Plum Creek Biddle Cemetery in East Sharpsburg Taylor Township Blair Co PA

Biddle or Hoover Farm Cem, Plum Creek
East Sharpsburg, Taylor Township, Blair County, PA

The Snowberger and Biddle-Hoover Cem are on the same road maybe a quarter mile from each other. In studying the land records of the occupants of these cemeteries it becomes clear that this general area of Plum Creek bordered between Bedford and Huntingdon Counties. Some land deeds refered to land being partially in Bedford and partially in Huntingdon County. From what Jana can tell so far, it appears that prior to 1844 these cemeteries were in Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon County, PA. From 1844-1846 they were in Huston Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA. And, of course, in 1846 Blair County was formed.

Tombstone Map
Cem transcription with links to photos and research notes.

Just in front of the main clump of trees in the center of the photo above is the Cemetery. It is overgrown with prickly vines, weeds, etc. So it blends into the trees. You can see one tombstone tower sticking up, but the tower is actually broken and so will fall over again soon.

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