Gordon's  Ancestral Book
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Who Are the
Plus ?
     My "Plus" families together with the " Greats" constitute my ancestral families.
Information on the " Greats" I grew up with.
        The "Plus" I have become acquainted with gradually
Family names that I have learned the most about are listed here:

 Fleming, Gerretze, Graves, Grosebeck, Knight, Miller, Rinehart, Thatcher, Thompson,Vansant, Woodward

      For information about all of my ancestral families
Generation and Chapter Index

        Adams, Fisher, Fleming, Gardner, Gerretze, Gordon, Graves, Grosebeck, Hatcher, Hutchins, Johnson,
           Knight, Miller, Rinehart, Storer, Thatcher, Thompson, Vansant, W illiams, Woodward