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An e-mail message went out some time back to all in the address book advising them of a number of changes to this site: server, e-mail and the change over to AT&T high speed internet service.  The change-over has been difficult, but  now almost everything is working again.  Hopefully we didn't lose any one in the process.
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Hatcher - Chandler Connections
For those with more interest in Chandlers than that shown on Generation IV-1 on our direct line, a collateral line has been added and a photo of several of Isaiah and Nira's family. Go to Generation IV-1-More,  click on Zachariah.  Also see MoreLinks and Collaterals..
Some Unknowns
Sorting out and studying the hundreds of photos of my different family lines has been rewarding and at times frustrating, but for the most part I know who they are.  There remain a few that I can't say where they fit in, but never the less are deserving of some detective work.  If you are up to the challenge, here is a place to start. In some, there are clues, in others one can only speculate.

Disconnected Relative
was (my brickwall)

My connection to Charles H. Soper was  (lost) now has been  found.  How we're related I don't recall.  Many years ago I visited cousin Charles and his family when they were living in São Paulo, Brasil.  Two years  later they visited our  family in California, (1938).  Many attempts to make      contact since then have failed. There is more, please read on.                                                    

Charles H. Soper

Cousin Charles was a VIP.  The chief executive officer for the Singer Sewing Machine Company for all of Brasil; president of   the US Chamber of Commerce for Brasil. for starters.  The family, wife Isabel and daughter Margaret, age 9, lived in  a large home in a  neighborhood where the well-established folks seemed to live, they had a saiboat at the yacht club.  The power          structure in my little world as a Merchant Marine cadet changed dramatically when Isabel Soper arrived in Santos in her           chauffered Lincoln Zephyr, came aboard our ship, now anchored in the harbor, to meet our captain. It now was an important American business man leaning on the shipping agent who leaned on the captain to allow me four days off to visit my cousins in São Paulo.   My visit to Brasil was important  to cousin Charles as I was the first of his relatives to visit them. They gave me a grand time. Cousin Charles was about the same age as my Dad;  easy to be with and talk to.  He advised me to get a college education and then see the world, not the order that I had in mind. His advise changed my plans and for that he will always be very important to me. His influence on  the ship vanished as soon as I came aboard on my return, of course, but it has been with me ever since.
*  *  *

Good news!  Thanks to the recent efforts of  Ellen's cousins, Ann  and Ellen Stewart,  I now know that Charles Hutchins Soper is who I was looking for. 

Af Adam came out of the Marches of Wales

Additional information from great-grand father George Washington Adams takes us back
26 generations!  Have a look.

Collateral Lines

  Collateral line are offered here as it gives an opportunity to share important information on  related family members when the main line comes to an end. Here are  more collateral lines.

Family Photo Album

Our Ancestor Photo Album

Generation I

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