. B Missing     7/2/63
Turner L. Sergt. C Killed     7/1/63
Upchurch J.H. Corpl. I Wounded Breast Slight 7/2/63
Vance S.C. Prvt. E Wounded Arm Severely 7/2/63
Vaughn R.G. Prvt. H Wounded Thigh Severely 7/2/63
Vincent J.T. Corpl. K Wounded Shoulder Severely 7/2/63
Wagner W.P. Prvt. B Wounded Head Slight 7/1/63
Walker D.A. Prvt. H Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Walker M.H. Corpl. H Killed     7/1/63
Weaver D. Corpl. D Wounded Hand Severely 7/1/63
Wells W.F. Prvt. H Wounded Hand Slight 7/2/63
White B.F. Capt. F Wounded Shoulder & Leg Slight 7/1/63
Wilkerson M. Sergt. C Wounded Thigh Severely 7/2/63
Williams J.M. Prvt. I Killed     7/2/63
Williams L. Prvt. I Wounded Thigh Severely 7/1/63
Wright S. Prvt. E Wounded Knee Slight 7/2/63
Wyatt F. Prvt. K Killed     7/1/63
Young J.W. Prvt. I Wounded Shoulder Slight 7/1/63
Young Saml. Prvt. E Wounded Thigh Slight 7/2/63

Total Casualties

  7/1/1863 7/2/1863 Total
Killed 13 7 20
Wounded 71 60 131
Missing 2 21 23
Total 86 88 174