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George Washington Adams
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 "It is rather a general happy mediocrity that prevails, most people cultivate their own lands or follow some craft or . . .a true American would think himself more obliged to a genealogist who could prove for him that his ancestors and relations for ten generations had been ploughmen, smiths, turners, weavers, tanners or even shoemakers*, and consequently that they had been useful members of society, than if they could only prove that they were Gentlemen, doing nothing of value but living on the labors of others."
                                      Benjamin Franklin 

* how about my roofers (thatchers), chandlers, millers, storers, fishers, gardeners? 

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Welcome, thank you for your interest.  On this site you will find the names and a bit about many of my ancestors who indeed ploughed, made necessary things and were useful members of society. In some cases the records go back as many as twelve generations, which are divided into chapters. 

These pages are from my family history book titled, From Whence...which I am adapting to this web site with the hope it will be useful to you who are seeking information and an encouragement for others to share information. 

This web site is dedicated to my ancestors, all of them known and those yet to be found. 

The Introduction is the place to see what information I have and to begin... 
For the background and history of this family search I suggest you read the Preface

Not sure where to begin?  We have made it easy for you.
Use our search engine,

Happy hunting, thanks for stopping by.   I hope to hear from you.You are welcome to use the Guestbook.