Descendents of Charles L. Fay

Descendants of Charles L. Fay

First Generation

1. Charles L. Fay was born on 10/8/1825 in Southboro, Worcester Co., Ma. He died on 21/8/1905 in Danbury, Merrimack Co., NH. He was buried on 23/8/1905 in Baptist Cemetery, Danbury, NH.

Charles L.Fay was born as Lewis Marshall HORN[E], son of John and Betsey HORN.
Charles married twice.
He married his first wife, Julia Ann TEMPLE, on 4 Feb 1849 [Vital Records of Marlborough]
His second wife was Sarah E. WILSON. She was born Harriet E. TEMPLE [no marriage certificate has been found. The information came from Civil War records]. Harriet E. TEMPLE was born 8 April 1836 in Marlboro MA. She changed her name also, and she and Lewis Marshall HORN went by the names of Charles L.Fay and Sarah E. WILSON/WILLIS. Charles also changed his birth year from 1825 to 1823.

Julia TEMPLE wife #1, was the older sister to Harriet TEMPLE who was wife #2.

Lewis Marshall HORN and Julia had one son of whom we know. He is listed in the birth records of Marlborough as Lewis Marshall Horn, born March 3, 1850. In the census of 1850, taken that summer, he is listed as Charles M. and said to be 3/12 yrs. Nothing more has been learned of him. It is thought that Lewis' best friend was Charles L. Fay, who was born in 1823 and died 23 October 1850 from typhoid fever. That might explain why Lewis' son is listed as Charles; and why 3 or 4 years later Lewis took the name "Charles L. Fay," and was known as that from then on.

Charles and Sarah [Lewis and Harriet] were supposedly married about 1853. They removed to Spencer, MA. Harriet & Charles had 17 children, 12 sons. All 17 children are "Fay's". Charles L. Fay died in 1905 and the truth of their true names came to light, as his birth father, John Horn, was listed on his death certificate (See Civil War papers). In 1910, when Susan E, WILSON as she had been known for over 50 years, died, her grave stone is written in her true name, Harriet E. TEMPLE and not Sarah E. WILSON.

As Charles L. Fay he entered the Civil War, December 1862 until Jan 1864. This change was noted in the Pension records when Sarah nee Harriet applied for his pension after Charles died [1905]

I personally think,that there was no marriage, as there was no divorce, that is why none can be found. On his pension records he uses the same Elder's [Minister] name for "who married them" that was on the certificate of he and his first wife, which was Elder DAVIS.

Julia and Harriet were both daughters of David and Eliza (GARD) TEMPLE They are both listed in the TEMPLE GENEALOGY.

Charles married (1) Julia A. Temple on 4/2/1849 in Marlborough, Ma. Julia was born on 9/12/1830 in Marlboro, Middlesex Co., Ma.

Julia A. TEMPLE married, 4 Feb 1849, #1, Lewis HORNE......SEE HORNE GENEALOGY

Lewis HORNE is not mentioned in the TEMPLE Genealogy Book but see their marriage certificate under HORNE. It is not known how the marriage of Julia and Lewis ended. Was she deserted or divorced?

She married #2, 12 Feb 1855, Joseph Proctor BARNES. He was killed at the battle of Wilderness, 12 MAy 1863. No children. According to the Vital Record, it was the first marrriage for both.

She married #3, 12 Apr 1869, William Henry MORSE, who died 15 Oct 1884. They had Henry b. 8 Nov 1872. According to the Vital Records, it was the second marriage for both.

She married #4, 1 Oct 1888, Nathan WARD. No children. He died May 3, 1893. According to the Vital Records, this was her fourth marriage, his third.

Julia died 1 Oct 1904

Charles and Julia had the following children:

  2 M i Lewis Marshall Horn was born on 2/3/1850 in Marlboro, Ma. [Vital Records]

Charles married (2) Harriet E. Temple on 5/11/1853 in Ma. [Civil War Pension File Affidavit] Harriet was born on 8/4/1836 in Marlboro, Middlesex Co., Ma, the daughter of David and Eliza GUARD/GARD. She died on 19/3/1910 in Danbury, Merrimack Co., NH. She was buried in Baptist Cemetery, Danbury, NH.

Charles and Harriet had the following children:

+ 3 F ii Harriet E. Fay was born in 2/1854. She died after 1910.
+ 4 F iii Anna M. Fay was born on 23/2/1856. She died on 8/28/1902.
  5 M iv Charles Henry Fay was born on 8/20/1857 in Spencer, Ma. He died on 2/12/1936 in Danbury, NH. Charles Henry Fay was a resident of Danbury for 45 years. not sure if he had married or not. He was enumerated in the 1900 census with Henry S. JONES and is listed as single in each of the censuses through 1930.
  6 M v (Male) Fay was born on 2/11/1859 in Spencer, Ma. He died in 1860 in Spencer, Ma. His death certificate number is 458869
+ 7 M vi Melvin A. Fay was born on 9/2/1860. He died on 28/6/1897.
  8 F vii Estelle Fay was born on 27/8/1861 in Spencer, Ma. She died on 9/8/1865 in Spencer, Ma. Her birth certificate # is 458884. Her death certificate has no number. She was 3 years, 11 months, old when she died.
+ 9 M viii Loriner [Loren] E. Fay was born on 28/9/1862. He died on 14/4/1937.
  10 M ix Francis W. Fay was born in 1863 in Spencer, Ma. He died on 15/8/1865 in Spencer, Ma. He was age 1 year and 8 months when he died.
  11 M x Francis G. Fay was born on 26/11/1866 in Spencer, Ma. He died on 11/8/1868 in Spencer, Ma. He was age 1 year and 10 months when he died.
  12 M xi Ulyssis Grant Fay was born on 6/7/1868 in Spencer, Ma. He was married on 9 Sep 1916, in Portsmouth, NH, to Bessie McINTOSH. They were living in Rye NH in 1932
+ 13 F xii Sarah (Sadie) E. Fay was born on 7/2/1870.
  14 M xiii Averill Fay was born on 23/5/1871 in Spencer, Ma. He died on 10/8/1932 in Derry, NH. He married Edith HERSEY, 3 Feb 1900. She was born about 1877 in Haverhill, MA. His name was often written "Avery."
  15 M xiv Elwin Elsworth Fay was born on 11/2/1873 in Spencer, Ma. He died after 1930. Elwin Fay was a twin to Elsworth (see below). He was living in Derry in 1900. The census listed him as single. He is registered in the draft for World War I as "Elwin Elsworth". It appears he used the middle name to honor his twin. His birth certificate has only "Elwin."
  16 M xv Elsworth Fay was born on 11/2/1873 in Spencer, Ma. He died on 14/2/1873 in Spencer, Ma. He was 3 days old at the time of his death. He was a twin to Elwin.
  17 M xvi (Male) Fay was born on 11/12/1874 in Spencer, Ma. He died on 11/12/1874 in Spencer, Ma. This child was listed as "stillborn" on his death certificate.
+ 18 M xvii Irving Fay was born on 27/2/1876. He died after 1932.
+ 19 F xviii Mabel "Nellie" Fay was born on 8/3/1879. She died on 4/4/1906.

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