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The goal of the Durrenberger database is to connect all branches of the Durrenberger family, or at least the Alsatian part of the family, together in one large tree. We're not there yet, and probably never will be, but this page should help monitor progress as well as help you find your way around the database. Below is a list of the earliest Durrenberger ancestors of all the unconnected families currently represented in the database. Hopefully as more information is gathered, these discrete families will eventually merge, although inevitably new discrete families will appear.


  1. Durss and Heinrich Dčrrenberger (b. ca 1520) of Lauwil and Bretzwil (Baselland). These two men are the earliest recorded Dčrrenbergers in the area and are placed at the root of the tree by the Swiss researcher Werner Hug.  Since they were recorded about 1550, it is likely they were born roughly 1520.  Their precise relationships to the five men shown as their children are unknown.
  2. Johannes Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1560, d. <1612) of RibeauvillÄ (Haut-Rhin, Alsace).  Records of his children appear in the early RibeauvillÄ Catholic church book.  Johannes and wife Barbara Birckel may have lived in nearby Riquewihr, where records have not yet been checked.
  3. Balthasar Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1564, d. 1632) of RibeauvillÄ (Haut-Rhin, Alsace).  Records of Balthasar, his wife Kunigunda BÜrser, and children appear in the early RibeauvillÄ Catholic church book.  Whether Balthasar was born there is unclear, and his parents are unknown.
  4. Remigius "Romey" Dčrrenberger (1603-1665) of Bretzwil and Reigoldswil (Baselland) and hoffmann of Mertzwiller (Alsace). Progenitor of by far the largest family of Alsatian Durrenbergers in the database (along with his father-in-law, "Bogenthal Hanss" Durrenberger above). Originally from Bretzwil, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland, he settled in nearby Reigoldswil after marriage. In the early 1660s, he emigrated to Alsace, and became a landed farmer (herrschafflich hoffmann) in Mertzwiller. His parents' names are unknown.
  5. Johannes Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1640) of RibeauvillÄ (Haut-Rhin, Alsace).  Father of senator Johann Georg Daniel Dčrrenberger, whose prominent family has been found in the Catholic church records of Strasbourg.  He is also the ancestor of the Dčrrenbergers of Fortschwihr through his grandson Matthias.  His wife was Salomea Holtzinger.
  6. Christoph Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1642) of RibeauvillÄ (Haut-Rhin, Alsace).  One of the four unconnected Dčrrenbergers of RibeauvillÄ, he was a possible brother of Johannes (b. 1640).  His wife was Elisabetha Seltz, and his parents are unknown.
  7. Johann Jacob Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1635, d. <1692) of Basel (Switzerland).  Married Anna Strub, and father of Johann Jacob Dčrrenberger (ca. 1670-1707), the ship hand who settled in Strasbourg and married Maria Salome Bischoff.
  8. Ulrich Dčrrenberg [sic] (d. 1665) Melker of Gundershoffen (Alsace). A head of household in the early Niederbronn Lutheran church records, which include Gundershoffen. A Calvinist, he was probably born about 1635 in Switzerland. Survived by his wife Veronica and three children; their whereabouts after his death are unknown.
  9. Johannes ("Hanss") Dčrrenberger (m. 1689, d. <1736) of Reigoldswil (Baselland). Husband of Margreth Wirtz and father of several sons who raised families in Reigoldswil in the early to mid-18th century. He may be one of the Hanss Dčrrenbergers already in the database, with Margreth as a second wife, but this is still unknown. Referred to once as "Hanss der gerth."
  10. Georg Dčrrenberger (b. circa 1664) of Oberbronn (Alsace). Called "Reebmann" in Oberbronn, and very likely a Swiss immigrant. He and his wife Anna Maria had numerous children in Oberbronn between 1686 and 1705. Later Oberbronn records have not yet been checked.
  11. Johannes Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1650, d. <1711) of Strasbourg (Alsace). Called "Stadtherchandens" in Strasbourg, also a soldier, and very likely a Swiss immigrant. Wife Susanna Schwaul, and daughter Susanna (b. 1681) married Peter Waldhardt (of Switzerland) in 1711 in Oberhausbergen.
  12. Franz Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1680, d. 1738) of Ferrette (Haut-Rhin, Alsace).  Ancestor of all of the Dčrrenbergers of Ferrette (Pfirt), he probably migrated there from another town in the region.  His wife was Anna Margaretha FrÜhl.  His town of origin is unknown.
  13. Margreth Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1710) of Lupsingen (Baselland). Second wife of Durss NŐgelin of Reigoldswil. Records from Lupsingen have not yet been researched.
  14. Johannes Dčrrenberger (m. 1713, d. 1741) of Mertzwiller (Alsace). Probably either born in Switzerland or a son of Romey "the younger" of Mertzwiller and Gumbrechtshoffen, he appears in about 1710 in the employ of Georg Dčrrenberger (1676-1735) the hoffmann of Mertzwiller (and grandson of Romey Durrenberger the hoffmann above). Became a Catholic in the early 1720's and had several children in Mertzwiller. Origins unknown.
  15. Heinrich ("Henri") Durrenberger (1696-1770) of Neuleiningen (Palatinate) and Alsting (Lorraine). Founder of the Durrenberger family of Alsting, Lorraine and its nearby towns. Born in the Palatinate, his connection to Durrenberger families in Alsace and Switzerland has not yet been established.
  16. Johann Georg Dčrrenberger (b. abt 1735) of Strasbourg (Alsace).  Roman Catholic, married Maria Johanna Lorentz.  Their daughter Maria Theresia died in Strasbourg in 1767 at age 4, but no further records of this family are found in the Strasbourg records.
  17. Franz Anton Dčrrenberger (b. 1777) of Rhain (Wčrttemberg). Found in the Primisweiler Catholic church records, he is the father of Gebhart Dčrrenberger, who immigrated to Minnesota and founded a large family of Dčrrenbergers and Dčrenbergers in the US (see www.durrenberger.org for more information). His connection to the Swiss and Alsatian family is unclear.
  18. Cassie Jane Derryberry (b. abt 1800) of Dade Co., GA (U.S.A.). Cassie Derryberry found in Dade Co., GA in 1850 was the mother of four, and may have been either a single mother, or possibly the widow of a Derryberry man whose name is unknown. She is presumably also the Kessiah Jane found in earlier records from Warren Co., TN, suggesting a link with the family of Jacob Derryberry, but such a connection is currently speculative.
  19. Jacob Durenberger (b. abt 1800) of Reigoldswil (Baselland).  Married Margareta Frae.  Son Arnold Durenberger emigrated to the US in 1856, settling in Wyandot Co., OH.
  20. Jacob T. Dernberger (1801-1856) of Warren Co., NJ and later Oakland Co., MI (U.S.A.). Found in Belvedere, Warren Co., NJ in the 1830 US census, then moved to Oakland Co., MI about 1838 along with several siblings. Parents unknown, but by proximity he may be a descendant of George Frederick Durrenberger who moved from Morris Co. to Warren Co., NJ.
  21. Elizabeth Terryberry (b. 1804) of New Jersey and later Northampton Co., PA (U.S.A.). Originally from New Jersey, she married Garrett Pittenger about 1826. They were in New York circa 1828 where their son Peter was born, then they settled permanently in Easton, PA. She was not the daughter of Philip Derenberger and Mary Ann Hann (ancestors of the Terriberry family of New Jersey), so her parents remain unknown.
  22. Jacob Durrenberger (b. abt 1815) of Switzerland.  His son Jacob (b. 1837 Switzerland) immigrated to the US ca. 1880, joined by wife Magdalena nee Bruderlin a year later, settling in Manhattan, where he worked as a silk weaver.
  23. Charles Frederick Durrenberger (1824-1849) of Alsace and later Saratoga Springs, NY (U.S.A.). Immigrated to America and married Mary Ann Plunket in Saratoga Springs in 1845. He also had ties to New Orleans, where his son was born the following year. Returned to Saratoga Springs and died there in 1849. Widow ended up in Storey Co., NV near the family of Peter G. Durrenberger, suggesting a possible connection.
  24. David Derrenberger (1826-1882) of Baltimore, MD (U.S.A.). Like Jacob Derenberger (originally of Griesbach, Alsace), David Derrenberger was a confectioner in Baltimore, and seems to be the ancestor of the family in Baltimore that spells its name "Derrenberger." It has not been confirmed that David came from Alsace.
  25. George Durrenberger (b. 1830) of Alsace and later Rochester, Monroe Co., NY (U.S.A.). Immigrated to Rochester ca 1850, probably with his wife Rosalie, and died relatively young. His widow and several children then moved to Bowling Green, KY. Information from the IGI suggests he was from RibeauvillÄ (Haut-Rhin), Alsace, but this has not been confirmed.
  26. George Terryberry (ca 1830-1865) of Wentworth Co., ON (Canada). Married an Elsie Ann and lived in the Saltfleet Twp. area. He died relatively young, and his son Wellington went to Cleveland, Ohio. His probable brother John (1828-1872) lived in Ancaster in 1871, then moved to Montcalm Co., Michigan where he died shortly thereafter. They are probably descendants of the settler George Terryberry (1781-1866), but a connection has not yet been made.
  27. Jacob Durrenberger (b. 1840) of Switzerland and later Passaic Co., NJ (U.S.A.). Immigrated to the US ca. 1885, probably with wife Salome Giesen, settling in Passaic Co., NJ, where he worked as a silk weaver. His parents and town of origin are currently unknown.
  28. Frederick Durrenberger (b. 1858) of Switzerland and later Passaic Co., NJ (U.S.A.). Immigrated to the US ca. 1890, probably with wife Ida Brogli, settling in Passaic Co., NJ, where he worked as a silk weaver. His parents and town of origin are currently unknown.
  29. Jacob Durenberger (1860-1944) of Switzerland and later San Mateo Co., CA (U.S.A.). Immigrated to the US ca. 1883, he may have settled initially in San Francisco before moving to San Mateo Co., CA, where he worked for a paint company and later a fish cannery.  He married Eva Lohrum in the U.S., and his parents and town of origin are currently unknown. He and his family typically spelled the surname with one "r".

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