My direct line starts with William Faris who married Dorothea Johnson in Ireland and emigrated to Virginia (now West Virginia) in about 1767.  His son John begat Robert, who begat Arthur Irwin who begat Francis Brainard whose son Erskine is my grandfather.  His daughters Ethel and Eileen are shown below.  Ethel is my mom.

Ethel Ruth Faris weds Archibald Peter Harasemchuk
Mountain Road, Manitoba
Bridesmaid Ethel's sister Eileen Faris
Groomsman Tom Levandosky

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The purpose of this website (and its sister site linked below), is to have a place where all the related lines can converge into a very large, and complete Faris genealogy site through Rootsweb Free Pages.  Over the years I have accumulated millions of pages of queries and snippets of information passed on from strangers, some of whom are related, some of whom still remain to be seen if related.  Over time, I hope to have the most complete, one stop site for all the related lines.  Look over who is here.  If you think you have a related entry please email me with the information.  Once the link is established I will add the entry(ies) on.  With so many of us working on our lines, I'm sure we can have a much fuller picture of our ancestors or all to enjoy.  Please e-mail me at katybug@shaw.ca for further information on any of the people listed here or on my other site (see below).

All the time I had with my mom, she thought she came from a dutch heritage, she knew her father and mother for only a very short time, being raised by her maternal grandparents even though her mother was still alive, although she had a longstanding relationship with her father's sister Lily Francis Faris in Oregon.  There was so much she never knew about her family.  Only days before Ethel passed away in 2003 from cancer, I was able to report to her that her ancestors had come from Ireland.  She was very surprised and, I think, delighted to have some little tidbit of information at last.  Through our efforts perhaps her children and grandchildren will learn the rest of the story.

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The basis for the information on the above site is from Eight Generations of the Virginia Branch of the Faris Family in the United States of America by Nellie L. Flack and published circa 1912.

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