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The Brock's

Rufus Lee Brock
This is Rufus Lee Brock

  I know from a DNA result from my cousin that my line of Brocks comes from a son of Georg "Frederick" Brock, aka. Fred who was the s/o Rudolph Brack. Frederick was born February 2, 1719 in Zweibreucken, Germany. His line goes back into Switzerland in 1646 and before.

  Rudolph Brack/Brock, father of Frederick, was born April 26, 1685 in Switzerland. He and his family came to this country from Germany, August 28th of 1733 on the ship "Hope". He entered in the Port of Philidelphia, and stayed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania a couple of years before moving on. He and his family moved to the Shenandoah and Augusta County areas of Virginia, and died there in Forestville on February 15, 1748.

  Frederick, "Fred", moved his family into the Greenville area of North Carolina. He died there about 1807. The family moved from Virginia into North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisianna, Missouri, Texas and Indiana. There was a large concentration of family members in the McMinn County, Tennessee area and in the Sand Mountain area of Alabama. There are still family members living in these areas to this day.

  Some of the surnames I am researching in the Brock family are: Ammons, Avans/Evans, Bonner, Brock, Cagle, Chandler, Coffman, Cook, Croft/Crofts, Ditmore/Dittmore, Duggan, Duncan, Galloway, Gregory, Harris, Heinrichson, Hicks, Jack, LaFoy, Manery/Mannery, McMinn, Morgan, Moses, Niehaus, Queener, Raborn, Raper, Saffell/Saffells, Sims, Smith, Tallent, Ward and White.

  The photo above is Rufus Lee Brock, my father. He is where this journey began for me.

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