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Welcome to WhiteFeathers Banner Listing


WhiteFeathers Banner Listing

The following banners are sites that are near and dear to my heart, many of whom are friends of mine as well! Stop by and visit these wonderful sites!

If you would like to be added to my banner listing, there are a couple of guidelines.

1. Site must contain Native American Content which promotes the Native Americans in a positive and uplifting way OR

2. Site must contain animals which promotes the value of these dear creatures. They can be Endangered or Pets, but your site must be helping the animals in some way.

3. I will in no way add ANY site on my banner page that contains or links to Hate, Racism or Satanic material.

4. Your site MUST be Family Friendly, I will not list your site if it is not suitable for my 5 year old to view.

That is pretty much the only requirements I have! If you would like to be listed here please contact me at WhiteFeather and put WhiteFeathers Banner Listing in the subject line. You will also need to include a banner for your listing, I have no size limitation for banners.

I will view your site to ensure it meets my qualifications to be listed here and then notify you via email once your site is listed!

Link to WhiteFeathers Web Lodge

If you would like to link to WhiteFeathers Web Lodge the above requirements apply.

You may choose one of the following banners and link it to my Web Lodge at:

Please email me once you have placed my banner on your site. Thank You for supporting WhiteFeathers Web Lodge!!

WhiteFeather Banner

WhiteFeather Banner


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