The Fay Family: Betsey Fay Munger

Betsey Fay (1781 - )
And her Descendants
Contributed by Sally J. Strickling
Samuel (10/11/1673-11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward

Ebenezer (OPF #15) (4/12/1713 - 10/13/1790) (son of Samuel) m. Thankful Hyde

Thomas (OPF #80) (10/2/1751-11/29/1837) (son of Ebenezer) m. 1/14/1779 Esther Chappel

Betsey (b. 1/28/1791) (daughter of Thomas) m. Chester Munger

Betsey is part of a family group that includes
Thomas (1751), Thomas (1795), Olive, Lucius Newton, Lucy, and Willard Wasmus

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Munger CousinsBiography of Erastus Munger
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detail, New York, 1831, by Anthony Finley
detail, Michigan, 1856, by G. W. Colton
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Betsey Fay, daughter of Thomas and Esther, married Chester Munger. Her sister Olive married Chester's brother Solomon. For the marriage of Olive and Solomon, we have the evidence of Orlin; of The Munger Book; and of the Brimfield Vital Records. The marriage of Chester and Betsey is not mentioned in the Brimfield Vital Records nor in The Munger Book. It is, however, mentioned in Orlin; and the marriage and birth of a son Erastus are confirmed by family materials including the will of Chester Munger.
Chester Munger (1781 - 1838) was the son of Solomon Munger and Anna Moulton (see Munger Cousins). Solomon and Anna had seven children; two, Chester and Solomon, married Fay women. Of Chester himself, Jeremiah B. Munger, in The Munger book : something of the Mungers, 1639-1914, including some who mistakenly write the name Monger and Mungor, New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1915, knows nothing.
Erastus D. Munger was born in Middlebury, New York, in 1811. Much is known of his life, including his service in the Civil War. He married Jemima Brotherton about 1830.
Descendants of Erastus D. Munger and Jemima Brotherton
Betsey Jane Munger b: 1833
+Gilbert McCord b: 1820  
	William B. McCord b: 1862
	Merritt A. McCord b: 1864
	Susan J. McCord b: 1866
	Catharine McCord b: 1870
	Clara Jane McCord  1872 - 1927
	+George T. Montgomery b: 1856
		Ralph George Montgomery  1895 - 1954
		+Lucille Marion Simmons
			Joan Montgomery
			+Charles F. Strickling
				Sally Strickling
		Lydia B. Montgomery b: 1897
		Dorothy T. Montgomery b: 1899
		Lillian B. Montgomery b: 1901
		Nellie J. Montgomery b: 1903
		Nina Montgomery b: 1904
		Beulah M. Montgomery b: 1906
		Gladys M. Montgomery b: 1908
		Charles S. Montgomery b: 1910
		Brad Montgomery b: 1914
		George Mongomery, Jr. b: 1916
	Nellie McCord b: 1874

Adelia Munger b: 1834
+Stephen Showerman b: 1819
	Seymour Showerman b: 1859
	+Anna b: 1871

Susan Munger b: 1839
+Joseph Curtis b: 1836
	Suella Curtis b: 1859  
	Seymour E. Curtis b: 1864
	Melvin Curtis b: 1870
	Harvey Curtis b: 1876
	+May S. b: 1874

William Munger b: 1839
+Susan Ward b: 1846
	William Leslie Munger b: 1865
	+Minnie A. b: 1869
		Louis C. Munger b: 1890
		+Lydian J. b: 1890
			Betty Lou Munger b: 1925
		Donald L. Munger b: 1892
		+Nadine Evans b:  1896
			LaVaughn Munger b: 1927
	Lillie M. Munger b: 1868 (Lillian A.)
	+Frank L. Jacob
		Grace Jacob  1885 -
			Burtrum Oakes Jacob	
		+Mitt Albert Lemmon
			Lloyd Lemmon
	Earl Munger b: 1873
	Frank H. Munger b: 1876
	Benjamin Munger b: 1878
	Fern Munger b: 1890

Merritt Munger (1842 - 1905)
+(1)Margarett I. b: 1845
	Daniel A. Munger b: 1867
	Mary E. Munger b: 1869
+(2)Florence Smith b: 1869 (m. 1891)
	Robert Munger b: 1892
	Roy Munger b: 1893
	Luella Munger b: 1895
	Martha A. Munger b: 1897
	Ruth Munger