The Fay Family: Biographies and Obits of Various Fays


Fay Deaths in Minnesota Between 1908 and 1946
Fay Marriages in Illinois between 1831 and 1900
Fay Census Data from Worcester County, Massachusetts, 1830
Marriages and Deaths, Burlington Historical Society, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Census Data, Benajah Fay line
More Wisconsin Census Data, 1880, Benajah Fay line
More Wisconsin Census Data, 1870
Harrison Fay   (see also new branch)
Andrew Fay (b. 1833)
NY>IL>WI, C. B. Fay, b. 1843, Winnebago Co
NY>WI, C. B. Fay, Kewaunee Co[this is probably the same C.B. as above]
WI FAYs, 1830's and 40's
WI FAYs, Miscellaneous
Wisconsin Fays, 1840 - 1841
John Fay, born 1837
Abraham Albrecht, b. 1834, son of Mary Fay & Mathias Albrecht
George H. Fay, b. 1844
Lyman Fay, born 1834
MI, 1880, Census
Michigan Census Data, Miscellaneous
Michigan Obituaries and Bios
Michigan Cemeteries
Census Information
Miscellanous individuals 1870 and 1900
California, 1900, Census
Iowa, 1900, Census
Census Information
FAY's in Ohio Census (1820-70) by County
FAY's in Ohio Census (1820-70): by year, then alphabetically
FAY's in Ohio Census (1820-70): alphabetically
More FAY's in Ohio Census 1870-80
More FAY's in Parma, Ohio Census 1900-1920
Various Miscellaneous Individual Census Entries (Index on Page)
Cemetery Information
FAY Graves in Cuyahoga County, Ohio & Internment Records
FAY graves from Parma Heights Historical Cemetery
Cuyahoga County, Ohio FAY deaths (partial list)
From the Cuyahoga County Necrology Index
FAY Marriages in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, mid 1800's to early to mid 1900's.
FAY Marriages in Athens County, Ohio
Biographies and Obits
Dudley HUMPHREY/Mabel FAY:   Census 1850 and 1860 and Biographies
Eli Fay:   Census 1850, 1860 and 1880 and Biography
Jeremiah Wilcox FAY:   Census 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 and Biography
Dudley S. FAY (1906 - 1992):   Obituary
Fred W. Fey (1844)
Clark Valentine:   (October 20, 1838 - about September 24, 1867)
Bennington, Jonas FAY b.1737
Bennington, Herman Allen FAY b. 1778
VT>WI, George W Fay, b. 1823
NY Census (Before 1844) by County - #1
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #1: Albany - Broome
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #2: Cattaraugus - Cortland
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #3: Dutchess - Jefferson
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #4: Kings - Madison
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #5: Monroe - New York
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #6: New York (cont.) - Onondaga
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #7: Ontario - Queens
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #8: Rensselaer - St.Lawrence
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70) by County - #9: Steuben - Wyoming
FAY's in NY Census 1850
FAY's in NY Census 1860
FAY's in NY Census 1870
FAY's in NY Census (1850-70): alphabetically
NY City Directory 1869
NY, the Rev. Eli Fay, b. 1822
NY > Germany,Theodore Sedgwick FAY,1807- 1898
NY > RI, Henry Harrison FAY, 1835-1897
NY, Benjamin M. Fay
NY, James and Cyrus M. Fay
Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
Harrison FAY
Francis Ball FAY
Obit of John FAY, d. 2000
Obit of Robert J. Fay of Waukesha
Cornelia FAY, mid 1800's
Miscellaneous Fay Biographies
FAY Revolutionary War Graves
Wooster FAY. b. 1819 VT>OH>IA, and descendants
OH>CA, G. Hamilton Fay; Elon Galusha Fay; Eli Fay; F. E. Fay
Michael Fay
Mary Smith Fay
Benjamin A. Fay
Edwin L. Fay