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Quaker Dates

In reading Quaker dates, until September 1752 in the English-speaking world, the year began not with January but with March -- technically the 25th of March. Thus the 1st month was March; 2nd was April; 3rd was May; 4th was June; 5th was July; 6th was August; 7th was September; 8th was October; 9th was November; 10th was  December; 11th was January; and the 12th was February. Some families decided to "add" 11 days to their birth date to make up for the 11 days lost when the calendar was changed from Julian to Gregorian Style calendar in September 1752. It has been reported that George Washington's birth was originally recorded on February 11th, 1751, but was changed to Feb.22nd when the calendar was changed.

So, the Gregorian Calendar was in effect when George's parents, brothers and sisters came from Middletown, Bucks County Pennsylvania to settle in Fairfax County, Viginia on 29 June 1754. William Hatcher and " younger children requested certificate to Fairfax Monthly Meeting". August 31 1754 William Hatcher and "younger children requested certificate with his wife Ann and daughter Mary, by Women's Meeting, Fairfax MM..

Prudence came from Wilmington, Delaware to Fairfax County with her parents and sisters on Certificate given by the MM on 16 -5- 1764. (Certificates of Removal were granted by a committee of the meeting when members changed their location certifying that they had no outstanding debts).

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