Laurie VanSant

Cousin Laurie is the current editor for The Van Zandt Society. She brings many years of experience acquired in her professional career in art and publishing to the task. After a successful career at ETS which spanned almost two decades, Laurie and her husband took on the role of parents and made the decision for Laurie to remain at home. They divide their time between their suburban home and their beach house retreat along the Jersey shore.

Laurie became interested in genealogy seven years ago, triggered in large part from the loss of her father. However, after literally thousands of hours of research, Laurie cannot identify the parents of her 3rd great grandfather, Weaver Vanzant. Chromosome DNA testing connects this line with the Gerret Stoffelse Vansant branch of Bucks County, PA. Laurie remains optimistic that the mystery will be solved someday. In the meantime, she likes helping other Van Zandts and descendents with their research challenges and enjoys contact with people from across the country and in Europe made possible from her role as editor for the Society.

Regarding my husband's roots, he descends from Southy Fisher who was involved with the Sons of Liberty in North Carolina.-