William Snell, 1740

A Biography of William Snell, born 1740 and his wife Abigail Alden, born 1756, who is descended from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. All sources are listed at the end of the page.

William Snell

William Snell was born 2 Nov 1740 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts. His parents were Thomas Snell and Hannah Lewis. He married Abigail Alden 10 Sep 1774 in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

These are their children that we have found so far:

Throughout the records searched for William he was also called "Esquire". I am not aware of what that means.

Not much is known of him until after he arrives in Eaton, Strafford, New Hampshire.

William was in Eaton, Strafford, New Hampshire early enough to be a selectman in 1798 and later; he was also town clerk and moderator. He lived at the top of Snell Hill on the west side of the road.

William was a big land trader in the early days. There are a lot of records of his land deals in the history of Eaton. In the 1798 tax sale he bought 2,000 acres of Nathaniel Martin's Location for $2.31. The same thing happened at Job Allard's tax sale of 1802 but this time the land cost William $17.39. He also bid off Alexander Blair's Location of 2,000 acres for $5.31 in 1798.

In 1802 he was authorized to retail rum and all arduous liquor for one year. He was the first postmaster in town making his first report to the Postmaster General on 1 Jan 1807. In this job he was succeeded by his son, Alden Snell.

William also served 4 times for his country apparently in the "King's army' as a Loyalist.

William was injured somewhere in those 4 times in the service of his country and in another source it said he suffered a lot the rest of his life from his injury. William died 11 Jan 1814 in Eaton at the age of 73 years. He was buried in Madison, New Hampshire's 'Old Public Burying Ground' in Row 2, where his stone marker still stands.

Abigail Alden, 1756

As of right now, I have no information on Abigail except that after the death of William she married David Howard. Any information you may have would be welcome, with sources please.