New Cousins
Great News!

Perhaps the most useful purpose for this website is to bring like-minded folks together. For this and many other reasons I sincerely thank all of you who have contributed to this project. It has always been my hope that through this website I could find some relatives who didn't know they were lost .  My expectations have been more than filled. I'm pleased to share names of kin who were there all the time, but I didn't know it.

Charles Chandler Hatcher  III
Marion Bentley
Ruth Gordon Hastie
Laurie Vansant Fisher
Marion, first cousin of Chan , remembers meeting my brother Bob here in Oakland years ago. Isaiah G. Hatcher is our great-grandfather.

Ruth Gordon Hastie found us and did use the Guestbook!  In her Gordon research we are 5th cousins.  Her father was born in Perry County, Ohio where I spent so much time tracing Gordons.

Laurie Vansant  is editor of the Van Zandt Record and new webmaster for the Van Zandt Society website. We connect with Ann Vansant who married William Hatcher who were neighbors in Bucks County, PA.

About the Webmaster in case you are interested:

Kimberly Davis            Comment: What a delightful's just wonderful.  I'm an Adams searcher, but I'm afraid it might be an entirely different line.  I'll have to do some more checking.  Thank you for all that effort you put into making this site - it's appreciated!

Philip Gordon           Comment: Your site is very nice, however, I was looking for Gordons from Leadmore, Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland.  They settled in New York State and in California.