Biddle Farm Cemetery Clover Creek Blair county Pennsylvania

Biddle Farm Cemetery

Clover Creek, Blair County (Huntingdon County before 1846), Pennsylvania

Latitude 402553 N Longitude 0781205 W

For those who do not know, Ramona Householder has restored this cemetery, and written a book on it--complete with before and after pictures. She has done a wonderful job with this cemetery and sells copies of her book (first publ Dec 2001) with proceeds going towards the cem upkeep.Because of her knowledge, this page is going to be limited because the author of this page is of the opinion that one should contact her directly if you suspect a link to this cemetery. Ramona does not even live in Pennsylvania and yet what she is accomplished is remarkable. She does accept contributions if you so desire.

From time to time Ramona schedules volunteer clean up dates. Contact her if you are interested.

Directions: This cem is about 2 mi south of Williamsburg. There are 2 main roads south out of Williamsburg. You want to be on the one that goes by Presbyterian Cem and becomes Upper Clover Creek road. When you turn off of Upper Clover Creek road you will be making a left turn. The cem is hard to see from the road. Watch for the 4 pine trees in a middle of a field. Upper Clover Creek road runs north and south BEHIND the cem in the picture shown on this page.Remember the picture of this page has east at the top and west at the bottom. If you get lost ask locals for direction to the Edward and LaDonna Biddle Farm or Snively Cem.

There are several other Biddle historic things to see in this area. Including the old slave house, Clover Creek, and the original homestead.

There was a footstone with the initials R.B. whose identity is uncertain. Possibly Rachel Biddle-Boyd or one of her children. Other than that the only stones that are unidentified are those that had no markings some of which were field stones.

Family tradition says that Christina Cover-Biddle is buried in this cemetery. This photo was taken looking west from the road with Snively Cem behind the photographer.

The Biddle name was frequently spelled Bittle in the early 1800s in Huntingdon County. It is originally German.

     The Biddle Family Website expresses appreciation to:

  • The late George Liebegott and Emma Biddle who left us old transcriptions of this cem
  • who is hosting this site
  • The Biddle ancestors who have left us their history.
  • Ramona Householder who made my own trip to this cem a reality