The Derryberry Family


The Derryberry family in America is descended from Johann Michael Dčrrenberger, one of three brothers who immigrated to the American Colonies in 1738, and who settled in Burke Co., NC in the 1760Ňs.  It is the largest branch of the Dčrrenberger family in America today.


Because of the scarcity of records of this family before 1800, and a lack of DNA evidence prior to 2005, many misconceptions have arisen about its early history, and there are many erroneous family trees now published on and other places.  In order to separate fact from fiction, I have written two articles on the familyŇs early history for the Burke County Genealogical Society (BCGS) Journal, and these articles are reprinted in links below.


Anyone interested in researching the family is also encouraged to contact the BCGS via the link above.  Here are links to PDF files of the articles:


The Derryberrys of Burke County: Origins of an Alsatian-American Family (BCGS Journal, vol. XXXII no. 3, August 2014).  This article deals with the origins of the Derryberry family in Europe, immigration to America, arrival in Burke County, NC, and the relationships of the earliest Derryberrys to one another.


The Derryberrys of Burke County: The First Generation (BCGS Journal, vol. XXXII no. 4, November 2014).  This article discusses what we know of the lives of the seven founders of the Derryberry family mentioned in early records, who I take to be brothers of one another and sons of the immigrant, Johann Michael Dčrrenberger.


To anyone belonging to this family, this website has a tree of all the Derryberrys born roughly 1920 and earlier, and their spouses, so if you can identify a Derryberry ancestor born in that range, you should be able to find them in this list (or similar lists for spelling variants like Derreberry, Derebery, Dayberry, DeBerry, etc.) and trace them back from there.  Alternatively, because there so many people of that name, it might be easier to find the maiden name of a female ancestor who married into the family from the complete surname list.  Note that I only include people of the name Derryberry and their spouses, so unfortunately in most cases I have not traced the children of Derryberry women, since they have different surnames.  (It just becomes too overwhelming to trace everyone.)


For each individual, try clicking the ĎNOTESË link, where you can find a biography (if written), source information, my research notes, etc.




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