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James Jaynes

This is Mr. James Jaynes, better known as Jim though his mother called him Jimmy. He was a self-employed plumber in the small town of Seymour, Indiana. He was well-known there. His life started in rural Washington County, Indiana. He seldom talked about his family, but took care of his parents very well all their lives.

He also built and bought several properties in town. The house he and his wife, Della, spent their lives in was built by him around 1955 or so. He loved dogs, fishing, bingo and his family.

The Jaynes surname was spelled Janes in Kentucky. This is where this family came from. William Obidar (I wonder if this wasn't supposed to be Obidiah?) was born in Kentucky as a Janes. His marriage record listed him as Jeans in Indiana, and he was buried as Jaynes. This line of research is concerned with the surnames: Abbott, Anderson, Angleton, Ballard, Bedel, Brooks, Croucher, Fleming, Foist, Forest/Forrest, Gaiter, Gorman, Hazelrigg, Henley, Hines, Holstine, Hughart/Huggard, Hunsucker, Iden, Janes/Jaynes/Jeans, Jessee, Joice\Joyce, Little, Loftis, Long, Lucas, Lucid, McKinney, Rinck, Robbins, Robins, Sharp, Sparks, Trapp, Turner, Willcutt, Woodson. The areas of research are: England, Illinois, Indiana, Ireland, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia.

I believe this is the same family written about by Dr. Reba Neighbors-Collins in 'History of the Janes-Peek Family'. I have not been able to verify it yet, but her list of children for David Sr. was incomplete. I want to verify that this is the same line.

The Janes/Jaynes Family

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