"The Still Line"

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of Anketil's Place in the County of Dorset,
East Knoyle in the County of Wiltshire,
Hutton Court in the County of Somerset,
and The Bury in the County of Gloucester.

Researched by Lana Bowell of Somerset England
William Still, first named in the lineage below, is Barbara's fifteenth generation ancestor.
Much information is included concerning his son, Bishop John Still of the Cathedral of Bath and Wells.

Arms granted by Sir William Dethick, Garter King of Arms, 10th April 1593.
The Still coat of arms contains a black shield with scattered rain drops on which there are three silver roses.
The crest holds a silver stork.

This page runs from old to young, not young to old like the other pages of lineage on this site,
A section of notes follows this lineage.

15th Generation Grandfather

William Still of Grantham, Lincolnshire England
15th Generation Grandmother Joane Stilwell

William & Joane's Children

John, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, George, Alice

First Child of William & Joane

John Still (continued below)

Second Child of William & Joane

William Still
Married Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas Pechell of Normanton Co., Lincolnshire

Son 1

John Still, Rector of Christian Malford, Wilts; Prebendary of Salisbury 13 July 1613 and of Bath & Wells; chaplain of Bishop Still.

Wife of Son 1

Frances, d.o. John Younge of Odiham, Hants.

John & Frances' Children

Henry Still (9 in 1623), John Still (6 in 1623), Frances Still (5 in 1623), Elizabeth Still (4 in 1623), Ann Still (2 in 1623), and Judith Still (1 in 1623)

Son 2


Daughter 1


Husband of Daughter 1

Rev. Adam Abraham of Chard, Somerset; one of the chaplains of Bishop Still.

Daughter 2

Mary, died before 1623

Daughter 3

Alice, died before 1623

Third Child of William & Joane

Thomas Still

Fourth Child of William & Joane

George Still, Rector of Wharnfield

Fifth Child of William & Joane

Alice Still, m. 16 Dec 1574, d. 24 Dec 1579, b. in Hadleigh Church, Suffolk

Husband of Alice

Adam Winthrop, 3rd son (by Agnes Sheepe his wife) of Adam Winthrop, b. in Grace Church St. London 10 Aug 1548

1st Son of Alice & Adam

John Winthrop b. at Edwardstone Co., Sussex, d. 26 Mar 1649 in Boston, Massachussetts, Governor of the Massachussetts Bay Company 1630.

1st Wife of John

Mary Forth 16 April 1605 Great Stambridge, Co. Essex

1st Child of John & Mary

John b. 12 Feb 1606 at Groton Manor, Suffolk, d. 5 April 1676 at Groton, Connecticut, United States

1st Wife of John

Martha Fones 8 Feb 1631 at Groton Manor Suffolk

2nd Wife of John II

Elizabeth Reade 12 Feb 1631 at Groton Manor Suffolk

2nd Child of John & Mary

Mary b. 30 Dec 1609, m. Samuel Dudley, d. 12 April 1643 in Salisbury, Co. Wiltshire

First Child of William & Joane

(Continued from above)
John Still D.D., eldest son b. 1543, d. at The Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset 26th February 1607, aged 64 years.

John Married First

Anne, d.o. Thomas Alabaster & sister of John Alabaster, gentleman twice Mayor of Hadleigh in the Co. of Suffolk. Anne d. aged 70 12th Jan 1592 and is buried in Hadleigh Church with a brass plaque to her memory.

The Alabaster Arms have an ermine shield displaying
a red cross-bow with gold strings.
The fact that the Alabaster Arms bore a crossbow may have
something to do with the name discrepancy of listing Alabaster as Arblaster.
An Arblaster was a crossbowman.
(Ref: Somerset History Archives)

The Alabaster Society
William Alabaster's Conversion, 1599

John & Ann's 1st Son

John Still baptised at Hadleigh 19 Jan 1577 & buried there 1581

John & Ann's 2nd Son

Nathaniel Still of Hutton Court, in the county of Somerset, eldest surviving son and heir baptised at Hadleigh 18 Oct 1579, d. 1635, buried in the chancel of Hutton Church where there is a monument to him.

Wife of Nathaniel
(Her 1st marriage, see 2nd below

Jane, b. 1587, sister of Sir William Whitmore, m. Knight of Apley in the county of Shropshire and daughter of William Whitmore, Alderman of London , d. 1593, son of Richard Whitmore Esq of Cloverly in the county of Shropshire, d. 10 Dec 1639, buried in Bath Abbey.

Nathaniel & Jane's Children

Ann, Jane, Elizabeth, another daughter, and Mary

Nathaniel & Jane's 1st Child

Ann Still, aged 10 in 1623


John Codrington of Didmarten in county Gloucester

Ann & John's 1st Child

Jane Codrington

Husband of

Samuel Codrington Esq of Dodington
Ann & John's 2nd Child Elizabeth Codrington
Married Edmund Rowe Esq
Elizabeth & Edmund's 1st Child Elizabeth Rowe
Married Benjamin Michell Esq of Branscombe and Salcombe Regis, county Devon & Salcombe Regis in the county of Devon
Elizabeth & Benjamin's Child Elizabeth Mitchell
Married John Heard, a gentleman of Bridgwater Co. Somerset

Elizabeth & John's Son

Sir Isaac Heard, Knight Garter King of Arms

Nathaniel & Jane's 2nd Child

Jane Still, aged 9 in 1623


Sir James Pyle, Bart. of Compton Beuchamp, Berkshire Co. Died circa 1639

Jane & James' 1st Child

Ann Pyle


Sir Francis Hollis Bart, 2nd Baron Hollis of Iffield, Co. Sussex. Died 1 Mar 1689 or 1690
Ann & Francis' 1st Child Denzil Hollis 3rd Baron, died unmarried 1694 aged 18
Ann & Francis' 2nd Child Jane Hollis, died an infant
Jane & James' 2nd Child Elizabeth Pyle, married 1659
Married Sir Thomas Strickland, 2nd Bart. of Boynton, Co. York

Jane & James' 3rd Child ..... Pyle
Married ..... Rickards Esq of Yewerland, Isle of Wight

Nathaniel & Jane's 3rd Child Elizabeth aged 5 in 1623

Nathaniel & Jane's 4th Child Unnamed Daughter

Nathaniel & Jane's 5th Child Mary Still, aged 8 in 1623, buried in the church at Pucklechurch.
Married John Dennis of Pucklechurch Hall, Co. Gloucester, b. 1616, d. 8th Aug 1669

Mary & John's Child William Dennis of Pucklechurch, d. 18th Aug 1701, aged 56, buried at Pucklechurch
Married Dorothea, d.o. Sir John Cotton of Connington, Co. Huntingdon
William & Dorothea's Children
John Dennis, died age 1 week; Mary Dennis, sold Pucklechurch Hall, married ..... Butler of Ireland; and 2 daughters who died unmarried

Jane Whitmore-Still's
2nd Marriage

Henry Dennis Esq of Pucklechurch Hall in the county of Gloucester

Second Wife of Bishop John Still

Jane Horner, d.o. Sir John Horner of Mells Park, Somerset. High Sheriff 1564-1562. Jane b. 1561, d. 1608, buried at Cloford, Somerset 29th Sept 1608.

John & Jane's Children

John and Thomas

John & Jane's 1st Child

John Still of Shaston St. James, buried at St. James's Shaftsbury.


Margaret Grubham, sister of Sir George Grubham Howe of Cold Bersick, St. Leonard's Wilshire, Member of Parliament for Hindon; created Baronet 20 June 1660 and daughter of Sir George Howe, Knight of Cold Berwick M.P. for Hinton, by Dorothea, daughter of Humpbrey Clarke alias Woodchurch of Woodchurh, Co. Kent. Buried at St. James; Shaftsbury.

John & Margaret's 1st & 2nd Children

George (died young) and Richard (died young)

John & Margaret's 3rd Child

John Still of Shaston, St. James, d. 1707

Married 1st

Mabel, d.o. Thomas Shirley, buried at St. James, Shaftsbury

John & Mabel's Child

Mabel Still who married William Howe of Somerton

Married 2nd

Honor, d.o. Henry Whitaker of Motcombe, Co. Dorset, buried at St. James' Shaftsbury 1690

John & Honor's First Five Children

Henry (died young); William (died young); John, d. 1734; Mary, d. unmarried; and Elizabeth, d. unmarried.

John & Honor's 6th Child

Bridget, married Robert Hayward of Freshford, Somerset in 1706

John & Honor's 7th Child

Honor, married John Cooper of Freshford, Somerset







John & Jane's 2nd Child

Thomas Still of Somerton Co. Somerset devised to him by his father. Acquired in 1613 by purchase the Manor of Shaston, near Shaftsbury Co. Dorset with its seat Anketills Place.Aged 12 at his father's death. Buried at St. James', Shaftsbury 1640.


Bridget, posthumous daughter of Gawen Champernoune Esq of Dartington, Co. Devon by Lady Gabrielle Roberta Montgonery, which lady remarried Thomas Horner, half-brother of Bishop Still's second wife. M. 1592, buried at St. James' Shaftsbury 1631.

Thomas & Bridget's Children

Jane, Bridget, Ursula, Frances, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann

1st Child

Jane Still, devisee for life of premises at Durleigh from her uncle John Still

2nd Child

Bridget Still, married Francis Shelton 1641

3rd Child

Ursula Still, living in 1636

4th Child

Frances Still, living 1636

5th Child

Elizabeth Still, living 1636

6th Child

Mary Still, married W. Howe 1636

7th Child

Ann Still, m. in 1666 Robert Thorpe of Shaston, d. 18 Sept 1671, buried in Holy Trinity, Shaftsbury


In the Wells Probate Registry is the will of John Still of Compton Martin, in the County of Somerset, husbandman (according to chambers English dictionary a manager) dated 3 Oct 30 Queen Elizabeth (in the 30th year of her reign - i.e. 1588) and proved 5th September 1590. Parts are illegible, but we can trace "My ..... Alice," "my wife Joane Still," and "my son John Still." The will names debts to ..... Maynard, Ambrose Millard and Edward Still, but the latter's relationship, if any, does not appear.

A High Sheriff of a county in those times was the soverign's representative with Judicial and Executive powers. Nowadays he/she is the Chief Officer of the Crown in the county with duties more ministerial than judicial.



Doctor of Divinity
Prebendary A resident clergyman who enjoys a share of the cathedral revenues.
J.P. Justice of the Peace, Magistrate
D.L. Deputy Lieutenant
R.N. Royal Navy
R.A. Royal Artillery
LL.B Bachelor of Law Degree
LL.D. Doctor of Law Degree
M.A. Master of Arts
Quarter Sessions Court of Law
Bart. Baronet: the holder of a rank of honor below a baron and above a knight
Divisee One to whom a devise (to give, as real estate, by will) of property is made

Eton College is still the premier school in England.
Princes William and Harry, sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana were educated there.

Winchester College is still a famous and highly regarded public school.
Public school in England does not mean the same as it does in the United States.



Knight of the Garter
K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Bath
G.C.B. Knight Grand Cross of the Bath
G.D.H. Knight Grand Cross of Hanover Bart - Baronet



County of Gloucestershire
Wilts County of Wiltshire
Staffs County of Staffordshire
Som County of Somerset
Herts Hertfordshire
Hants Hampshire

Because of county boundary changes over the years some of the places are no longer in the counties stated.
Some of the place names are very small villages and only appear on detailed ordnance survey maps,
but most are still in existence.


STILL, William STILWELL, Joane Stilwell
STILL, Ann EYRE, Robert
EYRE, Catherine CHAUNCY, Charles
CHAUNCY, Nathaniel STRONG, Abigail
CHAUNCY, Catherine BREWER, Rev. Daniel
BREWER, Abigail MERRICK, Thomas
HITCHCOCK, John Chandler WADSWORTH, Arvilla
WILHELM, Evangeline Anna RUSSELL, James A
RUSSELL, Robert Lee TAYLOR, Ada Icena
RUSSELL, Marian Margaritte KOSKA, Clement Francis
KOSKA, Barbara Jean TIMM, Richard Rudolph

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