Thomas Snell, 1634

A short history of Thomas Snell that came to Massachusetts in about 1645.

Thomas Snell, 1634, and Martha Harris, his wife.

This is our first ancestor to come to America. He left a brother, Manasses, in Fillongley. There is some question that a brother, Issachar, may have come with Thomas and their Uncle, Deacon Samuel Edson.

Thomas Snell was christened in Fillongley, Warwickshire, England on 19 Mar 1634. His older brother, Manasses, was christened on 14 Jan 1628.

Richard Snell, the father of Thomas and Manasses, died 12 Jun 1637. His wife Ann Edson married Jeffrey Hall in 1638. Shortly afterwards, Thomas left Fillongley with his uncle, Deacon Samuel Edson.

They made their way to the sea and ultimately settled in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts sometime prior to 1650. The Passenger list of the ship on which they traveled is in the rare books section of the Library of Congress.

Thomas was a landowner in Bridgewater by 1668. He served as Constable during 1671-1680. He died 25 Jan 1724-25. His will is dated on 10 Mar 1724.

The Edson Genealogy says that Samuel Edson was born in Fillongley, Warwickshire, England in 1612. He was admitted a freeman in Salem, Massachusetts in 1639, settling in Bridgewater around 1651.

In Pilgrim's Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts is a case of swords that is marked Exhibit No. 248. Sword number 1 is marked "Brought from Plymouth, England by Thomas Snell about 1640." It was presented by Mrs Stella Snell Gurney.

More information on Thomas Snell

The Old Bridgewater Historical Society has published a pamphlet on "Thomas Snell, the Emigrant" that his descendants would well enjoy. The Website is: and click on 'publications' to get a copy.