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Who are the 8 Greats?  For years in our homes, Ellen and I were fortunate to have on our walls portraits of all sixteen of our great-grandparents. Ellen's Greats, had been recorded in book form years ago as Connecticut Linsleys; Six Johns (see Six Johns) and are not considered here.   Mine are: Adams, Fisher, Gordon, Hatcher, Hutchins, Johnson, Storer and  Williams.

These family names have been the inspiration to search for my other ancestors, whom I call the Plus, among them: Fleming, Gardner, Knight, Miller, Robinson, Thatcher, Vansant , Woodward and many more. These are the names I began researching and recording in my ancestral book titled  From Whence....It has been a joy to learn a bit about them personally, as well as about the times in which they lived.  They have provided us a rich heritage of family lore -- which seem to me to represent a cross-section of typical American family life.  As of this time my research has concentrated on those ancestors born in America or who arrived on these shores from Europe.

As a suggestion, begin your search of this site with a click on Preface .    See How this Book is organized. and then on to Begin      This is a work in progress which will be added to/revised from time to time. As a courtesy, I ask that material from these pages be used for your family research only, not to be republished in print, on the web, or elsewhere without first asking permission. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest, Gordon Hatcher.