Barbara's Family Rosebush

Barbara's Family Rosebush

This site is designed, published and managed by Barbara Koska Timm.

These are the branches of my family
~ the Russell/Taylor and Koska/Diedrich lines,

and my former husband's family
~ the Timm/Boehlke and Mahler/Lehmann lines.

Strong roots, gorgeous blossoms, a few thorns and one or two bloomin' idiots!

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Achterof, Archer, Babcock, Barton, Bircher, Blanchette, Boehlke, Bolus, Braaten, Brannon, Brewer, Brown, Brueske, Butler, Byng, Calcavecchia, Cavenaugh, Champion, Chandler, Chauncey, Chico, Chinnock, Cochran, Colton, Conrad, Copeland, Copley, Cross, David, Deiss, Deming, Dickman, Diedrich, Dillon, Dohr, Dunn, Eelkema, Eggerth, Elgin, English, Everts, Eyre, Fabian, Farrinton, Filkins, Gaglinno, Gessner, Giem, Goggin, Gomer, Goodrich, Grayson, Greene, Hamlin, Hammond, Hampton, Hanchette, Harnack, Higgins, Hilton, Hitchcock, Hinkle, Hoelker, Horner, Hopkins, Hudson, Jackma, Johnson, Jordan, Kelly, Kerr, Kinney, Klesca, Koltes, Koska, Kosteckia, Larsen, Lewis, Libbey, Lindsey, Loring, Lovass, McCartney, McFarlin, McKinney, McWain, Mahler, Merrick, Michaels, Miller, Mills, Moller, Mussell, Nieghnabor, Neill, O'Neil, Oakley, Olson, Ostendorf, Pace, Parker, Perkins, Peters, Peterson, Pettigrew, Phillips, Pinkney, Pitkin, Quincy, Reynolds, Rice, Rinke, Ritter, Roach, Rudesill, Russell, Ryan, Samsen, Saunders, Schanke, Schramser, Schmidt, Schmobe, Schulte, Scofield, Scott, Selvig, Severud, Shurtz, Smith, Spencer, Steiss, Stewart, Still, Stockwell, Strong, Taylor (plus Fischer & Vandenhoff), Terrace, Thoen, Thomas, Timm, Toler, Tubman, Vandenhoff, Van Pelt, Vanoys, Volesky, Voskuil, Wadsworth, Wahlberg, Weeks, Wildes, Wileman, Wilhelm, Williams, Wolcott, Wood, Worby, Wylie, ___Jennifer, __19__

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