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Silver Award Winners

A Woman's Heart
This site showcases the web owner's own poetry and photographs.

Site contains Poetry written by Terrie that will truly inspire and touch your heart. She also has Photography which compliments her poems, both come straight from a woman's heart.

Web Site Owner: Terrie

Awarded on: May 24, 2003

A web site dedicated to the beauty of Cheshire, England.

This web site is dedicated to bringing you Cheshire, England through wonderful photographs. The photographs are taken by the web owner and include a section spotlighting a Cheshire treasure in the sites photo gallery. Includes a section on shows and an archive where you can view past photographs that were showcased in the gallery. A wonderful site to visit for a beautiful view of Cheshire.

Web Site Owner: Darren Hoyle

Awarded on: May 29, 2003

AngelBreath Background Designs
This website provides original & unique backgrounds.

Contains unique and original backgrounds created by the web site owner. They are hand drawn [pixel by pixel] or sketched and then converted into a wonderful unique background.

Web Site Owner: Victoria aka AngelBreath

Awarded on June 3, 2003

Serendipity's Palace
This website offers original & unique poems by the web owner.

A unique & original writing style, the poems are showcased with graphis created by the web site owner. Sure to touch your heart, visit this site & browse through the wonderful home of Serendipity's Palace.

Web Site Owner: Sissy

Awarded on June 7, 2003

My Country Home
This website conveys the web owners poetry, recipes, art and memories.

The web owners heart & soul shines through her favorite poetry, recipes, memories and Original Art. There is much to offer the web community here!

Web Site Owner: Dian Rhodes

Awarded on July 01, 2003

Lakota Wolf Web Design
Showcasing the website owners web design & style.

Lakota Wolf's web design is portrayed showing the heart & creativity of it's webmaster. Also an award program is offered for those wishing to apply.

Web Site Owner: Lakota Wolf

Awarded on July 01, 2003

Wild Lands: Wildlife & Habitat
Showcasing the website owners backyard wildlife habitat program, wildlife and nature photography, and much more.

Web Site Owner: Sheila Myers

Awarded on July 31, 2003

Fun Tyme Entertainment
Fun and entertaining Karaoke fan site. Site offers concert pages, wedding, visit our youngest fan, for our abused friends memorial pages including poetry, Karaoke history, do's and dont's of Karaoke, and much more. Please come in and have a good time. This site is also made for the young ones to enjoy so feel safe bringing them with you.

Web Site Owner: Sandra Gerbers

Awarded on August 10, 2003

Lagoon View Yacht Club
Non-profit fraternal boating association dedicated to safe boating and charitable endeavors.

Web Site Owner: William T. Morgen

Awarded on August 12, 2003

Betty C. Jung's Web site
Organized access to Public Health, Health, Jobs, Careers, Education, Statistics, Cool and Useful sites for professionals, educators and general public.

Web Site Owner: Betty C. Jung

Awarded on September 15, 2003

Corry Stuart.com
This site resulted from an amalgamation of my other personal sites. Friends suggested that I place the important parts of each site here. Topics such as Ecology, my green files, articles from various sources, stories from my book "Life Happens Anyway" A large selection of topics on Spirituality, divination, Natural Health and Reiki. Within these pages you may find many interesting observations about the Paranormal, ghost phenomena and apparitions. Wisdom from Mother Meera, Buddha and many others. Visit my Art Gallery, The Gnomes (award winning site) and on a more serious line information about Child Slavery.

Web Site Owner: Corry Stuart

Awarded on September 24, 2003

Belvoir Youth Church
This site was designed with young people in mind, specifically those in our immediate area. Visitors are greeted with beautiful graphics, great information, interesting pictures and a free gift.

Web Site Owner: Jeremy Hopkins

Awarded on October 9, 2003

Eberline's Home on the Web
A web site that gives a little advise...offers kids some fun. I also offer a bit of poetry written by me....and other things that can be of great interest to parents, teachers and kids. Plus, you can apply for an award for your personal web site.

Web Site Owner: Anita Eberline

Awarded on November 4, 2003

Sweet Pea
Meet my family then journey to Australia and meet the locals. A bit about John Wayne, Country singers and living with pain. Finally, join me in my piece of Heaven.

Web Site Owner: Denise Maher

Awarded on November 4, 2003

Ah! My Goddess Image Archive
The site displays fan art imageries related to one of the most popular Japanese anime: Ah! My Goddess. It also contains useful information such as drawing tutorial, available manga volumes, AMG related links, and more! Fan arts are welcome for submission.

Web Site Owner: Eugene Kuo

Awarded on November 4, 2003

Best Photos Vietnam
Best photos Vietnam Gallery is dedicated to anyone who cares about or feels interested in pictures of Vietnam, the country, nature, rich cultures and people.

Web Site Owner: Buu Son

Awarded on November 13, 2003

GiGi's DreamCatcher Site
A multi sectional site with an art gallery, dream catchers, genealogy, an awards program, and resources.

Web Site Owner: Laura Velli

Awarded on November 13, 2003

BEYOND INVISIBLE -3DGraphics Digital Arts Flash Mx Sri Lanka's First ever Award winning 3D Graphics & Digital Arts Web.

Web Site Owner: Mahen Mudalige

Awarded on November 18, 2003

KC Wildmoon
Just some photographs, from my eye to yours ... there to entertain and draw you in to some of my world.

Web Site Owner: KC Wildmoon

Awarded on November 21, 2003