Snell and Christiansen Family Histories

Snell And Christiansen Family Histories

This site is dedicated to the family lines and histories of Hedwig and Heber Snell, Mable and Ole Christiansen and their ancestors. Some surnames included are Snell, Ludwig, Christiansen, Herbert, Hillman, Olsdatter (Olsen), Phillips, Cox, Alden, Schoenherr, Nisdatter (Nissan), Mayhew, Wells, Hattersley, Dixon, and Coates.

Heber Cyrus Snell (1883-1974) and his ancestors

Hedwig Emma Ludwig (1881-1945) and her ancestors

Ole Christiansen (1885-1961) and his ancestors

Mable Martha Herbert (1890-1974) and her ancestors

Other Miscellaneous family histories

This area will be filled in as I find more histories relating to these lines. If you have any you would like to submit, please email them to me.

  • The history of Thomas Snell, 1634
  • The history of John Mayhew, 1652
  • The history of George D. Snell, 1836