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"When legends die, there are no more dreams.
When there are no more dreams, there is no more greatness."


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Image of Indian Maiden This page is dedicated to WhiteFeather, my 4th great grandmother of the Cherokee/Cheraw tribe.

WhiteFeather lived during the time of persecution for the Cherokee and her people. Her tribe (The Cheraw) was absorbed into the Cherokee tribe when threatened of extinction. She passed down her heritage to her children, generation to generation, this is how it was done by her people. WhiteFeather refused the White Man's way and the Census Rolls being taken. She chose to pass her heritage down with honor in the Old Way, the Cherokee way. I am honored to be her granddaughter, Cherokee, and proudly display it.

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Full View Southeast Indian Culture MapThe Southeast Culture area stretches from the Atlantic Ocean westward to the arid lands beyond the Trinity River in present-day Texas; and from the Gulf of Mexico northward to varying latitudes in the present-day states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.....The majority of Indians in the Southeast at the time of Contact made their homes along river valleys in villages...village sites were frequently changed. It can be said that the people of the Southeast were farmers first, and hunters, gatherers, and fisherman second.
Information provided by my good friend Peter Brumana

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"A great obstacle in researching our Indian ancestors is that Native Americans did not keep written records. And the few records kept by whites—often-unsympathetic whites—had more to do with warfare than genealogy. It is very hard for instance to go back to the late 18th century and find a record of Mr. Blue Owl of the Cherokee, Saponi, or Tuscarora Nation. ...
We are left with photographs, traditions, and a process of exclusion in trying to document these ancestors. We may never satisfy the hard core skeptics. Though many of us know in our hearts, and by common sense that we do have American Indian ancestry, even if we can't find it written in stone. .."

By Karlton Douglas

My Note: For those of us who descend from Appalachia Indian Ancestors, we continue the search for our long lost American Indian Ancestors. The hard core skeptics say we shouldn't rely on what we know to be true in our hearts, our Indian Heritage. We shouldn't rely on those stories of our Indian Ancestors that have been handed down through the generations, nor should these stories be given any weight in your family heritage and genealogy. We should use only "documented" records. Family is not just cold hard facts stored on pieces of paper. Family is also in the stories, telling us who and what our ancestors were, the lives they lived. Family is in our hearts and traditions. Let us hope we never lose sight of that.


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