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Welcome to Family Trails

This website is dedicated to the family history research of both mine (Beth) and my husband, Chuck's families.

In researching our family histories we have discovered that we have a rich heritage in every branch of our family tree. We take great pride in knowing that while our ancestors were not famous and notable people in history, they were the backbone of the country. The pioneer settlers, the farmers, the ranchers, the coal miners, the soldiers, the teachers, the carpenters, the law officers, the factory workers, .... the everyday people who made this country what it is today. They were people who will never have novels, movies or songs written about them. They were simple, hard working people who deserve to be remembered by the people who's lives they shaped. We hope to share with you the kind of people that they were and to give a humble attempt at trying to tell at least a small part of their story.

This website is in the process of being 'redone'. It was in serious need of being organized and put into a better format. Please be patient as we work on this as our time permits. We hope that you will check back periodically to see what has been added. Feel free to contact me if you would like to include anything. ~Beth

This site was last updated on July 26, 2008

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